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Broken Pattern Gazeebo interior

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The ones who solved it on the time period of the contest before it ended deserved the prize they got.

I think it was about 24h to solve it. With such little time its impossible to find a logic and solve it really fast. Most of those who have/claim to have done it took weeks.



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That makes sense then. :) I didn't know the original contest only lasted for such a short time.

It took me about 3 1/2 hours to solve it, but it would be hard to prove that. And anyway, if the contest took place around this time instead, the likely scenario would be that I would miss its announcement completely. <_<

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[quote name='Treehill' post='22765' date='Dec 20 2008, 04:19 PM']%$&¨%#¨&$ Cant believe it....thats why i wasnt being able to solve it..im idiot i was trying to turn all black not all orange....T_T[/quote]

I thought it had to be all black too :D
*Sighs* I could have win the contest too.

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