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yes , starting today we run on the new monster :)

hosting was realy kind and gave 50% discount on next month and 2 140Gb SAS hdd's for extra speeed. the extra money i had reserved for hosting will now go to advertising, you probably saw allready the hords of newbs comming in :)

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Hmm.. I am happy because I know that more stuff is supposed to happen now that we've finally switched to a permanent server.

But since everyone is calling it a "monster" server, I want to say that I didn't notice any speed increase.. in fact, it seemed a bit slower (before stress testing, of course). Is it just me?

Also, the stress seems like quite an overkill to me.. Player list doesn't load, and the map also takes quite a bit of time. Means I can't enjoy the temporary counter and regen values. :(

EDIT: Well, for a while that's how it seemed. Now it's really fast, faster than before the testing yesterday, when the new server was just announced.

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it was a problem with the settings, now you can see how powerfull this monster realy is :P .. at least for me that i am on the other side of the globe, the game is loading much faster than many sites hosted here. it takes less than a secodn to enter a scene, and there are 135 players online right now, all running on fastforward settings.

if this will continue in the next days i am planning for new features :P

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this server upgrade has allowed me to finally achieve something i couldnt do before

i beat the loreroot guys yayayayayayayayay

got some new creatures but i am almost at max xp for mp4 lol i am still getting crushed but i am at positive honor and trying now to get blood pact archer and the thing that adds 3 to all stats


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Now that the super regen period has lasted this long, I hope it will last exactly 24 hours for fairness. It's painful to see those 1,000 hours worth of VE wasted away while I'm working. ;)

EDIT: Oh, it changed back already. ;) Nevermind then. :P:P:):P

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