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Improvised REAL Rain Collector

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NIce one Sir Blut.

I will send your reward ingame.

ps: yes this quest is still active, will always be , but due to my inactivity you need to contact me if you post something here otherwise i might not see it. Also if i forgot to give anyone any reward for doing this quest, please tell me. its not intended.


ps2. the possible rewards are named in the initial post. the rain collector is a bonus i give only if consider the work is outstanding, it is not a part of the normal quest reward.

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Picture of the whole item + evidence its me on paper

Picture of filter cloth type used on the inside
Short video link of it in action
[Ill go for the Wp reward please and thank you]

Edit: I know it seems minimalistic in design but please dont misunderstand this as something i put small effort in. A lot of thought went into making a Rain Collector with the same personal properties as me. I am a simple but illusionary being and my Rain Collector simply Mirrors me on both Outer and Inner, as its Deceptively Straightforward.

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You are showing me a cut bottle in a jar and a piece of material ....and thats a rain collector?

I think you...(well not just you but you in general) missed the purpose and overall flavor of this quest

While a bucket is a raincollector, it doesn't mean that its suitable for this quest, when other people put so much effort in their work. Just look at the first entries as a good example.

Please create something nicer, i am sure you have ideas, don't just put a jar in the rain and expect a reward.

The functional purpose of a rain collector is to collect as much rain as possible, and for that you either need a reaaalllyy big bucket, or a larger collecting surface.If your life would have depended on a rain that comes once a month, you wouldnt use a jar , you would do better, so do better please.


ps. nice touch with the raining 

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On 6/4/2018 at 10:32 AM, Sashimi said:

Hey guys, this is my rain collector prototype!
haha, hope i can get a wishpoint and permanent rain collector~

Materials list:
- Softbox w/ bag (main part)
- Transparent lunch box w/ cloth, large & fine gravel, cotton (filter)
- Vacuum cleaner hose, PVC pipe (accessories)
- Carrying bag/backpack (container)

Instead of a normal umbrella, i used a softbox for the main part, softbox is an enclosure designed to fit around an artificial light source, and it is weatherproof ,sturdy, extremely portable just like a good umbrella but inverted already! it also come with a little bag. : P
Btw i forgot my pen so i made it with some grasses on the floor...
MD Sushi June 2018
It is a rectangular softbox, i removed the outer diffuser and taped a tube & vacuum cleaner hose on it
DIY simple water filter - i combined two transparent lunch boxes and filled with some gravel, cotton & cloth for different layers.
Full set equipped, i think the best way to use the rain collector is attach the hose to main part and get water directly, you don't need a water filter in portable version, but it is optional.
Concept art - This is the extended version of my rain collector, i just want to show u another reason to use softbox because it can fit with different attachments easily, like a heavy duty light stand, so you can have bigger or more water filters etc.
Thank you for watching! :)


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