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[[title redacted]]
You won't see me coming.
In time I'll steal something.
Can you spot my advance?
Please don't escape the trance.
Underground the earth quakes.
Each tremor your foundation shakes.
Who can guess what I'm up to?
Maybe it will be you...
Eventually I'll come out of the blue
While you stand dazed without a clue.
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Let me tell you what I know. You cast a shadow, watch it grow. You chuckle to yourself, you smile, Enjoy your doing for a while.   You listen to the screams of pain For which that shadow is to b

As the moving force of the many things, poetry deserves its places here, dont you think?:) Tell me where dreams speak the truth Where all my illusions are more than dust And although there is no e

Heeding no warnings, heeding no call, He went with more zest than wit. He thought he could take them all, And found himself in Darkness's Pit.  In limbo he shall stay, A fool's penance he must pay.



You lay in the bead, turning into a shadow - 

thats how you feel, when - immobile and dry -

you rest, while nurses go in and out.


Life was a brilliant thing, but it burned too fast.

Your tongue goes over those dry lips - 

you remiinisce about the past.


And so you lay in bed and ...rest?...

and someone gets you something good 

to eat.





Pay your crossing of river Styx,

only two cents, only two cents!

No crossing of river is ever free,

not even for the souls of the dead.

If you dont have cash or card,

mortgage your soul, whatever the cost - 


just pay the toll.


(meh...I didnt say quite what I wanted to. I might rewrite it later)

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When you're born into a world,

your feet and your hands are tied - 

but you don't know it.

You don't see it.

You think you're free and you move funny.


Then, one day, you might realise you're tied up.

You might realise how to loosen the ties, but you also

see it won't do you any good.

You don't cut any ties.

And if someone asks, you are ”alive and kicking”.

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In memory of a friend no longer around, i would like to share this here, a poem that was written for me by Bash, it was written for Ilidria, the flower of the forest, and touches on her defensive mechanism and bipolar nature.I'd like people to be able to see it, and not have it sitting unread in her personal papers.
It was the
nature`s daring dream
The soul in flesh and
blood and leafs
Where spring would
follow all her trails
And wounds of past
forever healed…
Anger and light,
sorrow and spite
Her life is now by
nature`s side
To bring the spring
wherever she goes
And eternal winter to
all her foes…
One flower that holds
so many
One soul made of two
Countless colors where karma is changing
Like a rainbow in the dark
-- Bash Chelik    
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Back in times of jade

Nobody knew my name

A happy life I lived

carefree, blind as can be

Idiotic of me to blink

X marked the spot

Right into the trap


I cannot

They say one can't even

Gross misuse of that word

Any educated folk will agree

Increase your knowledge

Reduce your stupidity

Always strive to learn

Whatever *shrugs*

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Hm. I'll give this a try.




A broken path your eyes must follow

Along dull lines that we once traced.

Love! Why have you left me hollow?

A few more steps, more tears misplaced.


Your touch my skin must feel once more,

To rake your nails across my chest; 

Alas! Your love has left me sore.

To you, I know 'twas but a jest.





When the eye of May glares down

Under the old linden I rest.

The way the wind twirls your gown...

Your ballet has me obsessed.


Prance and jump and swing and sway!

Make good use of all your charms.

Dance! Dance! Dance your mind away;

Come and wither in my arms.

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I randomly do what my friend calls "Flash poems".  I get 3 words, and 5 minutes and a pencil to write it down.    Here's my collection.



My favorite though, is this one...

Bigfoot,  dragon, purple!


The stomping in the wooded dark

The glimpse of distant Fire spark.

The purple haze ,as dusk descends.

Hides all the forest denizens.

It's not just bigfoot you should fear.

there's dragons too, both far and near.

But though they next door may reside.

it is from YOU that they all hide!

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Ah, nice topic. 


I remember I wrote some poems back in "highscool". I think it was in my native language though. They were a bit dark and sad. Not exacly emo, but depressing non the less.

And speaking about depressing poems: this  :P

I guess it is more for those who like anime.

What could have she wrote?



I would like to try and translate  some poems, but it is nearly impossible. Hungarian and English are just too different.

Edited by Azrafar
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There's many things I'd like to be

And many things that are not me

          Let's play pretend

          Come on, my friend

A cat, a mouse, a tree, a bird

          So many things

          Some quite absurd

But is a bird not like a tree?

Are many things so not like me?

          If we're the same

          Let's play a game


If we each have a little fire

That dictates what our hearts desire

          Do not you see

          What isn't me?

If we're the same then it's the air

          That makes the sparks

          Fly everywhere

If I control the air I breathe

Filter it with a tiny sieve

          Then that's the way

          I'll get to play


I can be what I want to be 

and in the end I am still me.

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The quiet flower likes the color it has.

The bees like it.

The grass likes it.

The wind likes it.

The other flowers say, "you are too bland"

The quiet flower looks

to the bees

the grass

and the wind for comfort,

but finds none,

for they cannot speak to the flower.

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What people think they know won't hurt them
What people think they know won't hurt them
Make people happy with a dance
Why reveal the silent ocean
When the storms above entrance?
The ocean is too big to see
The storms above excite
If others choose to dive down deep
They'll experience her night
But she won't let them in so deep
She shocks, she awes, she thrills
So when they search her all they'll find
Is electricity that kills
Any chance of seeing her heart
That's hidden in the dark
For if they look inside the storm
All they'll find are sparks.
Lightning sometimes hits the ocean
And reveals a bit within
But all of that is most obscured
By the raging howling wind.
-- Change.
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It's finally broken


been coming for a while.


They push and push

and push and push

still, I tried to smile?


No more, not me

you've had your chance

and took my chance away.


Instead, repress,

seems for the best,

but only what they see.


Inside I'm free

they can't take that

they can't take him away.


He'll only see,

what's inside me

day after each short day.


He doesn't care

about my flair

he loves me lots despite.


To those who care

I bid you a farewell

and a goodnight.


(This poem is based on recent experiences everywhere--not just on MD.)

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Look at the zombie.
Watch as he shambles
steadily along.

Where is he going?
He walks toward it with
unbreakable focus.

His strong force evoked.
Others prevent his
imminent collapse.

He can't just retire.
When friends offer help
willpower falters.

He does not protest.
Alone in dissent
secretly weeping.

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i need to study
so i'll write a poem to not do that
i'm so rich i even surprise myself
as much as i can be surprised

you are the best food i never ate
or a song from before the history or something
today i like the legs
excuse me since i prepared the frigin paperwork

yes..the only iron being worked glows
bla bla bla i will break your face
you sly wanna be mastermind
blind screeching pile of dirt

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these two are somethings I wrote a while ago


[b]One Lizard[/b]

I have one lizard
I really like my lizard
I wish it could talk


[b]My Lizard[/b]
My lizard sits in its tank
A wall separates us, its color blank
Seeing inside the glass is tough
I'd like to do so, but life is rough
Eating circles of delicious nutrition
The lizard's favorite, my ambition



I should remember why I wrote these and analyze the language in them... about how I write of having something I wish to have but do not have and how it affected my ability to reach that goal.

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Hmm... I forgot about this topic... I have two poems that I had written for something I drew. I might post the images later who knows. These poems/images were for a contest but I missed the deadline. I was going to pick one for submission. So I did not get to submit them.





World of Dreams lost in me

Winds of change are calling

Within the broken darkness lies

A light shining brightly

Chaos beckons on the tattered pathless

Shaping course an illusion of bliss

A night to remember off the slope

Round it takes one into hope





A drop falling low away from the world that be

Into a lonely darkness that none want to see

Harsh words and negativity holds

These help to shape and mold

Clinging to what is near

Bringing in what is dear

A gem emerges its shape shown true

Its broken and shattered... crude

But in a dream peace is found

In the contrast and sound

The gem is made whole

Listening to the soul

Seeing beauty beyond the walls

The light bends as it grows tall

Hope of acceptance is not far away

Time of life is here today

Edited by Assira the Black
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I walked into the city of light

now adorned with the dreams of the night

as I walked, the streets decayed

and paved roads glittered with guilt.


The old tower was falling

as I climbed the steps of a church

or maybe a tainted temple of old.

And the birds spoke of roasted hearts

or from roasting hearts or from trees.


Then a storm rose and a great tidal wave

made us all little fish in an ocean.

And I found an old armor

and I found an old lance

and I rose to the surface, encumbered.


Lest I was in Asgard, I dreamt

dreamt of birds flying the skies

among spears of light who cried human.

There I saw two suns warming the sea below

and I was blinded as I understood the light...


I was awaken by a knight, patrolling the streets

"Sir, you alright?"




And the edited version:


I walked into the city of light

Adorned with the dreams of the night

And I stepped on the marble, decayed,

And under my guilt it would break.

But I moved on, not stopping until

I reached, at the base of a hill,

the cellar of a temple of old

or of a shop, filled with cursed gold.

One-eyed ravens, from trees, sang of death

and of heroes burnt by wyrms' breath

And I took an old armor and shield

And a sword with runes on the hilt.

But when I tried to handle the gold

It was turned into greenish mold

Then a wind rose and I heard some cries

Ripping the earth, tearing the skies.

Water poured through the cracks of the world,

From eggshell I made a stronghold

And I stood hidden, my knees to chest

Until all was immersed, I rest.

Then I broke free from my agèd egg

And put reins on a seahorse stag

And swam to the light that I would see,

Through water blue, all above me.

No sooner I had reached the upper veil

I heard a shriek that gave me chills

And a bird grabbed me, its talons sharp,

I struggled like freshly-caught carp.

But in vain, for the bird took me high

To the twin suns shining in sky.

Will the bird kill me? Or will the heat?...

I woke up to the sounds of the street.

Edited by TheRichMerchant
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