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Quest: A day of Fear

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Dear sirs dear ladies, time has come for results to be disclosed!

As previously stated, I've been helped by 3 judges, unaware of the authors behind the submissions.
I wish to thank them all for their patience and dedication: they are Azull, Rasiel and Maebius.
Your entries have been valued based on these preferential criteria:

- The target should have been a character, not the person behind it.
- The "rituals" should have been designed within MD borders (resources/materials available in the realm).
- The "rituals" should have been customized on the victim's fears and/or weak spots.
- The ability to create a "dreadful sense of anticipation" without lingering too much on gory details. So, terror, not horror. Fear, not revulsion.

Each judge came to a top 5, independently from the others (partial results are available on the .xls file attached).

[attachment=4288:DoF results.xls]

For each judge, I assigned 5 points for the 1st place, 4 points for the 2nd place and so on.
I resolved ties by considering my opinion as the least important.

So, the results: :D

[b]1st place: submission 8[/b] (targeting *Peace*) wins a [b]WP [/b]and a [b]Shade[/b].
[b]2nd place: submission 3[/b] (targeting AmberRune) wins a [b]GG Drachorn [/b]and [b]10 sc[/b].
[b]3rd place: submission 10[/b] (targeting *Burns*) wins a [b]Lock in Chaos stone[/b] and [b]5 sc[/b].
[b]4th place: submission 2[/b] (targeting Mur) wins an aged[b] Tormented soul [/b]and a [b]5 credits code[/b].
[b]5th place: submission 17[/b] (targeting dst) wins a fresh [b]Sharptear Archer[/b].

All the submissions nominated (even by a single judge) will get a minor prize (a moderately aged [b]Tormented soul[/b] from my collection), that's to say submissions n° 1, 4, 5, 9, 14.

Winners and sponsors will be contacted soon, in order to arrange deliveries.

Once again, thanks a LOT to all those who participated!!

[size=1]By the way... I've heard this quest may have a sequel...[/size] :ph34r:

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Thank you for making us laugh dst!

Personally, I'd have no problems in revealing the authors, but I was under the impression some of them preferred to stay anonymous.
A "shroud of darkness" was supposed to ensure more freedom to act, without being afraid of retaliations... :P

However, everybody is free to disclose his/her name just as dst did.

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[quote name='Nimrodel' timestamp='1352623212' post='125365']
weird sieg. You submitted an entry. And wanted to sponsor a wp that went to a random participant? I'm sure you didnt want to award the wishpoint to yourself. ^_^
But what would you have done if you would've won the wishpoint in the random selection?

He probably submitted his entry AFTER he was "rejected" to sponsor the wp :P

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[quote name='Nimrodel' timestamp='1352625231' post='125370']
How do you know he wouldnt have submitted an entry if the wp had been approved?

No offense at all but, has that happened right now? Was the wp approved? No, right?

So why is there a reason to even think about it? If it did happen and if the wp was approved, that would be a different story...

Edited by DARK DEMON
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[quote name='lashtal' timestamp='1352627860' post='125372']
To clarify, Seig submitted his entry AFTER I rejected the random WP sponsorship.
Therefore, I wouldn't see a connection.


[quote name='DARK DEMON' timestamp='1352624875' post='125368']
He probably submitted his entry AFTER he was "rejected" to sponsor the wp :P

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[quote name='Nimrodel' timestamp='1352631133' post='125374']
Not gönna pursue it anymore. Don't see the point. But please do read my 2nd post..

contrary to public belief we do not crucify someone for intention. You would do well to remember this Nim. He didnt, thats the end of it, the rest is just your dislike of him.

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It was impossible to hide my identity in the submissions, so I don't think I need to disclose it.
But thank you for an awesome quest Lashtal.
I'm ever so honored to be chosen as the winner and I very much enjoyed reading through the other submissions!

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