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Public items, resource gathering and STEALING!

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Not grab the thief, but accuse them. Enough accusations could give a thief tag with additional penalties.


One thing I really like about stealing is that anyone would be able to get any resource, not just people who happened to be given a tool.


Stealing should be interesting, but a related possibility is items that take a long, long time and lots of community effort to build up, with a way for different groups to vie for control. The stealing mechanism seems like it could build up to this.


I think that not only should you be able to steal resources as they're being harvested, but after more recipes are introduced, you should be able to steal from anyone who has enough resources hoarded up and hasn't used them for anything. Items should NEVER be able to be stolen however.


Land based mechanisms that could be used to increase the strength of one land or take away from another could be used as well. Could relate to torches, instead of the annoying AP system it used last time, each land could have items that could be built or destroyed that effect people in the land, reducing or increasing AP cost, giving stat bonuses, being able to push people out of your land... the possibilites are endless.


Land affiliation bonuses could be controlled this way too. Reduce your land's AP timer, increase stat bonuses, even control how many alliance seats you have. I think it would encourage a lot more unity amongst the lands and give people a goal to work towards together. Items within a scene could also effect how quickly your land's resources regenerate.


Even inner magic could be related to this, being able to use ingredients as a focus for spells or something (if thats how they work, I've never heard of anyone actually using inner magic). Get enough people together and you could cast a spell.


A resource that people are given based on Active Days could also come into effect, and be used to support an idea. An interface where people could come up with a new alliance idea or the garden like Rumi could let people put their Active Days in, and once enough support has been gathered, something new could be created. Items with new uses and new recipes could fall in this category as well.


Whoops, I got way off track there, sorry. I got really excited. Most of that should probably go in another topic. The way those things are related to stealing is that stealing could apply to things being created, not just resources being gathered I guess.


This could revolutonize MD and make the gameplay infinitely more fun, if its implemented in an interesting way. I would probably never stop playing.




EDIT: Ok, I'm going to continue my previous ideas and link them to stealing. Things being created could be stolen from the same way resources being harvested could be. While building something up, others could come and take your materials. An example would be lands being able work on building something that would reduce their AP timer, while other lands try to steal the resources from it and use it to build their own. Putting a limit on how many resources could be used per day, as well as allowing those resources to be stolen during that day, would work for this.


EDIT 2: Another idea: creating items that work similarly to heads, but that can be used in items. Example: A totem that stores these "heads" and can be stolen from. After stealing the "heads", the person needs to get back to their land without someone attacking them and taking the "heads". After doing so, the heads can be deposited in the item for a special effect.

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