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X missing when attacking too soon

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After a bit of digging, I've been able to come up with a fix. Changing "js/dlg/subModal.js" line 206 from:

doc.getElementById("popupMainPage").style["position"] = "relative";


doc.getElementById("popupMainPage").style["position"] = "absolute";

Solves the problem and is still correct, because the popupMainPage div is at the root of the document, and absolute positions are calculated relative to the iframe, rather than the document.


I have not yet been able to figure out why it keep scrolling to the middle of nowhere when I click things though.



It appears that the scrolling is due to Chrome behaving absolutely absurdly with go-nowhere links (<a href="#">), as it auto-scrolls to the link when clicked. I'm currently trying to figure out a non-absurd way of solving this. (the bug has existed for at least 4 years) The initial report is issue 92301, which is closed as obsolete, and the newest one is issue 364999 which is still open.


The absurd answer to fixing the second issue is to find every go-nowhere link in MD, and add "e.preventDefault(); return false;" to the end of it's on-click handler.

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