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Video Games Thread (other than MD)

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i play a buncha games my problem is that i can't just play one... i play wartune in my spare time when everyone is asleep on md. i play a bit of mc and am known as the worst hacker ever :p to be fair i only used nodus becuase the admins did. i play forge of empires in between bronze age an iron... one of the strongst bronzes apart from my guild member who is technically in iron age but is allowed to trrorize us poor bronzes and plunder my lumber.. he leaves and joins to get me.. gaia online which vertu told me to try... i instantly went on zomg and started beating up fluffs... i made 30000 coins in a matter of minutes.the only singplayer game i play is real racing which is on my ipad

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We are all on it!

well, since I married my lappy with milk coffee I don't play anything beside MD and facebook-time-eaters anymore :P but if you want a recommendation for an awesome game here it is: The Witcher The

Alpha Centauri (re-bought it a few weeks ago :D )   Assassin's Creed (+few other xbox games less so)   Various Newgrounds ones

I have played recently demo version of  Beyond Good & Evil and I have to admit that this game charmed me completely. The way in which story is show, sense of humour and character creations are outstanding. I look forward to buy full version. 


The second game which is surely worth to note is Grim Fandango. This game is one of my favourite. Why? Don't ask, just take a trip to Underworld (I guarantee you won't regret it and you won't forget it, either). 


I also strongly recommend those of you who are not afraid to get deeply to the darkest corners of your mind,  Sanitarium. 



I played many games which surprised me in one way or another. But my favourite game without question is Legacy of Kain series. The most brilliant gaming expierience which I ever had.

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Look into this if you´re a fan of realistic medieval games. Today starts the 1st Alpha Test.


Kingdom Come: Deliverance



yeah, I've been following this game about a year ago.  :D




Would it be more comparable to Chivalry or Mount&Blade? (Assuming you're not going at Mount&Blade 1manarmy style)

It's like Mount and Blade but with a definite main story  ;)

There is also the TESO (the elders scrolls online) 
And also look at the Life Is Feudal.
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