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"Test" Announcement 05/19/2008

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Ome~ I asked Manu one time before >_> and he was, "I don't know :P " or something similar. I was looking at all the story records to see if the full name was ever listed.. I assumed it was omegaweapon at first, but hey.

Whatever made shades and Necrovion evil? I think honestly, shades are the most cute monsters in the game, excepting the joker and a few different dragon-like creatures. But yet, one of the first things a player does is kill the shades who are benevolently around, not attacking on their own initiative.

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We had a lengthy discussion at live chat today... the point was that there is no evil or good... yada yada, don't feel like typing it here :D

But I like the idea of evil, even if it is, or maybe because it is, all a matter of perspective :)

Yay for evil, join the darkside everyone! :D

And I do remember me accusing omegaweapon being the assassin somewhere in the beginning of the 'support group for biggie' topic

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my other character Evoker MorganJade

is now mp4 and would like to get involved with the test please

on the evil side if possible

U already have 1 character on the "good" side, i don't think u should be allowed have one on each side. Doesn't make sense to fight for both sides :D

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hey i am both light and dark and there would be no sabotaging involved

though i cant fight myself i can lose to skyite as usual

darnit i still cant beat him lol

and still cant get into loreroot darn 2nd guard

morgana le fey and evoker morganjade have been totally brought up in different ways different creatures different rituals and different play styles

the only way anyone would know is if i told them it was me doing both

i even play differently

except for the darn loreroot guards we are on two totally different paths

we both need them dead lol

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hey *Rex Umbrae Killer*

wanted to be on the dark side

i heard there phrase adn couldnt resist



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