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Build your own Drachorn

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It looks a bit like a frog that got run over and dried up for 3 days <.<


Prod me about the reward in 2 weeks please, i should be more active ingame by then again :)

Also, as it stands, that'd be a rating of 4, but if you find time to improve it, maybe give it a bit of structure to its hide and other details, it might get a better rating :))

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And here is my iron/magnetic drach (with wings folded o.o). Juuuust the right combination of repulsion and attraction (quite difficult to prevent the magnets from sticking into each other and spoiling it all the time) :rolleyes:


I could only maintain this for a minute before it all jumbled up together again:




(no idea why the images became rotated 90 degrees to the left after uploading...)


I'd like a WP please :D .



edit: yeah, the rotation does make it look like an aroused one leg man lying on a turtle, indeed.... *clapclap*...

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I am a construction worker and do alot of wood work to. I have decided to make a sculpture of the drachorn out of wood
But I seem to be having problems shaping the wings. The head isn't done yet eaither. All I have so far is the feet body and tail.
I know what I want it to look like but I want to know if people think the wings open is better or if closed wings is better.
Eaither way the wings are gonna be hard for me to shape. So what do yall think. Open wings or closed?

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  • 2 months later...

Seems I caught a dragon having a rest under some leaves!




I thought I'd try my hand at this as it seemed fun and interesting.


I have absolutely no idea what a drachorn looks like but I made a dragon of...some sort. :P


Made from a toilet cleaner bottle, paper bags and a make-up sponge to give the head a little shape. 


Don't judge too harsh! :P




tlZBCql.jpgBefore the wings :P



Edit: Just realised the dragon in the drachorns cave is a a drachorn.  :rolleyes: 

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Sorry, i almost missed that one :))


We'll need a third picture, and I'd like to see the legs a bit, too, but i think this qualifies for a reward :)


E: After discussion in chat and some more consideration, i'll consider this a valid entry, because it's an interesting variation of the other, more origami based paper drachorns, and i like the background setting.


Reminder: We generally want THREE pictures, because you're supposed to show some different angles of your creation. A picture of the process is good, but try to get at least 2 good ones of the finished product as well!


The reward choices are 1 WP, 2 WP codes (which you can use for quest rewards, but not for yourself) or a drachorn egg.

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  • 9 months later...

Really cool, great details considering the size of it :D


You're definitely grabbing a reward for that, you just need to choose between a WP for yourself, a drachorn egg, and 2 WP codes (that means you don't get the wishpoints for yourself, but you get the codes to award someone else with them. Refer to the announcements about how WPs should be given out, in case you want that).

If you don't want people to know what you picked, you can send me a PM about it, too :)



For everyone else, maybe try to find materials other than clay from now on, we've had quite a few of those already. Good work still gets rewarded, of course, but it'll take a lot of details for clay drachorns from here on out.

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  • 2 months later...

That's... just... awesome :D

I love that variation, it looks all spontaneous and fun :D

we need to make a new thunder dragon, just to reward you :))


You have to pick your reward, if you want to treat it more privately, send me a PM about it.

Congrats :D

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  • 2 months later...

He looks sort of... half-finished to me :/

You'll get a reward of your choice, obviously, but i think he'd be tons more impressive if you gave him a paint job and wings, maybe with a plastic bag?

Also, another reminder, we really want to see your hands on those pictures, to see what kind of size your finished drachorn has, give him a pat on the head or something :D

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Most of the pictures are broken, I think I saw just one work using biscuit dough to craft, as aparently clay was already used too much, biscuit  is a more rigid material with faster drying, so it is not easy to put many details, I still hope you can observe the details on the head and scales.




ps:if it is considered good, would welcome a drach.

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1 hour ago, Burns said:

It's got ears, spiky tail, even toes, that's more detail than most had :))

Lovely little thing, the drach is heading out!

What did you use for the eyes? It that a glass pearl?

Glad you liked it, I was preparing this other picture ... eyes is rhinestones for jewelry.



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  • 1 year later...

I like that idea, i think that's the first drachorn that actually "flies" :)

I'll leave this here a bit longer, see if you get more upvotes... remind me if i don't come back to you by friday

It's got the details, it's a really nice concept, and i'm a fan of recycling, too... i think that's a 5-rating (on a scale from 2 to 8)

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