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Protectorship Candidate #2 (Golemus)

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On 8/27/2016 at 6:15 AM, Syrian said:

im all for public solidifiers, there isnt too much reason not to have them as every other tool has a shared version, if someone really wants heat stones and cant get access to a shared tool, they can come to me or blackshade as they can now, so that wont be a problem, as for the market being flooded with heatstones, there is already more supply than there is demand, there is essentially no market for them in the first place. 

Question: Are heat stones relatively easily accessible today?

I basically have to agree with what Syrian says here. I've worked hard back during my Fusioneers days to make sure to get as many heat stones spread out in the realm as I can while giving out the overwhelming majority (if not ALL) for free and through a few quests. Currently most players have their own supply of several hundred memory stones and memory stones are not in decline in the market so by relevance heat stones are available IF players can go to contact Syrian or Blackshade to have some made for them. But as far as the actual need for heat stones I would say there isn't one, as I don't remember ever being contacted by a player looking to buy heat stones from me. They just aren't a necessity in the current state of the realm, but as for any newbs that we may obtain in these later years I'm sure some would like to have heat stones available to them.

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