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[b]AmberRune, Clockmaster, Lashtal, Valldore Nall and Sunfire,[/b] Please accept my sincere apologies for failing at be present at the scheduled time to run the final trivia.

My region was bashed with heavy rain and strong winds and we were left without power and communications for the all saturday. Our landscape is now scenery like those i only use to see on the news...

I will contact you all again and try to reschedule a new date and time, i'm trully sorry for this.


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After some delays the Trivia Final was possible to be played today with all 5 contestants present.

[b]The Final Score was :[/b]
[b]Sunfire[/b] Won with 5 Points, [b]Valldore Nall[/b] got second with 3 points and [b]AmberRune[/b] third with 2 points.

Congratz To All, and thank you for participating.


[size=3]note: the trivia is still available to anyone that have not already participated and considers that is able to beat lashtal's score! (use [b]helpxmas[/b] at the small orb of GoE)[/size]

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