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[Suggestion] Moo spell.

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because I am ever so obedient  

ok, and cause I was still bored, a slightly more realistic cow version   all drafts, all still need clean up work  

Not sure how many of you are familiar with this :P  

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i like dante's cow ( i STILL believe it could be better, but i like that one enough for now)


..i am also thinking of making a cow creature similar to morphs, with a couple of initial levels and then a random variation


(the nuclear-anti-aviation style cow from dark raptor is very funny indeed :)) )

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actualy not in combat, if i will make a cow creature it might eat herbs and output compost :D ...woaaa...yeah that is useful, we need compost for farming stuff



bahh!!!! enough plans, if i make plans i finish nothing, i better shut up, what will be will be, if anything at all

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