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The roleplay arena (MD birthday quest.)

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The second match between Change-Nimrodel finished today. And for the other participants contact each other for the fight, I'll also try to reach you. Here is the log and note that Meme is Change. She named her character different for the fight.



*Nimrodel*: *pulls out her knife and summons her grasan*
Meme: *takes out a dart and waits to hear what Nimrodel is thinking of doing.*
*Nimrodel*: *pats sammy and whispers in his ear* "Go.. give her the best time of her life"
Meme: *waits patiently, her other hand resting on the cork of one of her vials of poison.*
*Nimrodel*: *watches sammy frolic seductively towards change*
Meme: *can feel Sammy's intentions. She quickly uncorks the vial and, dipping her dart in it, corks it again.*
*Nimrodel*: *grins as she knows that sammy's incredulously thick skin is impervious to poison of normal sorts*
Meme: *frowns at Nimrodel's thought and starts to aim her dart at Sammy. Maybe she should go for the eyes then...*
*Nimrodel*: *sits on a nearby rock and watches sammy frolic his way towards change*
Meme: *thinks better of aiming her dart at Sammy, and, taking her blowgun out, stuffs her poison tipped dart inside it. She raises the blowgun to her lips.*
*Nimrodel*: *stares at the blowgun and rushes infront of sammy trying to sheild him from the gun with her sun god sheild*
*Nimrodel*: *hopes that she can make it on time*
Meme: *runs to the left, knowing Nimrodel's plans to defend Sammy. She aims the blowgun at Nimrodel's right shoulder, builds up the pressure in her mouth, and sends a dart flying*
*Nimrodel*: *gets hit by the dart and falls against sammy's belly*
Meme: *grins and runs several yards away from the pair while she can*
*Nimrodel*: *feels the venom course through her veins as she weakly manages to summon her ele and hollow*
Meme: *shivers, thinking of Nimrodel's plans*
*Nimrodel*: *guides her elemental into slowly sucking out the venom as her hollow heals her vitality*
Meme: *takes out another dart, opens her vial of poison, dips the dart in it, and puts the stopper on the cork vial again*
*Nimrodel*: *now a little stronger, with her building ve, summons her winderwild in an attempt to freeze Change's poison*
Meme: "Uh oh"
Meme: *frowns as she tries to think of a solution to Nimrodel's plan. While she thinks, she stuffs her dart in her gun and starts to blow.*
*Nimrodel*: *lodges her shield firmly infront of her and tries to defend herself*
Meme: *grins as Nimrodel puts her shield in front of her. She switches her aim to Nimrodel's winderwild quickly and, releasing her tongue from the tube of the gun, fires out a dart*
*Nimrodel*: *curses to see her winderwild 'paralysed' as her building ve enables her to summon her tokened GG*
Meme: *summons four imps in front of her to guard her two greatest weaknesses, speed, and strength*
*Nimrodel*: *gets up, now recovered , and guides her elemental and hollow to help her bird as she summons her final crits , Happy the rein drach and Panther lily The tokened drachorn*
Meme: *summons Puff the Magic Drachorn who flaps his wings overhead of her four imps. She continues to hide her small form behind her four golden guardians.*
*Nimrodel*: *gets up on her feet, brandishes her long knife and attacks Change head on along with her crits*
Meme: *blinks* "Attack her, Puff! Imps, defend me, please!"
*Nimrodel*: *watches as her GG fights with Change's GG trying to tear each other with their teeth and claws, the rein unleash its level scare on the imps and the elemental slowly sucking the life force, as her hollow very slowly casts an antifreeze aura slowly trying to heal random crits*
Meme: *summons one her Guardians who is 430 days old, yet she still doesn't have a name. Meme motions to her to stay by her side and magically defend Puff*
*Nimrodel*: *guides her rein drach into doing haotic damage to the imps, releases a heat orb and casts a ghost spell on herself and her creatures* FUKUSEI
Meme: *summons a snowwoman and raises her heat up enough to cast locate on Nimrodel* "There she is!"
*Nimrodel*: *guides her reindrach to protect her with an antifreeze aura as she summons her angien in an attempt to kill the snowman with its energy burn* Mwahaha
Meme: "I think now I need faith of a different sort. Come to me, Long Johns the Second!" *smiles as Long Johns appears beside her and instinctively sucks the vitality from Nimrodel and her creatures*
*Nimrodel*: *with her ghost spell slowly ending, she feels very weak as she watches her angien collapse in front of her and in a last attempt to win, uses the rein's aura to boost her GG's skills, and freeze one of the imps*
Meme: *starts to be able to see some of Nimrodel's creatures again. Barely, but it's enough.* "Puff, quickly, attack Nimrodel and all of her allies!" *hears what Long Johns is about to do* "Really? You're going to defend the angien?" *sighs* "Well, I do kind of feel sorry for it. Go ahead. I just wish Puff could aim better."
*Nimrodel*: *rises as her GG attacks all Change's creatures one by one along with her rein*
Meme: "Quickly, try and freeze as many of her creatures as possible, Snowthing! I'm not sure what to name you, actually. How do you even survive in this realm? Perhaps you were the child of a Wilderwild and a Daimon? Ah well. Go!"
*Nimrodel*: *watches as her elemental and her rein freeze and her GG weakens due to th rein's boost vanishing suddenly* NO!! *uses her hollow's double antifreeze in an attempt to remove freeze and succeeds in only removing the freeze from her elemental*
Meme: "Imps, I'm not sure what you were doing before but go, now, attack! I know that you suck at aiming as well. Guardian, defend me instead of Puff now that the imps are going off to fight"
*Nimrodel*: *uses her GG to thrash at all of change's creatures once again as a final attempt*
Meme: *frowns as her imps stumble and fall to the ground, despite her Snowthing's feeble attempts to revitalize them. She sighs, not liking such a fight where intentions are obvious even to someone who can't read minds. She notices that Long Johns has long fallen to the ground. Good, she thinks. He was only helping the enemy anyways.*
*Nimrodel*: *looks wearily at all her fallen creatures as she drags herself, holding her knife, towards change*
Meme: *backs away and quickly gets out another dart, dipping it in poison and loading it into her blowgun as fast as she can*
*Nimrodel*: *uses a mirror ritual spell against Change's guardian muttering weakly* Tomeina...
*Nimrodel*: *hears rikstar end the match as her mirror guardian faces Meme's guardian and mutters* I guess the result was not meant to be known.. *smiles and extends her hand weakly towards Meme*
Meme: *nods and wipes the sweat off her brow, lowering her blowgun. She shakes Nimrodel's hand and says* "Why were we fighting anyways? Oh, right." *looks at rikstar*
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I apologize for all the waiting, it took a long time to do everything. Here is the last fight log and hopefully I can give out the rewards tonight.


DD: *takes out his Shadowblade and looks at Rik*
rikstar: *stand still and looks at DD.*
DD: What's your weapon?
rikstar: You'll see. *smiles*
DD: *nods and walks towards Rik, sword in hand*
rikstar: *sits down and watches the sky.*
DD: ...
DD: *shrugs and stops a few steps away from Rik*
rikstar: *Looks down and an old man appears right in front of Rikstar.*
DD: *slashes at the old man*
rikstar: *Rolls backwards, The old man falls down and his right arm falls off. A young kid appears next to DD, he seems to have something in his hand.*
DD: *ignores the young kid for now and keeps walks towards rik till they are very close*
rikstar: *stands up and smiles, the young kid runs towards DD.*
DD: argh... *knocks the kid away a bit and pushes him away, then takes another few steps towards rik*
rikstar: *Runns towards the grass and hides, a teenager appears in the grass next to him smiling at DD, the young kid tries to run towards DD again.*
DD: *ignores both and charges towards rik, leaping at him*
rikstar: *the teenager raises his hand towards DD, and everything turns white as far as your eyes can reach* Now you've come to my world DD. *smiles*
DD: *closes his eyes, when he opens them again they are purple-black and a mist seems to come out from them, the same color. It spreads quickly and surrounds him in an orb* Is that so?
rikstar: *nods, some arms raise from the ground and fly with a high speed towards DD* You only changed the third, me I did the fourth. :)
DD: *drops his sword and charges two shadow balls hovering above his palms. He throws them at the arms*
rikstar: *The old man stand up still blood is dripping where his right arm where, he slowly walk towards DD, Rikstar starts to hover above the ground a little bit.*
DD: *rises up about 20 feet from the ground, then raises his arms up to charge a huge shadow ball above him*
rikstar: *the old man whispers something, Rikstar disapears and appears behind DD and pushes him.*
DD: *laughs as the orbs surrounding him electrifies rik with black lightning*
DD: *the mist is still coming out of his eyes* You do not know who you are dealing with!!
rikstar: *falls down in the grass, a man appeared next to him, the man, the kid, the teenager and the old man surround him. And start to whisper.*
DD: *continues charging up the shadow ball above him, it is now more than 10 times his own size*
rikstar: *The four people starts to walk in Rikstar and disapear, a big bright light shines out of his body making the shadow ball disapear.*
DD: Grr... *summons his sword in his hands again and leaps from the orb onto rik*
rikstar: *opens his hand and a strange looking cube appears it shines bright light.*
DD: *smashes the cube with the hilt of his sword, as well as rik's hand, as he comes down*
rikstar: *knew this was going to happen and pulls his arm in, the tesseract shatters, the shatters appear to be smaller cubes and fly towards DD.*
DD: *is on rik...*
DD: *holds the sword at his neck*
rikstar: *the cubes fly towards his sword, the sword emits light and vanishes. Rikstar gets free and runs away.*
DD: *manages to hold on to rik as he runs*
DD: *stabs his back with his sword*
rikstar: *Gets a vision as if it this all happenend before, he falls down and his body lays dead on the ground. The kid, teenager, man, and old man appear around him. They look very angry towards DD.*
DD: *is immensely tired, but still gets up to fight the 4 people*
rikstar: *they all run towards DD.*
DD: *slashes with both his swords around him repeatedly*
rikstar: *flesh get torned about from their bodies they still walk towards DD, when they are very close to him they all open their mouth.*
DD: Gah! *falls to his knees, exhausted*
rikstar: *a bright light appears in all of their mouth and gets brighter as time goes by.*
rikstar: *when it's at its max all their flesh gets torned apart and we fall dead on the ground.*
DD: *gets blinded by the light and loses conciousness, falls to the ground and drops his swords*

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After the name is your final score below it are the scores on those points. Come to the GoE to get your rewards. :)


First: little tokened priest, (8 Shaped Odd Rock) (gets to choose first which 5 stones he/she wants) = Elthen Airis
Second: (8 Shaped Odd Rock) (gets to choose second which 4 stones he/she wants) = Sunfire
Third: (8 Shaped Odd Rock) (gets to choose second which 2 stones he/she wants) = Nimrodel


Elthen Airis: 8.3
Originality: 7
Creativity: 8.5
Writability: 8
Domination: 9

Sunfire: 7.5
Originality: 7
Creativity: 8.5
Writability: 8
Domination: 7

Nimrodel: 7.4
Originality: 7.5
Creativity: 8
Writability: 7.5
Domination: 7

Change: 7.3
Originality: 7
Creativity: 7
Writability: 7.5
Domination: 7.5

Dark Demon: 7.2
Originality:  6
Creativity: 7
Writability: 7
Domination: 8

Write in the topic which stones you want, and the first may choose first, etc. So that everybody knows what they'll get.

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