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Tribunal Map - character location

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Proposal for new in-game implementation.


1. There should be an orange dot which indicates player's own position on the Tribunal Map. Now it is hard      to cotton on where I'm. The Lands of the East has quite significant AP requirements to travel through          so I   think it's good add-on to help players be on the move. 


2. Some of the more important locations should have their names mark on the map - it also could help to       figure out where player is currently.



If there are any reasons against that, please post it. I want to say that I have little knowledge about Tribunal and maybe there are some restrictions to my idea, but I don't know about them. 


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The first, i did the whole of MDA inside and out, which took considerable amount of time, At the time when i was doing the other areas i didnt have enough time or knowledge about the exact positioning of the scenes. Grido sent me some information for which i am helpful but if someone wants to map it and give me x, y coordinates (contact me for further details) i can look at adding them since that will remove some of the time spent that others can help with, actually putting them on is still expensive in terms of time but will look to making some if someone can do the first.

As for the other point, feel free to make an example, and we can look at properly annotating that. I will send Murry the thread for consideration on point 2.

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I'm currently wandering around in Tribunal. I don't have any important things to do right now and I think I could take handle about that. I will prepare special diary with exact location coordinates (?_x_?) and their names (or distinguishing characteristic which could help to describe place). 

It will surely take me some time because of AP requirements. I will also ask my Protector Syrian if she could help me with some spicy pickles to "accelerate" this project. If anyone else want to participate in this, I would be grateful for any help. 

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when i say co-ordinates i mean, specifically on the image, i need to place the dots on the right locations, for each scene, if you want to do this i can send you the image and the specific details i need.

------ new post, probably going to be automerged

Murs Response: i'll make it one day

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Something along those lines, except I believe he wants numerical positioning for each dot on the map. That, and I didn't actually finish the dots off (doing a bit of placing currently). The screen is actually from the front cover of a powerpoint, so I have more detail if anyone wants it for this project.

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Proposal for new in-game implementation.




3. Tribunal Signpost. After clicking on small information board (~ 7_gate_1 ~, Portal-Gate to Tribunal after Plains of Deceit) there could be a special "welcome text" which introduce Lands of the East to new adventurer. Something like that before Marind's Bell Main Gates or in front of Howling Gates to Necrovion. They were perfectly articulated and real good introduction to overall Land's characteristic.

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