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If you [b]really really[/b] want to do this- why not use one of the existing tools (I forgot the name) that lets you push players scene by scene? Instead you ask for a simple, powerful solution.

If there's one thing in life you can expect, then it is that there is no easy solution. MD is just like that, you always ought to use what you have and might ultimately get what you really want. But that's a might. Just running around shouting at the sky will not make it rain. If you can't back up your claim, then you're a bag of hot air.

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I guess everyone has already forgotten about this: [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/10608-resource-depletion/"]http://magicduel.inv...urce-depletion/[/url], or maybe they just stopped bothering after seeing [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/10608-resource-depletion/page__st__60#entry106507"]Krioni's post[/url] and agreeing with it.

The reason why no items to stop depletion will be created any time soon is because while there might be a will to stop depletion, there is a greater will to deplete. Think about it. The depleters in the land have to constantly go around harvesting resources. This takes a lot of effort. By logging on for a certain amount of days, one is awarded with one of MDs most valuable resources. Really, the depleters should have already gotten several wishpoints for their efforts by this logic.

Thus, the depleters actions are, IMO, worth several wishpoints. Any action to stop depletion thus really needs to be worth several wishpoints of effort as well. This has not happened yet, I don't think.

A solution that might work is a union of sorts, where if someone depletes, members of the union agree to not trade or interact with said depleter. I'm thinking now of how this would work exactly, but such a solution would be far better than asking for new tools without putting in any effort.

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After re-reading Krioni's post...

If we want to go with an equal amount of effort for both sides, I would think that an item that 'locks' a single resource per use from being harvested is the most appropriate. (With multiple uses and a lot of effort and dedication, one can theoretically even prevent any resource from a scene to be harvested at all.) Then both sides will be in an even situation..

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