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Name: *MRAlyon*




I will tell you the truth... for me it's will be a really hard job because public council will have powers to make important decisions that could change the game completely... but I tell you also this... with a good group of people there is the real possibility to do a real good job that will be directed to make the game more interesting to ALL players not single player... and for this I would have the possibility to be part of this special team and start to produce ideas and do important changes that will satify all players...

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Voting shall hopefully begin Monday, however i am on holiday and will be internetless until sunday evening so depending on the time needed to set up the vote it may be delayed.


A Warning to all participants:

This voting is for a very important role and position, This is not a minor land vote where you send a PM to all your friends asking them to vote for you. A candidate should win the position on their own public values and not how many people they can spam. If someone has sent you a message asking you to vote for them please report them to me. Those found to be doing this will be removed from the voting. Needless to say, anyone who uses alts to boost a persons vote will also face punishment. One vote per player is permitted, no more.

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I am not from any land, say I would get voted in, it would then mean I would not be allowed to join 3 (3 other members) lands.

Nobody can stop you nor did I see a rule against this. No one just said what he thinks. I kind of agree although I am pretty sure that Chewett (and possibly the Council - I am still not sure what its role will be in this huge pie) will not allow favoritism.

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Details: Fire Starter; ID:202147; Activity days: 97% (A total of 1041 out of 1068 days)



Reasons: I don't know if it shows to the players that know me to some extent, but I am in fact dealing with politics in RL. So I've decided to see what MD politics could look like and if I can improve it in any way (given the fact that we still are ruled by our beloved dictator :D, long live the Mur!) Having the opportunity to offer a different view on the topics, that will rise in the future of MD is quite tempting. I know this already is done in the Forum, but still I feel it will not be the same...


And a statement I should make - As a present Avatar Manager, I won't abandon my duties and will continue to try and offer/improve only the best Avatar managing services. If Council feels the need to contact me regarding this application - then do so.


Edit: Also for more answers you can find my papers along with myself onto my Cloud mostly at Gazebo of Equilibrium :)

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Valldore Nal




I will do my best to be fair and promote ideas for the good of the community, can be patient with people, listen to what others have to say and take decisions combing others opinion with my own logic. I can also keep my mouth shut for things that need not to be said.

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 I still decided to apply for this because>


1) I believe we dont just have to accept the situation as it is, but have to DO something ourselves to change it and not just sit and wait

2) Changing of the situation is always necessary, because only moving and developing system can call itself alive.

3) I do not pretend to be the "coolest" the "most popular" person around or person who "deserves" something more than others, but I have a realistic view of life, which helps me a lot to stay cool and make good decisions in the most awkward and crazy situations.

4) If I start something I am loyal to the end.


Eara Meraia

ID 241935

Days: 368

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Current list:


1 yr: Rophs,Syrian,Yasrin Luvien,Aquellia,The great pashweetie,Rikstar,Sir Blut
2 year: Dragual Monarth,Tom Pouce,Valldore Nal,Eara Meraia
all years: ChildOfTheSoul,Junior,Ledah,Eon,Miq,Jester,Sunfire,Maebius,Redneck,Zyrxae, *MRAlyon* ,Fire Starter,Tal


Speak now, or forever hold your peace, voting is going up later, so if you want to go and arnt on this list, speak now.

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removed one person who doesnt want to be in it anymore.
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