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Well.. nice said!!

Yes, you´re right - that are great words and I will keep them in my mind. Thanks for `em.


And.. yes, you are right: the realm would be very boring, if everything was nice and beauty and good.


For me, I think.. I think, I´m just tired of.. hmm.. how to say? Tired of all those envy and distrust and..

You know, these days you are overwhelmed with so many things. Always have to have the most popular things, to be "in" and modern.

I am so tired of that ellbow society, commanded by egoism, greed, dark glances and distrust. When I look around in the "outer" world, I see those things everywhere, every day, propagandized by the medias..


I just was sad to see, that it is the same here - as I thought.

Maybe - because I´m new - that opinion was made to early. Or.. maybe I just brought my "outer" fatigue here. (What, by the way, would mean, that I did, what I denunciated in the upper post).


Thanks for your comment. It´s good.

It makes me thinking a bit more far, taking a step back and looking on the theme again with some distance.


Maybe the solution is somewhere in the middle..?


No Jorana you are not too new and you´re opinion weights the same as those all others because you´re a human being with enough awareness to sense atmosphere and mood in here. One doesn´t need to be long in a room to feel what´s going on, same here. My question is - why did you expect that all those things you see in the outer world might be anywhere different?


As long humans don´t change, or at least would love to change, nothing will change at all. I can say that from my own experience the number of people I meet who are bored of envy, distrust and hate is growing. We might see a change on a bigger scale but there is also the possibility that it needs another 500 years to change something significant in human behavior.

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