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Alliance / Land affiliation

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Also when you want to join a land via voting, try to make a forum post so that the citizens know it. Doing this will highly increase your change of getting in the land. Just write who your character is and why joined the land, and you should be fine. But try to find a forum topic about this matter of that land, since some lands have already some form of application? (Not sure about this, but checking things shouldn't harm anyone.)

Another great tip is to actually talk to the citizens of the land that you want to join, so that they could ask you question. (the question part could also be done on your forum topic.)

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There are other means of attaining land citizenship for the non main lands.


Yes, its even possible for lands without alliances, such as the Labyrinth.



 it is really lots of sarcasm in this topic or is just me ?



@Chewett: please point out a few examples.



I noticed that everything tends, to become a spoiler. Lets break this "becoming habit".

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@Chewett: please point out a few examples.

Generally being a reward for doing good work relating to it or good work in general. Could be a QMR, council, mur, coder reward. Essentially anyone who has the power to give it, could theoretically. Edited by Chewett
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Thank you for the reply.



On the other hand this is my personal opinion :

I am against this kind of "discrimination".

I guess that if those are the only ways, then some lands can be considered, at least at times, closed for new members.

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Ann. 1836 - [2011-05-16 01:32:09 - Stage 10]
Defenders of Bob - Established Housings
"Established Housings" is the name of the first 'virtual' land affiliation and was created today, day 135 of the 6th year, to define the land affiliation of the first, and only (currently) guild established on the No Man's Land territory. "Defenders of Bob" was created after Zleiphneir established a permanent and active role around Bob, the tree, for YEARS. Because neutral alliances are technically not possible on the current engine, this virtual land was needed. Please do not make requests for neutral alliances, such things are remarked over years and not a status you can claim, but one you receive if it is the case.

Along with this, a fund called "Established Holdings" was created for later use as a central place to hold reward funds or other uses, maybe a neutral bank? who knows what will turn into with future features.

Note: The Established Holdings is and will be maintained fully aware and integrated in the current land balance, its numeric associations, colors, coords, everything, will respect same secret rules like a real land. In other words it is "research compatible" :P

Not necessarily a No Man's Land alliance, but it is based in No Man's Land. There's a reason it's Established Housings and not just No Man's Land, and I feel the distinction is important.

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If I recall correctly, NML is not intended to ever have alliances as part of it. 'Everyone' having citizenship I believe to be a singular case that will likely never happen again.

MagicDuel. Anything can happen. A number of years ago i would have said i would never be coding for MD. Never is a long time.

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I don't want to get into it until I have all the technical details I need, not to mention it would probably be something I'd be doing after 1 or 2 years. All I wanted to know for now was to find out who to turn to when I have it all figured out. :) The idea is quite simple and neutral, (hence my question about NML) however I feel like I should talk privately with people with experience in the domain before I blurt it out. :P

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I am a citizen of NML in tag & description only, I don't actually have .:No Man's Land:. citizenship in the same sense as the other lands.


The reason for this is I was told by Council that No Homeland and No Man's Land are the same, so they could not grant me the actual citizenship( Don't have the email anymore so I can't quote them) which is why I was given a tag and description to mark me as a citizen of NML.


Just wanted to clarify a bit.

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