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Ahhh, Metal Bunny one must never underestimate the power of meditation, good vibes and prayer! The ones that do not have all the power of strength, can have the powers of the mind ! Its all I can offer for now till I get stronger in body....but don't underestimate my mind..lol!.....More OMMMMMMMMMM's coming your way Bid C get stronger everyday, may your trials stregthen you more and more!.... ;)

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Ah, but you forget that to train the body, one must also train the mind or become a beast. Maybe my mind is stronger :rolleyes:

Metal Bunny:

Bent u Nederlands? Wow!

I never realised that earlier (perhaps, at least in part, because I'm a relatively new player of about two weeks, but also because this is actually my first time on the forum)!

Zo, door uw te redeneren, die uw hersenen opleidt stond u toe om uw lichaam op te leiden?

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Uh perfectra, lol, they prefer it if we keep on talking english.

And what I meant with that is, that should you train and become more ' trained' in a general term, one must also train his or her discipline and control, or become nothing less than an aggressive fightseeker.

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I was one of loreroot spy if anyone was stabbed in the back it was me and the other spys
oh fun fact he actually long before the loreroot forum was made actually before even the war test
Glaistig actually promised me a spot in the surpport group then boom Glaistig turns out to be a spy so I never try to call that in got the slow way then left to from my own group odd paths in life game or not don't you think oh but oddly after Glaistig turned out to be a spy we ended up talk become friends oh and just because I know all 3 ledah is rip off of the real deal and gargant is truily worthy being the next spymaster

p.s. is just me or have my posts gotten longer

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