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I liked Summer Breeze's ”haiku”. I like those small ”postcards”, if I can call them  that. Here is one:


”A bee flies from the the flower

of a water willow - 

spring has come.”


Or, since it's winter:


”Sitting here, freezing - 

my boiler died.

Where is the repairman?”

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Let me tell you what I know. You cast a shadow, watch it grow. You chuckle to yourself, you smile, Enjoy your doing for a while.   You listen to the screams of pain For which that shadow is to b

As the moving force of the many things, poetry deserves its places here, dont you think?:) Tell me where dreams speak the truth Where all my illusions are more than dust And although there is no e

Heeding no warnings, heeding no call, He went with more zest than wit. He thought he could take them all, And found himself in Darkness's Pit.  In limbo he shall stay, A fool's penance he must pay.

strikingly strong verses, if i may notice:)

however, translating a poem will greatly diminish its "power"

translating a translation of a translation of a poem is admirable but often

futile, because such poem in the end can hardly be the same, even similar to its

original soul..

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Struggle of an introvert


I walk around, faceless

I live my live unnoticed

wondering if I'll even be missed

every day I live a little less


I stand in the crowd

but I feel so alone

I want to go home

or scream out loud


being alone I fear the most

silence is my enemy

hollowness my company

fear cripples my ghost


my head just blacks out

my tongue a frozen lump

my god I feel so dumb

why can't I open my mouth

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havent written poems for looong time. This one came to me recently on the cold winter morning. The one inspiring me, knows about it already :)


Your eyes are closed
You feel…yes, you feel the essence of sorrow.
Not those senseless thoughts of this world
Or fears of tomorrow.
You feel shabby, ragged and old
Your thoughts, your poems, your feelings are nothing
But weird longing pain
Keeps you alive.
Or maybe insane.
You know the answer
As for you know and feel and absorb the core
of the universe
In you.
Your eyes are closed
You feel
the touch of the familiar breath
On your cheek.
Is it real?
Tristesse of your inner being
Suddenly loses its meaning
For and instant moment
Of eternity.
Your eyes are wide open and glare.
They stare
into the neverending
Dark and everlasting
Tunnel of my eyes
Filled with surprise.
Are you alive?
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It happened suddenly, in a moment,

As the sun gave you the spotlight.

You smiled and moved your mouth

And the whole world followed.


Yes, it was then that I realized I didn't deserve you.


So I decided to live with you in my thoughts instead of in my bed

(Although they overlapped on more than one occasion),

And as I turned away, my head cleared and my heart,



But I could never reach you, could I?


So I took a step, then two, then three,

And I've never felt such pain as I did

Walking away from you.



With the sun in your hair,

The moon in your eyes,

And the world at your feet.


No, I could never reach you.

Edited by Max Mortlock
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    Find me I
Killers come at night to find me,
When night falls I'm hiding in a tree.
How much shall I wait?
Quite long I'll be bait.
Perhaps I'll become a bee...
My wings would let me fly along
Buzzing to the happy song
There is a hidden message in that poem, here's a hint: the length of the message is 7 characters long, spaces not included. Your reward for finding the message is KNOWLEDGE, I'll make sure to hide lots of it.
Edited by Rophs
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Amidst bleak darkness, untold landscapes whereupon, 

If a even a lone shadow is to therein reside,

So must unforgiving light cast itself upon

And over the stark contrast unfeelingly preside.


Sanctimonious light, pure and untouchable;

Destroyer, clinging to a glimpse, longing desperate.

Encircling darkness, bleak and impenetrable;

Ever reaching for untold corners desolate.


A tale of two tyrants unlike any other,

Distant entities, uncaring and almighty;

And yet this tale they must weave against each other,

Forever toiling to work the grand tapestry.


Forces stranger and unutterable have tried,

All in vain, comprehension they always lacked.

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Follow me, child, the road is long,

The night seems dark and silent.

And while you walk mumble a song...

For silence makes me violent. 


A man once said I'm made of gold, 

His words came like a flood...

I longed to trust in what he told,

But my gold's stained with blood. 


So count your steps and follow, child..

For the monsters count them too...

And when I'll welcome death's embrace,

Remember...our only hope is you. 

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