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[quote][color="#CCCCCC"]Ann. 1231 - [2009-12-29 22:58:41 - Alpha 9][/color]
[b]Last minute change - Spells during HC![/b]
The following spells can now be cast during Heads Competition:
'banned','unbanned','sendtogazeebo', 'acusticremains','weather-frosty','weather-heavyclouds','weather-heavyrain','weather-mildrain','weather-snow', 'weather-storm','weather-sunny','attacklock','movelock','voice','[b]weaken[/b]','mirrorritual'
They will remain working for future competitions too. You get spells by converting Wishpoints. Some of these spells will be very painfull for the HC, but like always, HC is unfair and changing without notice. Have FUN![/quote]

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