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I currently have 1783 Active Days, with 763 GG land loyalty, 23 Necro, and 1 No Homeland. A total of 787 land loyalty. I would request that I be granted the other 1000 land loyalty (there abouts) I

Alright since the CMs wants to be selfish, which i hate to be and so for the first time in my entire life i will frozen my heart and burn my soul to be selfish out here So first name change : Lord T

[font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#006400]I want to make another wish: the return of the Children of the Eclipse.[/color][/font] [font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#006400]For those who are thinkin

[b]I would like to request for a "Mirror" item. [/b]

@ Zyrxae> I have already seen 3 Types of mirrors in this Realm> 1) Artificial mirrors in some scenes and as items. 2) Natural mirrors (all warer surfaces have reflections. and if you assume that MD water is special and doesnt reflect anything, how would you explain the fact that shadows cannot cross it.) 3) Symbolic (There are many scenes that mirror another). I dont want this Item to have some certain magic or special abilities. I just want something that would help people to look at themselves and maybe i could just draw their attention to some details. If there would be something else that could perform this FUNCTION..i would take it, but i don't see such options.

[b]It is very important for my RP in the future. I already did some "mirror readings" before and i would like to continue with that (PM me if you would like to have more info). [/b]

[b]The next thing i need to complete the role is a Tag "Mirror Councilor" or similar. [/b]

Oh and there is one more thing. I would like to get Earas Leash, to give it to someone i love.

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I'd like a tiny giftbox item, in addition to Z finally being given the christmas gift as Confused Santa said he would in agreement to an earlier request. (apparently my email to council from a week ago wasn't replied either- although, if this has been resolved, scratch this item)

I would like my crimson cross amulet to be given the ability to summon people who bear the flag. (Not after tags, but flags)

And last, I would like to request a shield. I'd pay a wp if a cost is needed.

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[color=#008080][font=lucida sans unicode,lucida grande,sans-serif]I feel a bit strange asking for something. May I have a Summon spell. Just a very few casts. I don't wish to profit or anything from it. My wish is to be able to bring an occasional person to Path Keeper for research.[/font][/color]

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8 Casts of the new Spell:

[b]Shift Resonance[/b]
Uppon cast the Spellcaster will shift his resonance to match his own version on target location.

(if posssible: if target location is tagged as No Jump, the resonance will disrupt and send tha caster to a random location)

1. Being for long a [b]Dimensional Shifters[/b] member it would be important to not only talk about multiple dimensions and string theories BUT to actually be able to use it ingame.
2. Selfish use (or abuse) of a very handy "teleport" like system
3. Ability to imprint such spell on Memstones to either selfish purpose (sell them) or to reward my quests (ex: [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/13417-helpxmas/"]1[/url] [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/13146-halloween-cookies/"]2[/url] [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/13146-halloween-cookies/"]3[/url] [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/12102-md-mixed-scene-portrait/"]4[/url])


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I would like the tag. The mosquito. Why? Cause I am the mosquito!
And i would like a flyswatter to torture the ones that have tortured me with it in the pasT!

EDIT: I would also like a resurrect item. More so id raher to have this then the other item.

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Lets see, so many choices.

1. The tag "MasterChief" to of course represent my title as leader of the Caretakers.

2. A spell to jump people back and forth from the GoE to the Tribunal Pub. This would of course be able to help people who want in and out of the Tribunal to skip a small part of the journey.

3. Permanent MP6. Who doesn't want this?

4. Permanent gate access to Dominion. Since many consider the Dominion as an extension to the East, I would like to be able to access all of the East and enjoy it as much as I enjoy what I can see so far.

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Mr. Dogood likes this very much indeed, however, the Lord of Silence only wishes to:

1) [u][b]Reformat the Silence code[/b][/u] like that when we use an ordinary spell ([color=#ff8c00]in orange texts that is[/color]) so never again will the spell fall into the wrong hands.

2) The tag "[b][color=#b22222]Lord of Silence[/color][/b]"

That is all what Mr. Dogood wants, and never again shall the great Lord of Silence infuse his wrath upon the townspeople. He is actually starting to live up to his name. [b]IN THE NAME OF THE LORD OF SILENCE[/b], Silence Dogood shall never speak again, unless it is of grave importance, [i][u]when his requests is granted[/u][/i].

Mr. Dogood
The Lord of Silence

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dear Mr/Ms MDC,

i selfishly wish to re-propose a request i made before for my Alkahest (personal item) be coded with the ability of a Reality Coagulator. i can re-send copies of our email conversation for reference, upon request.

but if this is still impossible, then..

i greedily wish my temporary spell named "barfight 5" be permanent and regenerable, and i request to reduce its casts from 50 to 5. should be granted, i ask its after-cast effects be more "realistic" and enjoyable, like involved barfighters lose small amount of VE/VP and/or AP and the winner gets small bonus VE/VP and/or AP.

barfight spell sample:

: Plix Plox is shaking beyong control and cries: Not in the face please! :s
: I am Bored kicks Plix Plox realy hard
: Fire Starter runs away in panic
: Plix Plox is shaking beyong control and cries: Not in the face please! :s
: Liberty breaks 's jaw
: Fire Starter screams: This is your life, and its ending one minute at a time!
: Turbulence punches Liberty
: Liberty kicks Turbulence realy hard and laughs
: Amerak punches Turbulence
: Turbulence breaks 's jaw
: Amerak won this fight!

. . .

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I would wish:

My item Ceremonial Log become usable to temporarily make the location where it is activated a Sanctuary for 24 hours (if possible, could it also create a town meeting link?). 30 day cooldown.

I would like boots that make traveling between scenes (including gates) cost only 1 AP. If that's not allowed then boots that ignore viscosity.

I would like to be on the Research and Connections committee.

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I want a Gameboy forged in Golemus Golemicarum.

Said Golemus Golemicarum Gameboy (or GGG for short) would be used, by me, to explain my constant idleness while i help all else grow >C>

Said GGG can only connect to one game, and that is League of Legends o.o

Constant "Pew Pew" noises can be heard from it, and Ahri taunting people.

Purely for roleplay. No need for functionality.

Edit: Upon careful re-reconsideration, I decided to change my wish. Again.

Edited by Fang Archbane
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I would like an upgrade to my item creation ability, to allow me to create usable items, and in extension items that can create other items (and throwing in a simple template for the codings would help too). I have tons of plans for item creation system that can finally go into motion with this.

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I have but one simple and humble wish.

The return of my piece of brain and the Root of the Matter Inn Guest Book from BlackThorn's Inventory.

My reasoning: long ago (several months) I loaned BlackThorn the items so that he could draw and add images for them. Since then he has not returned to the realm and while I don't hold it against him personally, I would like to have the items returned to me, so that I may once again use them.

If that is too unreasonable a request then I kindly ask to be named King of Loreroot, so that I may reawaken and reshape the forest that I love into a flowing land of life and prosperity, begone from its notions of old.

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I'd like the tag "wanderer" and 4-8 casts of the Teleport to Papercabin spell, so that I can always find my way back home.

I'd like these to start building a role around. I know it should be the other way around, but this thread was started, and I couldn't help but ask.

Edit: If the tag that I'm requesting has certain connotations, seeing as it seems like it's kind of... taken, then I'd just like to request the Teleport to Papercabin spell.

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[font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#006400]I want to make another wish: the return of the Children of the Eclipse.[/color][/font]

[font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#006400]For those who are thinking this is not for personal reasons but for the Community, there are people who do not want to see CoE return. How is this "Community service" then? [/color][/font]

[font=comic sans ms,cursive][color=#006400]It is for my own reasons, as this is a step on my path to be The Restorer.[/color][/font]

Edited by DARK DEMON
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Selfish wishes only?

1. A tablet of paper that lets me spawn very specific items - documents - which have written on them whatever I put. Why? I could have SOOOO much fun with it. Documents should also have a specified number of "uses" (reads) before they are destroyed. Ideal if the writer specifies that number. Possibly a title line freely read. (the "document" could also describe itself as being an oragami figure....)

2. The other 3 out of 4 of my magical musical instruments. Why? It resolves inconsistencies in my back story, by which I made these instruments in another dimension, brought them here and play them, but only 1 of 4 has a "physical" existance as of yet (for lack of raw materials) and so 3 are just RP. Bugs me. Frustrating. [Edit: of course I might still be able to get these raw materials through normal means -- see my most recent posting in the central market...]

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[color=#808080][i]I'd like to request a "Staff of the wanderer" that'd allow to temporary ignore viscosity. I am a "Wandering Knight" but since viscosity got introduced that part of my role became impossible.[/i][/color]
[color=#808080][i]I’ve been planning to make that request privately, but since this topic was created…[/i][/color]

[color=#808080][i]I wanted to get 1k Fenths exchanged (made into) an independent reality coagulator.[/i][/color]
[color=#808080][i]I’ve been fenths junkie since the very beginning, since MoM had the collecting item, since 100 fenths at the Cave. Numerous times I’ve been RPing collecting/addiction to fenths.[/i][/color]
[color=#808080][i]Grand majority of the fenths I've collected came from sacrificing my own crits.[/i][/color]

[color=#808080][i]Long time ago I was talking to Rendril about scripting my Dreamcatcher with ability to dispel spells and curses put on someone (with exception of death spell and Mur’s curse spell) at that time Rendril said it was impossible to script it that way, but perhaps it’d be possible now.[/i][/color]

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My wish is basically the same as Shem`s second wish, an independent reality coagulator.
While i don`t have 1k fenths right now, i have gathered a few thousand fenths ever since the reality coagulator was introduced as shared item and fenths press became the place i spend most of my time in MD.

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