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I currently have 1783 Active Days, with 763 GG land loyalty, 23 Necro, and 1 No Homeland. A total of 787 land loyalty. I would request that I be granted the other 1000 land loyalty (there abouts) I

Alright since the CMs wants to be selfish, which i hate to be and so for the first time in my entire life i will frozen my heart and burn my soul to be selfish out here So first name change : Lord T

[font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#006400]I want to make another wish: the return of the Children of the Eclipse.[/color][/font] [font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#006400]For those who are thinkin

What i would like is this :

An item called "Box of Dice". On use it will produce items called "Pouch of dice" (either without limit , or at least able to produce 6 pouches at any given time) . Those pouches then could be passed to any player and have a limited time duration (6h) , after which they return to the box. When a player opens a pouch, he/she would receive 7 dice : d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20, d100 .After the 6h duration for the pouches have passed, dice will return to the pouch and then the pouches to the box. As for box cool down (although i don't find it really necessary :P ) , maybe something like 18 or 24 uses that regenerate with every spell reset.

And since we can be creative as well, here is something else (have no idea if it can be coded ). I would like for each set of dice produced for a pouch to have a specific color. (example, pouch 1 produces red dice, pouch 2 green etc ..) Each die result will appear in chat exactly the same way as the shared ones, but in it's corresponding color.

Now why would i want something like that ? Well, i've had an idea some months ago , which may be a source of future quests. Not sure if this could work out really, but in order to make my life easier, such an item would be of great help :D

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Any of the following wishes:

Item : Loner's Charm - ignore's viscocity if the user is the only player online at the scene. This will help me a lot when I am wandering around the lands alone specially when marching into the tribunal.

Spell: Homesick - teleports the target/s back to their capital (GoE for citizens belonging to a land without a capital). Sometimes it really took a weeks to get out from the faraway places such as the tribunal especially when I'm traveling alone.

Name: Ophiuchus. My current name sounds more like a common name than a proper name.

Also, these two wishes might not be able to realize but it's worth a shot:
1. Fix the bridge at the Oak Fort, I can provide lumbers and branches if needed. This helps a lot when going to and fro from Oak Fort and GoE. Since this is a selfish wish, I hope the it will require at least 200 AP to move through that bridge.
2. Return of Knator Commander to Loreroot.

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Mr. Dogood also has one additional wish, that [size=5]ALL[/size] the wishes [u]comes true[/u], then and [color=#ff0000][u][b]ONLY THEN[/b][/u][/color], MagicDuel will be alive and kicking once again.

Imagine a world where everybody tries to kill each other, whining on the forums, telling how this guy or this gal abuses their powers, Molquert will be very busy...

Everything will be [color=#ff0000][b][size=5]CHAOS[/size][/b][/color], and Mr. Dogood loves chaos.

Mr. Dogood
The Lord of Silence

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I would like two things:

- My MB citizenship back. I lost it through a series of events, not by punishment, and it was always intended to be restored to me. So far, there have not been enough MB citizens online to vote me in.

- The tag "Lost Princess". I have always rp-ed being a princess marooned in this land, and I have certainly been around long enough to have earned a tag.

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I'm a GG from the start of this game and again 100% of active days... GG is a unique land and I love it and it's for this that I would have this 2 things connected to my land:

- Teleport to Lighthouse... this will help me in some things (attack, speak, punish people teleported there)
- a summon spell.... this will help me and my fraternity to start our plan of a training ground inside GG different from old GGG, since it will be an evolution of it!!! details will be revealed later:-)


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I want a pokeball that can be thrown at someone with a 30% chance of capturing them as a pet.


a jail free card with a one time usage that'll free the holder from jail despite length of time left or severity of punishment.

My reasons would be to try and capture Grido as my pokemon and use the jail free card if any repercussion is given.

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I guess I'll put my wish up here as well, even though I'm not sure this is the way to obtain it.

I'm wishing for an item/ability to make cauldron recipes, if possible with a testing cauldron and an alchemist tag. Cauldrons are awesome. They let players make things, sadly there are only 3 recipes I know of, of which only two are freely available. Willing to keep myself to pretty much any limitations you put up.

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[quote name='samon' timestamp='1358172485' post='130481']
I'm wishing for an item/ability to make cauldron recipes, if possible with a testing cauldron and an alchemist tag. Cauldrons are awesome. They let players make things, sadly there are only 3 recipes I know of, of which only two are freely available. Willing to keep myself to pretty much any limitations you put up.

The ability to make cauldron recipies wont be made item due to the complexity and the fact that cauldrons can be made into anything. Creation of more recipies and other items is an ongoing project so feel free to email me or council regarding them. Specifically if you want to be making multiple and are proficient enough to make correct ones.

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My request is as such:

[u]A Vial of Hope[/u]
A clear glass vial that contains a liquid which glows softly in a myriad of colours.
The vial feels slightly cool to touch but seems to weigh a little too heavy for something so small its size.
Each drop of the colourful liquid serves as a restorative, recharging permanent spells and abilities.

The Vial has twelve uses and once completely used, it becomes:

[u]Empty Glass Vial[/u]
A small glass vial that used to contain hope.

[u]Reason for Request[/u]
With the opening of this thread, I gave a lot of thought as to what I should ask for. I wanted something of special meaning and thus designed such an idea. My wish is to see it come to a reality.

[u]Thoughts Behind the Design[/u]
Hope is not a simple thing. With naivety, an act in hope could become only useless words and actions. Thus, its limited use before its "death".
On the other hand, one can also give up, pouring away every drop of it. The meaning behind its uses is that it exist to remind one of one's potential.

The hope it supposedly gives is actually in its meaning, the preservation of it signifies belief. Belief that one's potential is sufficient.
The emptiness of the vial serve also as a symbolism that it has been used without realization of the message or that it had been forgotten.

But then again, with time and memories, new meanings could be given. Thus I would like the empty vial description to stay short. It's ending an open-ended implication, its past contained in its symbolism to its owner.

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[b]10 to 15 more slots[/b] so i can get more creatures (or permission to make an alt for that purpose), those to be use in a project of making an quest

and the[b] ability to code cliky [/b](same reason)


an [b]personnal pass paper for necrovion[/b], thinking myself an MD citisen, not having access directly to every land is agains my feeling (note necrovion people are nice and everytime i wanted to go there someone as help me so its not agains necrovion people goodness i want it)


even better

an [b]personnal MD pass paper[/b], it would be acting like each existing pass paper ( same reason i think myself as an MD citisen)
It would not give me really more effectually than having the necropass paper , but would be even more in my thinink of being in MD


an [b]personnal, everlasting hot tea cup[/b]
work as tea cup but is for infinite number of uses and dont get cold
why? id like to have tea cup advantage .. to help me explore MD and more so in the high viscisity parts

[b]want [/b]when MUR make it full functionnal

an [b]personnal copy of his tomato soup cook book and an everlasting supply ot tomato[/b]

why? i like tomato soup and i am curious of what effect MUr as giving it

for [b]the cost of 1 MD credit the ability to use an avatar [/b](regardless of where i am at now in buying in MD shop)

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What could it be that I desire as an Item, Tag or Spell?


A Tag I cannot give myself. For me a tag represents how others see me.


The spell I could make use of I will call

“Water to Wine”

and the effect is obvious. The Spell turns the item water into item wine. Wine gives VE or VP (how much depends on user should be a percentage like the land loyalty). The spell has 6 charges (rechargeable).


And finally the item I would love to own is a horse called “Grim Steed” ;).
A slight AP advantage when moving would be nice but not necessary.


Some mentioned creatures and I will add a creature too. Since I own a so called "Shade Swordman" I would like to see him complete. So far the artwork is not finished, he has no VE and cannot fight. He has no name and no stats and abilities are missing too. If it was the aim to create something empty then the job is finished otherwise not. I wish this creature to be completed.

That’s it from me.

Additional comments:

I was ask about reasons for the spell:

1. reason:

I´d like to see the resources used we all are gathering. And I ask at the same time what do we do with all the wood we have? I have many ideas how to use but nothing is of real use at the moment, at least not in the amount which is available at this point in the whole realm. Using water like this would make sense for me because VE and VP is used much.

2. reason:

I always liked the idea that from water comes everything even we exists of water. So the possibility to make wine out of water is most realistic for me. But the water itself could have the same effect I would just like to have the know effect of turning water to wine.

So now to the horse. As you can see here [url="http://storenow.net/my/?f=5834"]http://storenow.net/my/?f=5834[/url] there was a question to my item too and I would like to respond.

I was always wondering how all the wood is carried around all the hundreds of waters and swords ... I could continue endlessly. So here the question I have to answer:

"..You would have..a horse..in your inventory? How would the horse feel about that?"

My idea was made exactly into the same direction but from a different point of view which I started to describe above. It´s and RP item (if I would not get the AP bonus - the effect I consider realistic too) to carry all the thing I have. So my inventory would be on the horse and the horse would belong to me. I see no objection in this. I see a bigger contrariety in the fact that we carry whole wagon loads of resources all the time without any effect (would look funny though if we would see ourselfs). We have no houses were we can store things - why not? We have no rucksacks with a certain amount of space - why not? For myself thats more than enough of a reason for a horse who can carry my inventory and not the other way around.

Thank you

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I currently have 1783 Active Days, with 763 GG land loyalty, 23 Necro, and 1 No Homeland. A total of 787 land loyalty.

I would request that I be granted the other 1000 land loyalty (there abouts) I lack from previous to this feature, and for them to be distributed evenly across all the lands. No Homeland, Necro, Lore, MB, GG, Tribs, MDA, Labyrinth, Jail, No Man's Land = 10 lands, so +100 land loyalty per land.
In my old age I find it difficult to get around, this would make it easier for me, I also feel that I've shown at least a little loyalty to each land over the years so I should get it out of retrospect.

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[font=comic sans ms,cursive]Ok. Serious request (unless I really [i]can[/i] get functional dst-repellent :P):[/font]

[font=comic sans ms,cursive]I would like the teleport-to-player spell (it's called chase spell?) for RP for my dreamcatcher role. [/font]

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I've been kind of obsessed with the heart of liquid dust item, but it's understood if that would be unavailable, since Rendril holds it.

So if not that, what about some sort of pickpocketing item? It probably wouldn't work on rare items (maybe after a huge amount of experience in a possible "Thieving" skill, but even then probably not), and it would have a certain chance of working (could be based on your experience in the skill). If it is unsuccessful you could be "caught" in the chat with some stat damage, or something similar. Just an idea, would be a nice item to have and develop.


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I would like an item in the form of a Katana, Zen is searching for her ancestral sword named "Blood Principles".

Also, I would like the ability to add stories, news, quest arts and music to the MD archives library possibly under my own book or I would not mind helping update others such as providing an illustrated book cover for each book helping dust and in general creating a updated archives to benefit new and older players.

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Its funny how you are looking for personal requests, but they will be voted on by the community. Lots of constraints here.

I would like to have Passant's independent sand melter, as it seems he hasn't been on in a while and I would like to keep it safe/handy. Maybe I will appoint a second generation melter to carry on our tradition. [s]*Edit: it would be super cool if you added to the description: "The original owner of this sand melter was Passant the weak" in his memory. But it's not necessary.[/s]

~~~~No one has asked for an elu therapist tag, just throwing that out there. :)

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While I would love to go crazy and ask for a skeleton key to places that I currently can’t get to (just for the sakes of visiting scenes I can't get to and liking places), that is probably just a bit too much to ask here. So I’ll go with something more reasonable:

I would like acousticremains. I try to collect logs during events, discussions, and/or interesting conversations with people anyway and having the spell would make collecting the chat logs a bit easier. Chat logs with the spells tend to have fewer holes than mine from where I stop logging for some reason or was too slow to grab part of the chat

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Ok, here are my selfish MD desires :

No. 1: cardboard box - will create small boxes with either 1 creature or 100k ve or 100k vp or 100 AP ( maybe not AP, but anyway)
- will take that amount at creation time from the one that uses the box

No.2: traveler's shoes item - cast a "traveler's shoes" spell that
- will allow travel granting 35-40 loyalty for any land. (it could grant twice for gates but not really necessary the point)
- will last for 24 hours
- at the end will teleport to GoE

No.3: wand of elites - cast spell to advance to MP6
- due to daily checks of number of followers, the target should get back to MP5 next day

No.4: independent stone detector

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