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Riddle me this,

Metal Bunny

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@MB, surprised? :rolleyes:


with factual books with figures and numbers there is statement not opinion and therefore not reflected truth <_<

for the 'knowing all' bit

thats why i included diaries into the book category, if you for instance kept a diary then it would hold what you know :)

hehe your answer was nice i admit, have to find something interesting to muse me for another riddle now :P

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Imagine... You're in a particular place somewhere in 2008...

All of a sudden, a storm breaks out! It scores a 7 on the scale of epic destruction, which is like.. a lot. You run for your life as the tormenting winds and the pouring rain make it a quite dangerous place to be.

You start to think... Gawd, I wish I was a bunny, so I could be awesome enough to withstand this havoc wreaking test of nature.

But the reality is different. You manage to drive out of town towards the periphery of the suburbs in a schoolbus. However, gas just ran out, if you were a bunny, you wouldn't have this problem...

Just as the gas runs out, the bus comes to a standstill right in front of a, ironically enough, busstop. But next to the busstop you see a motorcycle, with enough gas in it. Yay. You drive further and come across another busstop. In it are people taking a small break from running away from the storm. And what are the chances, you're best friend is walking with a jerrycan full of gas in one hand, and in the other is a bag full of money and supplies. And maybe your eyes are deceiving you even more, but in the busstop is the love of your life and her(/his(I don't judge :D)) grandma. Even though you only met her(/him..) once, you have already fallen in love, yes love at first sight... I know it's clich'e, watcha gonna do? ..Anyway, what do you do?

If you were a bunny, you would've already known... but then again, if you were a bunny, you probably wouldn't be in this mess anyway, well maybe for just a few seconds to valiantly rescue those poor people in your warpship driven by pure awesomeness... that is emanating from you.

But you are not a bunny, and your very soul weeps at that thought. Trust me, it does.

"But", you think aloud, "I have to make the best of it."

What do you do?

A ) Beat the **** out of your best friend and kidnap your future lover and drive away on the motor with all the supplies?

B ) Let your best friend on the motor, because you only met your lover once, and your lifelong friend has all the goods you need.

C ) Let your lover take the last seat on the motor. Even if you don't know if she(/he..) has any STD's...

D ) Take the grandma, because you need to help the weak. And maybe that cute girl(/guy..) will like you more for it... or maybe not, lol.

E ) Let the grandma have a permanent place while you 3 sprint turns, going slower... a lot slower, but maybe you might save them all.

F ) Since it looks like an apocalypse scenario anyway, decide to eat the grandma and afterwards have a wild orgy of pure hormones.

G ) Go into a house nearby and hope that when the storm comes, you don't get blown away.

H ) Scout the region, fast, for a good bunker or some other professional shelter and hopefully be back in time to save them.

What do you do? Remember, this wouldn't have happened if you were awesome like only bunnies can be.

***Edit, forgot to mention, there are 2 correct answers, hehe***

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You know... you're supposed to put on a spoiler tag?

I won't say if you're right or not untill you do :D


Right, it's spoiled and with good reason, because yay, it's correct.

Now all you need to do is find the other correct answer :)

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You know... you're supposed to put on a spoiler tag?

I won't say if you're right or not untill you do :P


Right, it's spoiled and with good reason, because yay, it's correct.

Now all you need to do is find the other correct answer :)

Go back and get the bus.

If I had the forethought of a bunny I would have siphoned the gas from the cycle to the bus in the first place.

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Mini quest riddle 6:
Find 5 odd positive numbers that added together gives a total of 14.

And a second one...

You're in room full with people. Suddenly all realize that there is one thing all of them can touch with 2 hands but you with only your right hand. What's that thing?

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for nr 2 your left hand =P

and here's mine (also for the quest)
Mini quest 6 riddle:
It's blue and it's square [spoiler]A blue square[/spoiler]
It's red and it's round [spoiler]A disguised yellow triangle[/spoiler]
It's purple, it's triangular and it's not a purple triangle [spoiler]I lied it is a purple triangle[/spoiler]

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Mini quest 6 riddle:

You are a milkman and you take to your rounds one morning.

Start with 200 pints of milk. In the first street 25 pints are delivered, and 2 are dropped.

In the next street none are dropped, but ½ a pint is given to a stray cat, twice as many pints are delivered on this street as the last.

In the third street, asleep at the wheel the cart ploughs into a tree damaging 50 pints and rendering them useless. 12 pints were delivered before the crash.

If over 60 pints were remaining, what colour eyes does the milkman have?
Whatever colour eyes the reader has. First line: YOU are a milkman, the rest is a diversion.

--- Other ---

Purchases and sales remain unknown, but a gross profit of £4,999 was achieved. The mark up is 25%, what is the margin?

[spoiler]If the mark up is 25%, then total sales are £24,995 and purchases are £19,996 therefore the margin is 20%.[/spoiler]

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Mini quest 6 riddle:
The first of these was posted on my comments page, but it was never posted here.

The elemental riddles:
Each of these riddles has an answer. the 4 answers are related, and describe a process.
What is the process?

1. I flow from the Earth like Water. I bring Fire, and in it's wake I am naught but Air
2. This Air, born of the meeting of Water and Fire, can even move the Earth
3. Water turned to Air turns Earth. in turning, Earth creates Fire
4. Fire flies through the Air, from one part of the Earth to another. But beware, lest it touches Water.

answers: [spoiler]Petroleum, Steam, Turbine, Electricity. the process is the generation of electricity in a petroleum power plant[/spoiler]

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mini quest riddle 6

I can't be found by looking at me.
I can only be seen by looking around me.
Look high in the sky.
Look low in the holes.
Find me you may, just look in the day.
Find me you might, just look in the night.
If black nights are all you see, you might just find me.
Just look within and you may just find me.

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Three mathematicians are talking.
"How many kids do you have?" The first asks the second mathematician.
"Three," she answers.
"How old are they?" he asks.
"Well if you multiply their ages, you get 72. But if you add them, you get
your office number." She says.

The first mathematician thinks for a few seconds and says, "I do not think
there is enough information for me to solve this!" he says.

The mother mathematician immediately says, "Oh, of course, I forgot to tell
you that the eldest plays the violin!"

[spoiler]Ages: 3, 3, 8 (twins). Office number: 14[/spoiler]

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Hello all. Newcomer With an Imagination...

Thanatopic could the answere be [spoiler]love[/spoiler]

corny as it may seem, it could fit...

Here is one for you

I am used everyday.
Most things don't have me.
The ones who have me don't acknowldge me.
But, life without me would become difficult.
[spoiler]Their is usually 4 of me around.[/spoiler](only uncover if it is too difficult...)
8) What am I. 8)

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[i]Check this out...is quite interesting(at least it was for me lol[/i] :blink: [i])[/i]

My story whispers ancient lore;
The force at times my rings will hide.
I've sixty minions, maybe more:
Those unseen, these by my side.

Wand'ring far from glowing light,
Shape-shifting puzzles curious eyes;
Oft my glorious rings shine bright,
While men debate my family's size.

My aspect seems to wax and wane,
As the force dictates the deed;
My namesake ruled vast fields of grain,
But, legends tell, devoured his seed.

What am I?

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unfair not to answere mine....

[spoiler]Saturn is ur name....for the moons are your minions, and ur rings shine. For your name sake is to guide over the harvest and fields.[/spoiler]
Also for one of ur earlier questions..Take the friend on the bike...Because u never said if opposite sex or same so...opposite it is and if best friend then you must like them a lot anyways..only some other reason that is now solved for ur love...their lover is dead most likely, and they were a jackass anyways and they hated each other...Ya me....

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