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Reputation - Like Buttons

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if i am login, i only see an button "like this"

if i am logout, i see if some did like the post but cant push an "like this" button as i am not login

and i remark also that if i am log out and see who as like an post its if ther are many like votes seeing onlly the 3 to 4 first

ex.  see that written    "Peace, Phantom Orchid, Neno Veliki and 5 others like this"

I dont know if its what you wanted to do Chewett

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I think I prefer the +/- system but I do think that people should be accountable for the reputation they are giving others so making it public is a good thing.


If it were changed back but not made public then I would suggest putting in a counter to state that the rep score is made up of # votes. I personally don't really care about the post's score but would rather see how many people thought that a post was worth repping up or down.  If it is -2 but only 2 people voted on it then it's not really a worry.  If it's -2 and 20 people voted then I know that the post is worth looking at because a lot of people felt it was worth repping. Maybe it's just me but I'd rather see that one of my posts was repped 9 times rather than seeing a post was +1.

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If a person can be enought civilized to accept that people are different and that everyone isn't a 100$ bill to be liked by everyone then he should obviously never post, speak or even communicate...


Hence I would love to see who voted against me and in favor of me (would be cool to have old system back with that "mod" feauture added to everybody...


While I personally think like that... Not everybody is that open hence poor Chew is like between many walls. Go Wookie go, keep up experimenting :P

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As it is now, that one need to be log off to see the rating i find it ackward


so i dont like that


since i wont bother except to look if an special posting as rating


its like that rating dont exist anymore for me, i look the forum login ... so i dont see any rating

and that way i am really not thinking to rate things ... well maybe some exceptionnal posting would warrant me to look at rating and then switch back to login and rate


so i in general dont like how its made now


reading forum twice , its not fun ...


either make no rating at all, or make it one see rating and can vote login thats my suggestion

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Udgard, I've wondered that too, and resolved the issue by attempting to vote as if I couldn't see the rep of the post in question. The effectiveness of this strategy increases with the transparency of the reputation system (see below).


Might a poll help decide this? Something along the lines of:


1) Pick the option you most prefer. Transparent means everyone can see how everyone votes, opaque means only you can see how you voted. The current system is translucent: you can view who likes what, but it's a hassle to do so unless you're a moderator.

  • "Like" system, transparent
  • "Like" system, translucent (current)
  • "Like" system, opaque
  • +/- rep system, transparent
  • +/- rep system, opaque (previous)
  • +/- rep system with +reps transparent and -reps opaque
  • +/- rep system with +reps opaque and -reps transparent (Rhaegar's suggestion)
  • no rep at all

2) Select your second most preferred option.

[list as above]


3) Select your least favorite option.

[list again]


4) Select your second least favorite option.

[guess what goes here]


Or it could be third favorite instead of second least favorite or whatever other changes seem appropriate.


Vote for whether you'd like a poll by +/- repping this post (à la last year's development focus) -- ah wait, no, we can't do that using this system. Hm.

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