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Poor Vall choose to ignore MB safety signs for our beach .. And so he has accidentally activate MB secret weapon. Ho yes the Great Bell Shark has sealed his fate.

Not to worry Vall your gold and others valuables including your horse will be safe with me as iam the legitimate knight in this realm to carry forward your legacy

Rest...innn...Peaceeeeee.... hehe...

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1st place : Nimrodel 

Rust Gold + 1gold + 50 waters +10 credits + 3 Spicy Pickles (Look to Shem for the Credits) (Look to nadrolski for water) (Look to 

Fang Archbane for Spicy Pickles


2nd place : Pliz Plox 

Mutate joker + 2 Spicy Pickles (Look to Shem for Mutate Joker) (Look to Fang Archbane for Spicy Pickles)


3rd place : darkraptor

Spicy Pickle + spell stone (Look to Fang for the Spicy Pickle) 


Congratulations to all the Winners


Thank you for my sponsors:

Shem. Mya. Fang, nadrolski


Thank you 

Vall and lashtal

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