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love it the way it is but one change

ritual configuration should be on it so you dont have to attack and you can be in a sanctuary and set up one

tha is all other than that it is perfect

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I like the idea of player information showing up in the side bar -- that is the information that appears when you click on a player's name. Right now I have to scroll vertically to see and use this information (even though I have a high screen resolution). This game makes poor use of landscape screen layouts by stacking things vertically instead of horizontally. As a consequence, one is constantly scrolling vertically. There are very few screens out there with portrait aspect ratio (higher than they are wide). Mostly they do not exist in the home market.

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the reason is for the low moiniter sizes that they will be able to use it

I understand that browser based games have to be designed to support the least common denominator. Still, most have high resolution screens and a choice of layout would be greatly appreciated. With my resolution I can easily accommodate the image area and player names, the sidebar and the instant chat all side by side. That said... I'm sure Manu has far more important things to concern himself with than making and debugging a second screen layout.

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if the screen is small enought to be played on by nearly everyone then manu just has to keep it one size. if you want there to be tons of different sizes then every feature will take 3 - 4 times as long

My idea is neither as absurd as you seem to want to make it, nor need the coding have the consequences you suggest. In any case, I was not suggesting lots of layouts. Two, maybe three, ought to be adequate and there's virtually no overhead as field details are simply read from an array as opposed to a scalar variable.

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its ok to make multiple resolution layouts, especialy for higher resolutions, but now i focus my time on adding new thing to the existing layout. having more versions of layout only means more debugging and i prefere.for now.. to focus just on one.

actualy in the future i plan to have selectable layouts with thematics like "loreroot layout" or wide screen layout ..and so on. the game is allready designed to support that , its just a matter of time when i will get to that point of implementing such options.

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