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Déjà vu - a recurrent nightmare (Halloween quest)

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All the rewards have been delivered.
Thanks again to all the participants and congratulations to the winners. The fact they were 8 seemed indeed like a cosmic coincidence..  :D
I am especially glad Asthir and Shadrala managed to complete it while MP3.
I was afraid the high AP requirements would have discouraged all the younger players, but at the same time I really wanted such a quest to take place inside Necrovion. So, thank you for your perseverance!   
The quest will be active for an indefinite period of time (hopefully permanently), so if you enjoyed the story but you couldn't complete it, you can still proceed. 
A very special bahut acchā to Nimrodel, for figuring out what was coming out from the resources you collected.
Perhaps others realized it as well, but she was the only one who explicitly stated it. [spoiler]What are you looking for? I won't spoil it here!  :P[/spoiler]  

Feedbacks and comments are welcomed and appreciated, either here or privately.


Until next adventure!

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