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[Suggestion] Moo spell.

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Doesn't stand a chance, not even the right format, but I would like to introduce some ideas for you to play with.






To be clear, each link contains angles and positions of one cow.


These are "concept sketches".  I'm not an artist.

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because I am ever so obedient  

ok, and cause I was still bored, a slightly more realistic cow version   all drafts, all still need clean up work  

Not sure how many of you are familiar with this :P  

Posted Images

Cheats Enabled!

Edit: Reworked first avy and remade it to be a proper avatar submission. Uploaded a second stance.
Edit2: Uploaded a third stance. My favourite one.
Edit3: Added possible ingame effects for each stance



Stats effect: Each combat stat slighly increased

Chat effect: Everything you say becomes mantra-like
Example: "Koshu Farsight: Moooohm..." / "Koshu Farsight: Moo... Moo... Moo..."



Stats effect: Attack, defense and initiative greatly increased


Chat effect: Everything you say becomes a Ki Shout

Example: "Koshu Farsight: MOO!!" "Koshu Farsight: Moooooooooo...!!"


[attachment=4423:C'est ne pas une vache.gif]
C'est ne pas une vache (It's not a cow)
AKA This wasn't tobacco

Stats effect: Every stat and principle with a positive score drops to zero and the points lost go to the Imagination principle, which becomes your only principle, even if it wasn't before.

Chat effect: Everything you say seems to be inspired by an artistic movement
Example: "Koshu Farsight: Moorcel Moochamp" (Marcel Duchamp) / "Koshu Farsight: Moone Moogritte" (Rene Magritte) / "Koshu Farsight: Moorgio Moo Moorico" (Giorgio de Chirico) / "Koshu Farsight: Moox Moorsnt" (Max Ernst)



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a rumminating cow.. guess what comes after... :D


Since we are going to need compost... maybe once the cow spell is used the compost will be collectable..

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This is my real submission, I think that I did a way better job on this one. :)


I personally think it's good for someone who almost never draws and I used those small ikea pencils.
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till now i like the moo-sai, rainbow cow and cow knight ,,,but it could be better honestly. The cow kind of needs to be "vertical" otherwise it won;t look good as avatar.


I am slightly increasing my sponsorship for now at 5moo per silver ..i mean silver per mooo...sry i mean cow stance. (or credits)

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So I modified my realistic cow to a zombie cow. Because I don't think we needed a realistic cow, but we want something awesome; why not zombies (and it's "vertical"). I should probably go programming on some other stuff like clickables. So this is the last thing I will send in. Goodluck for the other participants, I've seen some nice things. :)

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*some* attempts later...






also in frustration.. a crazy one appeared..




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