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Ackshan Bemunah spammed the Calendar!

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[quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1354788113' post='127636']
for clarification i also consider you having put that same thing on every single day as spam nor do i think it deserves being on the calendar if that is your only effort. Essentially what happened is you lost your privilage of lots of AP and suddenly you care about these things you cant do. Seems entirely personal than "oh the poor new people cant get to awiiya" since that issue has been raised multiple times on the forum. There is even a thread suggesting changes/fixes to the way visc works if i remember correctly...

(Viscosity is fluid...It seemed appropriate to put it on every week, at the time. I was thinking in terms of the block calendar that shows up when you click "calendar" instead of the "upcoming events" box that everyone sees, mainly because that's the kind of calendar my mother taught me to use. I'm not going to argue that it was spam, but it's not a crime to fail to use the most obvious perspective.)

Yes it's personal. If you want to question the fact that it's personal, I made a thread for that, though Burns moved it to Legend Speakers.

Even so I recall reading the complaints about viscosity before I was TK. I also recall trying to organise a mass trip through the east, you were part of that, before I became TK...(you weren't critical at that point because I was recognising a need and was in a position I knew others were also in...right now you're critical because I stopped thinking about that when it didn't matter to me. Not much I can do about that except resume now.) Now I'd be more able to assist in that, actually, because of land score accrued, but that and east viscosity are a separate discussion.

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