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Build your own Drachorn

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This is an other _PERMANENT_ quest.


Its purpose is to motivate you to build stuff, not just virtual but actually create things with your hands, use your imagination and dexterity and so on.


A permanent quest is designed as a way to provide a constant and guarateed flow of rewards. While they are simple to do and have high rewards, permanent quests can be done only once per player. This is intended to motivate a player to complete all permanent quests and also to give equal chances to all players to aquire certain things that should be rare but still available (like drachs and wishpoints).


This one is based on "Drach's Fall" quest initially created by Burns. It is basically an official version of that same quest, with his approval, but with small changes so it fits with a permanent quest.





What to do?

Build a Drachorn out of anythig you can imagine, from paper to stones or potatoes..even mud, doesn't matter what you build your drach from, as long as it looks like a Drachorn and its 3D. Drawings of a drach are unacceptable, it needs to be an actual 3d construction.



View pictures from Burns Drach's Fall contest: http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/gallery/album/282-drachorns-fall/




(IMPORTANT: These example pics are from the initial contest, read below what you need to write on the note next to the drach)


Judging of reward

Try not to repeat ideas others used, If i see the same idea repeated too much i might void your entry. Try to be creative and original, regardless what comes out, its more important to be yourself than to copy others. From time to time, the best entries might be selected for an additional award. Keep in mind you can participate ONLY ONCE, so do your best!


What next once done?

Once done, make 3 pictures of your creation, one of your hands must be seen in the picture and a put a note with "MD, playername, year" written on it, next to your drach. Post it here, state what reward option you are aiming for. If your drach is original and acceptable in terms of "build quality", you are granted your reward, no contest! It might take several days for your reward to be given, maybe a month, maybe same day, but as long as your entry is posted here public, it will be.





Reward option 1)

1 Wishpoint from me, ranked from 4 to 8 depending on how cool and well done i consider your creation to be made. 


Reward option 2)

two wish codes so you can award two wishpoints for your quests.


Reward option 3)

A fresh drach egg



Good luck

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------------- read below ----------

Reward option 3)

A fresh drach egg

- TO BE DEBATED, discuss this on the forum, for now it is on hold --

-- Question is, should drachs enter MD realm in this way? I like the concept, but i want public opinion also --

-- An option would be to make drachs untransferable, so whoever has one needs to build one himself --


Since this contest appears to be entered on the forum, and unlike in game you can only have one forum account, it seems feasible to me to have a Drachorn as a reward. Anyone who wins would only be able to do so once, for one account, and would have to choose between a wishpoint or a Drachorn, not both.


Still, I would feel more comfortable if it wasn't an option available to just anyone doing this permanent quest, but rather just those who excel (the 7-8 category).

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I like the idea of drachs coming into the realm like this. Aside from that, I assume those that did the initial quest can enter in this as well. But can't use their previous submission in any form? (to prevent me from buying paint, painting the statue and sending it. Seeing I would not really be copying anyone else :))

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Ha! I coated both dragons with wooden floor lacquer. They shine like diamonds right now. I think I can present them as new entries :D


Now, to get on topic: I would defo like to see the drachorn as a prize for this. It's much more suited than the WP (any form). You get WPs from active days. Why would you get a WP for such a quest when there is something even better to grab (at least for a new player)?

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Actually for a new player I think this is more accessible way for a wishpoint than other methods. Because clickie quests and stuff, vets know how to deal with them. I am not against giving drachorns, but I really don't want the GGs to be more common they are now. You should consult the Drachorn master about giving away the GGs I think.

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I'd love to see GG draches devalued, because that'd mean that something stronger has come along. They've been king of the creatures for a long, long time.

Frankly, it is already devalued. A lot of players have it. It is not a rare crit anymore. Also, at lower stat levels, GGs have considerable power only if they are heavily tokened or if you have 2 reins to go with it... And by the time the players manage to get high stats, they have enough gold/crits to buy a gg of their own. Its just a waste really. Also gg drachs can be won by winning a drach charm and last year many were given out by santa. There are other quests too which give out GG as rewards. How many more GGs do you want given out? Also, it wouldn't mean that something stronger has come. Just that it wont be an achievement anymore.
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How long does a drachorn take to grow?


I know that having to grow a creature from age 0 has often been helpful to me in keeping my patience.  "Oh, it doesn't matter to my sense of curiosity if I get those 200 fights in 5 days or 20, since I need to wait 20 days to see the next form in any case...better not grind for wins, better relax"


It is a good reward for a player learning the combat system, and promotes a more relaxed attitude toward the whole system.

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Muratus del Mur


You asked comments about permanent quests


I find the concept good


MY suggestion would be that there would be an **ovious** listing of those


so that new players can find them easy, not having to dig out old forum threads or old annoncements, or need an friend that give them an "secret tip " of there existance


for expemple, an button that once clic in interface, bring an page that put an list of  links to the permanet quest you may have set and that arestill  valid



[spoiler]Ann. 2826 - [2013-11-18 09:36:10 - Stage 12] Posted By Muratus del Mur
Build your own Drach - Permanent quest
A new permanent quest is available, based on Burn's Drachorn Fall contest. From now on, each player can receive a wishpoint or two wish point codes (for rewarding others), or even a drach (still to be discussed). All you need to do is to build your own Drachorn out of whatever you can imagine, from paper to old shoes. You can participate in this quest only once...so be creative, but make it look awesome. In case you think the rewards are unbalanced, they are not, they are part of the same category with the "WP for active days" achievements, they are a guaranteed and stable way to acquire some cool stuff, It is NOT a competition. While this might affect current value and rarity of wp and drachs (maybe), it is thought to self stabilize over time and make things better and more fun for everybody. Please don't be shy to voice your opinions on the forum, regarding this quest but also the "permanent quest" concept in general.[/spoiler]


forum mod if that post is not the right place to put that please put it where it belong

Edited by Tom Pouce
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As I am a firm believer in everything being an option for everyone so long as they take the time and effort to unlock them, I believe that yes it is a good idea for Drachorns to enter the realm in this way. At least in this way you are encouraging players to not only play the game, but also create real life designs of in game creatures. You could also incorporate this into the story mode as a way of teaching players how to look into the current challenges page on their own and see all the current active quests.


As to the question in the announcement about permanent quests:


I personally feel as though permanent quests are the best kind of quests and wish that there was more of them. These quests could and should be both big and small. Meaning some are such as this build your own drachorn quest and others that take you through the realm solving puzzles, riddles, and maybe even a few fights. I don't feel as though there are enough permanent quests and for someone like me that has an extremely limited time of internet access it's very hard to participate in short time limit quests.

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No one - looks good, name your reward

Ackshan ...what..on..md realm...is that?

seriously..looks like a wet napkin? :)))))) i won't say "no" yet ... i say try again in doing a drach out of a napkin, there are so mny ways to do it, no need to use just one. You could mix them with glue, or water and flour, or other things and use them as a clay replacement...or do it from one if you want..but these pictures are not very fortunate in my opinion :)


Nice seeing you tried, so keep trying :)

UPDATE: No one, please post at least one pic with same drach but with the message _as required_ ..with year and playername. This is so that after years from nwo when i will forget your listing and i won't be the one checking, someone else won't simply grab it from the internet and submit it, plus the ppics will be used for a hall of fame at some point....so i am waiting for the pic with the message. Thanks

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Tal - Congratulations..at first i was not so sure, but it is a very original ideea

Ackshan Bemunah - try again. I looked at the picture and honestly i couldn't see the drach at first, had to look at the other to realise where it is. Its a simple task but it should not be treated with simplicity


No one - Congratulations, a drach will be


Tal and No one, please find me in-game (i am in lr at this point), and leave me a in-game pm with your desired award, that way i can give it when i am there.

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