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Golden Chains

Eara Meraia

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No, you can NOT bid for your own leash, that contradicts the concept of being a slave, just as picking out certain people to be or not to be masters. The category "limitations and special wishes" was meant to be more "objective" nature like Gridos limitation of activity during weekends or using LHO tools and it was NOT meant as limitation for being sold (not sold) to this or that person, otherwise the whole idea makes not much sense, as Alyon already stated.

To make it all clear: I will NOT consider the limitations of Masters in the auction (except of gender limitation). If you are afraid to be bought by certain people, you should better keep your freedom.

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1) Miq

2) 12 Months

3) The value is limitless, but i'm just a slave so it's up do you

4) 20%

5) I have a life, work, vacation and so on so don't expect me do be everpresent and you can't take any items that i own before slavery

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1) Samon

2) One week for each silver you bit (but min 4, max 12)

3) Try and you'll see :)

4) 10% rounded up, the rest will be used for quest rewards/other types of charity.

5) I may not be all that active all the time, if I'm away for a longer period we'll work something out for the duration

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Thanks a lot for all who decided to participate. The final list of slaves:

  1. Addy
  2. Jester
  3. Syrian
  4. Rikstar
  5. Dst
  6. Dark Demon
  7. Firestarter
  8. Sunfire
  9. Grido
  10. Valldore Nal
  11. Eara Meraia
  12. Everyone
  13. Nimrodel
  14. Zyrxae
  15. Kiley
  16. Mallos
  17. Lashtal
  18. No one
  19. Panthea
  20. Miq
  21. Tankfans
  22. Samon


From now on no changes in applications can be made and no retreat will be accepted.


All of you belong to me until you will be sold for your own good:-)


Slave auction will take place on 11.05.2013, 21:00 ST (I cannot be home earlier that day)  at the Willows shop (Interior).

Please all interested to be Masters and all slaves be present on time.

Keep in mind following information:

  • No creatures, items, resources will be accepted as a payment – only gold and silver coins.
  • Please have your coins ready. The payments will take place immedialtely AFTER the auction or the next day, for people who cannot stay online long enough.
  • Masters get leashes only after they paid their fees to their slave and TK.
  • All money transactions have to take place in my presence.
  • After the period of enslavement (stated in slave application) is over the Master is obliged to return the leash to his former slave.
  • For the people who cannot attend auction we begin the PRE-BID Phase.

This phase will start now and will last until Friday 23:59 st. During this time people who cannot attend auction can make bids for the slaves they would like to buy. One bid per slave. The advantage of pre-bids is that you still get a chance to have your slave. Disadvantage – if you get overbid during the auction you will not be able to react (because you are not there of course :P). All pre-bids will stay anonymous  and be kept in secret UNTIL the official beginning of the Auction.


Therefore, if you cannot attend but wish to buy a certain person, WRITE ME A FORUM PM with the following information:

- name of the slave

- your bid

- TK percentage (only if not clearly defined in slave application).


Please don’t forget about the deadline. Bids sent after the deadline will not be accepted.


Pre-bids will be initial bids for the slaves. Slaves who were not “pre-bidded” will start from the “standard” initial  bid – 2sc.


Gather your funds. Let the show begin!

Edited by Eara Meraia
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I won't be present from friday morning to sunday evening. I'll be in the wilds and have only my phone.


Ofc you can drag my sorry thing to willow i'll probably exist in idle mode :)



Edited by Miq
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important note!


there is no guarantee that leashes will be ready on the day of the auction! If not - the leashes disposal will take place later (exact time will be announced additionally). Slavery period starts at  the moment the Master got his leash and paid the fee.

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why Syrian is owned by everyone? I think Syrian's master is Kiley, and everyone owns Tankfans

Fixed, thanks. (No excuse to be had but that they're one line down and a whole screen across from each other on the spreadsheet..)

Edited by Zyrxae
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