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Applying to become a citizen of MB

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 An old soul long trapped within the Void i at times escape its murky grasp to crawl from its endless depths and search for answers i have no questions for... oh pardon my ramblings, i talk so rarely when trapped...


 As for my time awake here i try to visit often, and with ever increasing knowledge my time in MD also increases, i vist all times of day and night however am most prone to be stirring around 07:00:00 ST normally, at the moment i travel between GoE and Winds Sanctuary frequently, and rest at times in MB park. Be warned if ye attempt to track me footprints you may find yourself walking in circles often **Chuckes** my mapmaking skills are not so good and at my age the mind wanders to parts and things unknown leading me to being lost more often than not...


 As for skills or what i can provide to MB as a citizen, well i am unsure as i know not what may be required, however i do and will endeavor to find my place here and shall do whatever i can to assist the Lands in their growth and prosperity, i stand out in no area in particular as yet however i am known for talking far too much(as is evidenced here) ask anyone, and taking risks to learn all i can to better myself.



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 Being fresh from the Void i fear my knowledge of the voting process is limited at best, if there is something i need to do or achieve or people i should be talking to to increase my chances of acceptance PLEASE let me know. While citizenship doesn't seen a requirement to progress in MD i personally would feel i am achieveing more if i had a place to call home, likewise i believe i could be of use to the land, since i travel a lot collecting resources or information, even rough mapping would be relatively easy for me to do... **chuckles** besides it would keep me busy and talking far less, much to somes relief i'm sure.



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 Water has many uses and properties/forms so most would say it to be important, others may find it sacred for various reasons, i myself both hold Water in great esteem and use it to better myself as i can. Water can cleanse, teach, provide a barrier one must work around thus granting knowledge/enlightenment or a protection against malicious forces, provide nourisment in various forms, and even be traveled upon by those wise enough to respect its fury... Water can also show wrath if angered in mass it can wipe away even the stoutest of obsticles or armies threatening it or the lands it watches over. Some see Water as a life essence flowing like blood, others consider the very core of all lands since its flow may be slowed or diverted but can never be kept at bay...

 these are but a few of my observations and personal beliefs, i hope they satisfy your curiosty, 'Tis up to you to discern which apply here in MD and which have meaning elsewhere.



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 I would like to thank thew Citizens of MB for their acceptance, may our future be prosperous and bright, if i can be of assistance in any fashion please let me know. Tis good to have a home


It is good to have you as a citizen, Welcome.

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 I was informed of a secret place, some called it "private", could someone contact me (in game) about this? (no rush...)


 **Looks up and sees endless scrawl in his hand**


 Oh my i DO go on don't i?



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