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Drachorn's Fall

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@ dante, kitchen utensils can work for tools quite easily, (flat edges, bend fork prongs to model with a single prong, knife and spoon is good for smooth/ flat edges and line detailing. theres plenty of things if you get creative :P




EDIT: also generic craft knife sets can work really good too

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I have a swish knife with all sorts of proddy things. and paperclips. I shall improvise. It's mostly going to be my skill that's in the way. drawing is nice and flat. sculpting is not. And tools are nice...if you know how to use them. It''s going to be one big muddy clay mess, but who knows, I might have some undiscovered talent.


Edit: I know I could find a ton of tips and tricks and what not, but like drawing or well, pretty much anything I do. I'll just start and see how it goes or doesn't go. Preparation is boring :)

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Can I add the MD letters on one of the pictures digitally?
It's made in the early stage of the creation and forgot to put MD in it, can't dissasemble now to do that :D

The reasoning of putting the MD in is that you cannot then steal an image from the internet and then just put MD into it digitally. Normally people request you put MD in on a piece of paper in some form, so that you can see that the image was specifically taken for MD.

Cant you write it on a piece of paper and take a picture.
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yes I can do that, but 





   It's made in the early stage of the creation   





now the drach ..evolved or "lvled up" and doesnt look as it did and can't revert to his previous state so I can put the MD letters and take a photo.


Edit: nvm, found a way around it

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