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Déjà vu - a recurrent nightmare (Halloween quest)

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Ladies, Gentlemen... and all those in between.  :D


This year I thought nice to share with you a recurrent nightmare that used to haunt my sleep.

Some may find it disturbing, others may enjoy the thrill, everybody can participate.


This quest will bring you deep inside Necrovion and face to face with your subconscious. 

You will experience the same nightmare I had, its variations and its absurdity.

You will be asked to collect strange ingredients... but I can't tell you why...


To begin, find the hidden orb at Gazebo of Equilibrium and insert these keywords: halloween quest and then nightmare.


Pass-papers, tools and/or resources will be shared with all those participating (with priority to younger players). 


Important: this quest is not a race. Take your time, sleep on it, make my nightmare yours.  :P




All those completing the quest will be displayed in a winners list.

I will check this list 2 times and award 2 creatures from my collection:


1 week prize: a Rustgold Drachorn, to a random person who completed the quest by november the 6th, 23.59 s.t.

1 month prize: a Reindrach, to a random person who completed the quest by november the 30th, 23.59 s.t.


Said prizes do not influence each others, you may even win both!!!

And of course, any additional sponsorship is welcomed. 


Sweet nightmares to you all!!



I wish to express my profound gratitude to darkraptor, who patiently coded all the quest, to Dante Lionheart, for his creepy artworks, and to all those who helped me refining the storyline and the grammar (you know who you are). 


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Here we are at the first checkpoint.


I know there's someone out there who is struggling to end all this...

And to be completely honest, I didn't expect anybody to complete this quest within one week. 

But one person managed it in time! We have one winner!


So, ladies and gentlemen: the Rustgold Drachorn goes to Nimrodel, whose dedication truly impressed me. Congratulations!


Now anyway, you already know this was just the appetizer...

We still have the main course, to be served to those who completed the quest by november the 30th, 23.59 s.t.


End your nightmare in time and you'll have chances to get:


1 Reindrach (age: 878, almost 46 mil heat)


10 SC

3 Pimped Grasans (Age 80)
5 Heat stones

15 BMMO Bronze Gifts 


You don't want Nimrodel to get all this, do you?  :P 

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After talking to lashtal and asking his permission, I am posting this publicly. IF you need wiiya associated resources to complete lashtal's quest, please contact me. I am willing to share them with almost everyone. The only prerequisites to it are that you return the resources back to me as soon as you are done with them and not lend them to ANYONE without my permission. If that is clear, please PM me in forum or in game if you need them. I'll give them to you personally after checking your inventory to avoid piling up of resources by mistake.

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  • 2 weeks later...

With Nim's encouragement, I've decided to attempt this! I might have to bother a lot of people about this and that along the way since I'm still learning about the MD world, but I have a feeling this quest will teach me a lot. :3 I think this challenge will be perfect for my first-time exploring in Necrovian too! Thanks and please be patient with me; I'll keep persisting! Fingers crossed I can finish it on time!

EDIT Status: I DID ITTTTTT!!! :D Thanks to everyone who helped me along the way!

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Allright, november is over, 32 people confronted themselves with this nightmare and 8 managed to end it within one month.

I wish to thank all those who participated and to remind you that, although the time is over, you can still try this quest for fun.


Here's the list of those who completed it:



Valldore Nal



Eara Meraia




Prizes will be assigned and delivered as soon as possible. 
Thanks for your patience.
edit: Shadrala added to the list. 
Edited by lashtal
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Thank you Nim for letting lashtal know! I was pretty sure I finished it... I guess something went wrong? XD

This was part of the (final?) excerpt I had which made me think the quest was over:


At the same time symbol and seal of what once frightened you, this figurine is yours to do what you please.
Hide it in a secret place, burn it or just look at it in your darkest hours.
It belongs to you and you alone. And it's finally out of your mind.
Congratulations, this nightmare is over!




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I divided the rewards into 8 different packs, each of them identified by a number.

One of them contains the Reindrach, but who knows which one?


The 8 winners have now to pick a number (from 1 to 8, first come first serve) in order to get their prizes.

This choice has to be public, hence I ask you to post it in this thread (PM and forum PM can't be considered).


The winners:


*Nimrodel* - picked n° 4

Valldore Nal - picked n° 8

*MasterB* - picked n° 1

*Sunfire* - picked n° 7

Eara Meraia - picked n° 2

AmberRune - picked n° 6

Asthir - picked n° 5

Shadrala - picked n° 3


The packs:


- 1 reindrach

- 1 aged grasan and 1 blood pact archer

- 5 heat stones

- 5 silver coins

- 5 silver coins

- 5 BMMO bronze gifts and 1 pimped grasan

- 5 BMMO bronze gifts and 1 pimped grasan

- 5 BMMO bronze gifts and 1 pimped grasan


So, pick your number folks! And good luck!

Edited by lashtal
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