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Tribunal Signpost [QUEST]

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  • 3 weeks later...







The winner 






Congratulations  :)



Winner's text:


Lands of the East


Home of the great Demon of the east, this is a land meant to contain the essences of the other four main lands. It has four levels, the lowest gradually ascending to the highest, arranged in the form of a spiral. This empty land representing nothingness has many secrets to hide and a long journey to offer. What lies at the end of the spiral is left for the mind to ponder.




There were 19 jurors. Each of them assigned points:


10 for best

6 for second

3 for third

0 for last


190 points = max number of points which one player could get





1-st place:     Nimrodel             135 points



2-nd place:    Xavax                 118 points


[spoiler]Beyond this Gate lies a land shrouded in mystery and intrigue. For the daring adventurer many rewards of knowledge may await, and for the foolishly unprepared adventurer who knows what lurks within... Many rumors and fables exist, and even more adventurers have ventured here never to be seen again, do you have what it takes to venture within solve the mysteries and return?[/spoiler]


3-rd place:     Soothing Sands  75 points


[spoiler]Lands of The East
Also known as the Tribunal, it is a mysterious land, larger than the four main lands combined. Deep inside lies the Dominion of Mur, as well as other unusual places. Due to it's size there are many different aspects to this land, and it causes a disruption of balance to the realm.[/spoiler]


Last place:  Tom Pouce           33 points


[spoiler]Mysterious land of the east ,once Knator Commander's home, rumored to be inhabited by a demon, sitting above the others lands but having deep roots . Who made it's magnificent buildings? Strong explorers what rewards will you find?[/spoiler]




I want to say thank you to all participants.


My heartfelt appreciation goes to all the jurors for their effort in judging process! 


I also want to express gratitude for all who helped me to prepare and lead my first quest to it's end:)

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Today I have sent winner's submission to the Council. After I get their response I will inform you about possibility of in-game implementation.


Further information about results will be added as soon as possible (probably next week). I'm very busy right now and because of that I have a little free time to spare in Marind Bell.

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