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Hi :)

New to the game, just joined tonight and thought I'd join the forum too. Dunno what really to say in these intro things but the game looks interesting and having fun so far.

I'm currently in Northern Ireland. Married, have got a 2yr old girl and currently with child. I'm a Pagan and a White Witch.


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Welcome to MD! Glad to see you're having fun. :)

If you need any help feel free to ask me ^^ I should usually be somewhere around the Paper Cabin or the Gazebo of Equilibrium. I only fear that I'm terrible at introductions so I can't really help you with what to say here.


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[quote name='Change' timestamp='1353451773' post='125883']
Welcome! Perhaps you can grab dst as your familiar, if you can catch her.

I'm defo not a pokemon or any collectable/catchable thing! Not even a virus! Thank you very much.Move along now.

Oh and welcome to the game (to be on topic and not piss off the mods).

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Thank you all for your lovely welcomes :)

Grido... ha-ha! thank you for your interesting welcome ;)

Nimrodel... yes it is, it's half human half monster. My parents have a strange sense of humour! *sighs* :)

dst... lol what an interesting welcome! do not fear though i have no notion of capturing you or anyone else as a familar. A familar comes to you. You do not capture them.

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