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Dante's Avatar Attempts

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because it is proof that this is done on papers during work. Bad paper, random doodles, the top corner (maybe i should make this a contest) contains! the lower left tentacle of he previous post.

And that's pretty much the difference between my doodles and ideas. My doodles are done on some paper, unsuited for the purpose, but something i just draw during lunchbreaks and such. often I need to do quite some work to hide the pieces of text on the shine through of the paper. My ideas are done on proper paper, not during work hours but in a few hours of sacrificed self time.

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I should do that sometime yes, updating the kmain post. But well for now, 2 more doodles that got finished somehow. I'm so behind with all the art stuff. Silly games, silly boss, that sort of thing.


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and further proof I still at times hold a pencil (though most of the time it is during boring boring work meetings and such (they really think I am an avid note taker, ha))


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So I am back. Huzzay.

And ofcourse the moment I returned the damned drawing bug hit me again.

And seeing i could not quite find where I left my previous unfinished work (ok I have found it by now) I started on a new attempt.


No clue if this will ever work as an avatar, but eh, here we go, proof of me being back.

(ps not done yet)

(pps it's a picture with my phone, scanner still not installed)



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Oh, and a bit of a joke we had when Mur arrived at the GOE to provide entertainment. The suggested entertainment was poledancing. The next suggestion was a drawing of such.

This is a quick draft conjured up in 15 minutes or so. Maybe I'll finish it one day.


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