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Please vote for me in the future!

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I would send each of you a message individually, but I don't know how to get a list of MB citizens.

Let me explain why I'm trying to gain citizenship.

Marind Bell has really been the only place I've ever actively wanted to be a citizen of. I originally had citizenship, then I joined the Water Dowsers and I had a problem with too many people attacking me for loyalty. I finally made a decision to quit the guild, and I lost my citizenship when I did.

Kets became queen, and she eventually restored my citizenship. Then Dragual Monarth and I had a very public wedding and I was kidnapped several times during the ceremony. At one point, when I was stuck at the Ivory Lighthouse, as a favor, I was offered admittance to... what's the name of the alliance in GG?... so that I could jump back to the wedding. Being desperate, I took it which meant the whole citizenship issue again.

I fully admit this decision was bad and not well thought out, but it was purely me trying to get through the wedding.

After losing my citizenship at that time, Siegheart had asked me to apply to TKs as a personal favor, and since there was no one who could restore my MB citizenship at the time, I did him the favor of applying, but he wound up choosing someone else for the position. Frankly, I was just as happy.

That brings us to now. Since it was always expected that I would regain my citizenship, I still have access to the private forum, but I haven't wished to assert my presence there unfairly.

Please, please vote for me the next time the vote rolls around. I will never quit MB again, I promise.

Princess Katt

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I would support this whole-heartedly. I know your brief stint in the monkey-guild (Gorillas Golemus[sic] :P) was for the game-mechanics assistance, and always consider you "part of MB" forever. I hope to see you apply again. I missed the last voting due to my inactivity, but wanted to publicaly state my support here too, just in case.

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