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Go outside...?   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5JKCxeWahE     NOOOOOOOOOOOO!

"... and in case I don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!" :P

And the second before it went off there was a short message from Mur in the mood panel: "Lets see what this buttons does!" - I could not take a screenshot. 

I'd gladly take the advice and "ENJOY YOUR DAY YEEY...", but it's raining with the buckets here since yesterday... And it's our national day off work.


Also it's the perfect time to finish the last Pratchett thing I've got :D


Wow, this day could actually turn out to be a good one, L0L

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I've just got back from a nice walk. The bloody sun is back again, so I've managed to gather a decent amount of snails :D
Maybe around 5 kilos. This should equal to around 700 grams of fine meat, after all the preparations :cool:

With some spices and a little bit of olive oil...Mmmm, tomorrow will be even better day than today :D

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nooo, I was just started to enjoy my slaves
DD, you did it ,  I know you did it just to run from your tasks.
If I find any proof that it was you ... I will hunt you down.
NOTE: No one's account is mine, don't touch it.

Well obviously :D

But my own slave helped... ;)
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MagicDuel is down for Maintenance
Currently we are down for maintenance, We are working on the game on something that requires no one else to be playing. We Chewett (Mur doesnt... at all) tries and announce and minimise these occurrences as much as possible so to reduce the amount of time the game is down.

Work Started: day 142 y 8
Work Planned Finish: whenever is ready Soon

Try again later by clicking this link It wont work

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