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I have noticed that the creatures on my creature screen seem to be placed in a random order. (or if there is an order, i can't figure it out). It would be nice to have them sorted by creature type, or by ID number at the very least.

It wasn't an issue before, but recent I got a new creature that went to the top of the list instead of at the end of the list. It really threw me off, and I can't figure out why it went there.

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Nice idea, i wanna be able to sort manually MY creatures as I will, its VERY important :)

There are some things in games that can't be random, and this is one of those... just like materias in FF7, it MUST have some personal order ! :)

I agree. It's pretty hard to keep my creatures straight by ID number. When trying to level up, I write all the ID's down, make different combos, and then wonder which ones they were.

One nice option would be to be able to sort creatures, or have a tag below them that shows rituals they are involved in.

If I could rearrange the creatures, I could put them in the order I needed most. I understand this might cause some technical difficulties. So here is another suggestion. Could there be a name creature option? I think most people would have an easier time keeping names straight instead of 6 digit ID codes.

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