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MD Tutorial Reconstruction

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That wouldn't even require new mechanics, you could just fix the spell helpthepoor, give us more casts and make it work until day 20-30...

Just tweak the rates a little, give them more AP and less VE and VP. We have more AP than before from our active days and could easily afford to transfer 40-60% of them, but a whole lot of VE and VP, which could lead to some abuse even if they just get 20% of them.

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I think that we should fix some of the grammer in the story...

If you're wondering why the retention of new players are abysmally low, it is not just because of the confusing tutorial, but I think it is largely because of the abysmally high AP cost to get into ot

Bring back the fun in mp3

[quote name='DARK DEMON' timestamp='1346252023' post='121232']
From what I've heard, MP3 is meant to be a learning stage, and just that. So I would say that, all in all, decisions to not allow MP3's to join alliances, as well as removing HC for MP3's, were good ones. MP3's are simply just not meant to compete :P
If you want to do all those "fun" things, then just advance! A simple as that :D

Oh, and your post is sorta irrelevant here too, cause this is just the tutorial discussion XD
not meant to compete? hahaha... no comment :)
and i post this because they are suggesting mp2.. so mp3 will not be the noob stage anymore.. so time to bring back the fun.. :)
just a tip.. don't put boundaries on things like saying mp3's are not meant to compete.. do i need to explain why? and the effect of setting boundaries? i think your smart to know it already.. :)

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[quote name='february' timestamp='1346425493' post='121290']
not meant to compete? hahaha... no comment :)
and i post this because they are suggesting mp2.. so mp3 will not be the noob stage anymore.. so time to bring back the fun.. :)
just a tip.. don't put boundaries on things like saying mp3's are not meant to compete.. do i need to explain why? and the effect of setting boundaries? i think your smart to know it already.. :)

No actually, MP3 will sorta take a little of the MP4 learning role now :P

Most people believe that MP4 currently is the stage where you learn most, although the basics are learned at MP3. With the new MP2 system, the basics will be known at MP2, leaving the more advanced and in-depth combat features to be learned at MP3 :D

However, there are some things (like using heat :P) which can only be done at MP4, so this stage is still important (and is very much suitable for competitions :D)

P.S I had said that this post is irrelevant here, yet you continue . . .

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In case New Mp2 would happen it will be a very temporal Mind Power and will just introduce to some basics. It's purpose is to make you interested in what you are going to experience at mp3 and to make your mp3 experience less confusing.

I'm working now with all suggestions done. A new plan should be up for community's evaluation soon.

Keep up the suggestions :D

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[quote name='Muratus del Mur' timestamp='1345971842' post='121074']
There is something in plan for a feature to allow multiple tags, that will lead to the possibility to have own as well as automated tags (an other feature, currently missing). automated tags mean that you can chose a path by the actions you do and it can be easily integrated with a new hierarchy system.

This needs to be developed as a community. I need to speak with mur regarding what he have in mind for this feature.

For now we need to establish which will be the tags and possible effect it will have on players.

Example of how I see this feature.

If player chooses X path he receives Wizard tag and lets say he could choose from a list of spells an initial one to get motivated? Or maybe an item IDK?

If player choose Y path he receives Y tag and get something related to Y tag, which will make him get involved in such role.

Please post your ideas.

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[quote name='BFH' timestamp='1346446132' post='121298']
If player chooses X path he receives Wizard tag and lets say he could choose from a list of spells an initial one to get motivated? Or maybe an item IDK?

If player choose Y path he receives Y tag and get something related to Y tag, which will make him get involved in such role.

That really sounds like your average MMO class system. I think it should actually be pretty much the opposite. You get a spell, therefore you get the Mage tag.

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Doesn't have to be fit in with story at all...he said related to hierarchy system, so poss connected with land loyalty, see no reason to connect with story/tutorial.

In connection with my previously stated dislike of the game ~opening~ with a automated fight, I see no reason to use MP2 at all.

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I apologize for a bit of an off-topic if it so appears, but given the attention.. Will be interesting to see how changes will continue to develop in a direction of freeing one's mind as it was one of the founding ideas around this game.

All that MD originally stands for and all the effort of Mur come to main picture. Any of you still remember that?

On-topic: I have found yesterday that all across the newbie zone of NML there was insanely taxing +30 to +40 AP cost. Not sure if it was dealt with.

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The idea of Murs having LHO's escort and move people around is a good one. It will also aid the mainly useless messages in chat, newbies never know if someone just said it, or said it 6 hours ago as there is no timestamps...

Lhos could do actual work and escort people around, that would be interesting, having that level of itneraction with new players would certainly help people stay for longer, even if it means they look around and actually spend more time in MD initially.

Ofc if the Lhos dont want to, then is there any actual point in relying more on actual people doing things? There have been isssues with actually staffing the cabin, i dont doubt there will be issues doing this unless some LHo's actually start helping.

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I dunno If this has been mentioned before...

I just created an alt to get orientation regarding the whole LHO buisness.

Umm The AP needed to enter the Paper Cabin is 32? even in story mode? This is worse than the whole waiting period in the story mode.. I just came back from the road of battles and I'm out of AP. Need to wait for AP regen to enter paper cabin... If not anywhere.. at least the story mode scenes need to have zero viscosity...

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the quick solution is to set all those scenes to -40 AP needed, the probably better solution is to remove viscosity from people who are in tutorial mode.

Personally i think that viscosity needs a change from distinct and definate values to be more percentage based, based on entire realm footfall.meaning that instead of everywhere getting loads, some places gain viscosity while others lose it depeneding on the percentage of global traffic.

ofc that sounds like a nightmare to code lol

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[quote name='Seigheart' timestamp='1350130416' post='123923']
How are you supposed to see what I have been doing the past two weeks if you are stuck in your high chair Chew?

You seemed to have not read my post where i state i have been internetless as clearly documented on the forum and therefore stating that i might have missed something :)

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A little review from a new player

The game starts out well enough, seems to have a lot of depth of story and roleplaying elements. However, there was a lot of downtime waiting for 'counters' to recharge so I could explore more, you benefit from postponing the story which detaches you from the RP feeling, and the interface gave odd errors for me often. An interesting concept, but not for me due to clumsy interface, disjointed gameplay, and very heavy RP chat (not friendly to non-RP'ers at all).

Survey will probably occur during xmas festival festivities. :)

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Those interested in helping with this prepare your statements and arguments for a public discussion at GoE. I'll try to sort things for december 17. However, I'll announce specific day/time on triggers box.

What is wrong?
What we should ask to newbs?
Etc are things we are going to discuss.

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"I is good but it can get extremely boring, after about 15 minutes from playing I stopped. But it is otherwise a great game!"

Another review from a player!

[16/12/12 10:04] Valldore Nal:Hello
[16/12/12 10:16] Curiose:le boo
[16/12/12 10:33] :VorniC nods to all
[16/12/12 10:33] VorniC:Ignnus are u here?
[16/12/12 10:34] ignnus:hi
[16/12/12 10:34] ignnus:wassup?
[16/12/12 10:34] VorniC:hy
[16/12/12 10:34] VorniC:back to md
[16/12/12 10:34] VorniC:ready to train
[16/12/12 10:34] ignnus:ok
[16/12/12 10:34] :VorniC passed Gold coin to ignnus
[16/12/12 10:34] ignnus:thank you
[16/12/12 10:35] VorniC:no, me i thank you :P
[16/12/12 10:35] ignnus::)
[16/12/12 10:37] VorniC:good to see that i got my first raign drach
[16/12/12 10:40] ZenTao:Hello
[16/12/12 10:40] ZenTao:Nice ava Ignnus
[16/12/12 10:41] ZenTao: *looks around* are we sleeping?
[16/12/12 10:41] ignnus:yes thank you
[16/12/12 10:42] ZenTao:I don't think i could draw the female version of that however...
[16/12/12 10:42] ZenTao:okay sleep tight
[16/12/12 10:42] ignnus:no one can
[16/12/12 10:43] ZenTao:Well the person who drew it prob could
[16/12/12 10:43] ignnus:yeah
[16/12/12 11:50] :dragonrider7 looks for sky army
[16/12/12 11:53] dragonrider7:Hello Eagle Eye
[16/12/12 11:53] :dragonrider7 passed Silver coin to Eagle Eye
[16/12/12 11:53] :dragonrider7 passed Silver coin to Eagle Eye
[16/12/12 11:54] :dragonrider7 passed Silver coin to Eagle Eye
[16/12/12 11:54] :dragonrider7 passed Silver coin to Eagle Eye
[16/12/12 11:55] VorniC:@dragonrider7 i have 4 pimped freash are u interested?
[16/12/12 11:55] VorniC:and 1 bp
[16/12/12 11:55] Sunfire:im interested in the bp
[16/12/12 11:55] dragonrider7:nope...
[16/12/12 11:56] :darkraptor enchanted a Memory stone into a Locate stone
[16/12/12 11:56] :dragonrider7 pokes Eagle Eye
[16/12/12 11:56] VorniC:how much Sun for the bp?
[16/12/12 11:57] Sunfire:fresh? untokened? 4 sc
[16/12/12 12:00] :VorniC passed a note to Sunfire
[16/12/12 12:02] :Sunfire scribbles a reply and hands it back
[16/12/12 12:07] :VorniC writte a replay on a papper and make an air plane and push it towords Sun
[16/12/12 12:14] VorniC:what do u say Sun?
[16/12/12 12:14] Sunfire:replied
[16/12/12 12:14] Sunfire:anyone can break a gold?
[16/12/12 12:15] VorniC:re
[16/12/12 12:17] Anruil:I can
[16/12/12 12:18] :Sunfire passed Gold coin to anruil
[16/12/12 12:18] VorniC:i accept sun for the two creats
[16/12/12 12:19] VorniC:also i sent something to you, maybe interested...
[16/12/12 12:19] :Anruil passed Silver coin to sunfire
[16/12/12 12:19] :Anruil passed Silver coin to sunfire
[16/12/12 12:19] :Anruil passed Silver coin to sunfire
[16/12/12 12:19] :Anruil passed Silver coin to sunfire
[16/12/12 12:19] :Anruil passed Silver coin to sunfire
[16/12/12 12:19] :Anruil passed Silver coin to sunfire
[16/12/12 12:19] :Anruil passed Silver coin to sunfire
[16/12/12 12:19] :Anruil passed Silver coin to sunfire
[16/12/12 12:19] :Anruil passed Silver coin to sunfire
[16/12/12 12:20] :Anruil passed Silver coin to sunfire
[16/12/12 12:20] :Anruil passed Silver coin to sunfire
[16/12/12 12:20] :Anruil passed Silver coin to sunfire
[16/12/12 12:20] :Anruil passed Silver coin to sunfire
[16/12/12 12:20] :Anruil passed Silver coin to sunfire
[16/12/12 12:20] :Anruil passed Silver coin to sunfire
[16/12/12 12:21] Anruil:done
[16/12/12 12:21] Sunfire:thanks
[16/12/12 12:26] VorniC:re
[16/12/12 12:27] VorniC:re
[16/12/12 12:30] :Sunfire passed Gold coin to vornic
[16/12/12 12:30] :Sunfire passed Silver coin to vornic
[16/12/12 12:30] :Sunfire passed Silver coin to vornic
[16/12/12 12:30] :Sunfire passed Silver coin to vornic
[16/12/12 12:32] Sunfire:i can sell you a tokened joker (7)
[16/12/12 12:34] VorniC:no use for me...
[16/12/12 12:34] VorniC:re
[16/12/12 12:34] VorniC:@darkraptor are u here?
[16/12/12 12:35] :nadrolski passed Flowers to ignnus
[16/12/12 12:37] *Peace*:Dark, Eagle Eye? Are you awake?
[16/12/12 12:38] darkraptor:yes Vorni ( sorry i was testing clickies :-P )
[16/12/12 12:38] darkraptor:Hello Lady Peace, how can i help?
[16/12/12 12:38] *Peace*:Could you hit me with a combo ritual, my friend? I am in need of VP.
[16/12/12 12:39] *Peace*:Just tell me what to set.
[16/12/12 12:39] Tal:lifestealers with non damage
[16/12/12 12:39] darkraptor:^
[16/12/12 12:39] *Peace*:Trees are good then, I suppose, one moment please.
[16/12/12 12:41] *Peace*:I am set.
[16/12/12 12:43] :VorniC passed Gold coin to darkraptor
[16/12/12 12:43] VorniC:and thx alot dark
[16/12/12 12:43] darkraptor:Thank you Vorni
[16/12/12 12:43] VorniC:RE, Sun
[16/12/12 12:44] VorniC:Hello Peace *wave*
[16/12/12 12:45] :*Peace* nods thankfully to darkraptor.
[16/12/12 12:45] *Peace*: *nods to VorniC* Greetings.
[16/12/12 12:46] :darkraptor nods back to lady Peace
[16/12/12 12:46] *Peace*:I need to fix up by balance again.
[16/12/12 12:59] :Numerius Felix pokes lady Peace
[16/12/12 13:00] Numerius Felix: *points to the Gazebo of Equilibrium* Balance like that?
[16/12/12 13:01] *Peace*: *pokes Minty.* Changes.
[16/12/12 13:02] Numerius Felix: *is amazed and grateful to be called by his proper name* I don't like those.
[16/12/12 13:03] *Peace*:It is said that it is for the best, you will see.
[16/12/12 13:04] :Numerius Felix looks doubtful.
[16/12/12 13:08] :Numerius Felix walkes over tot he Gazebo of Equilibrium cap and sits inside.
[16/12/12 13:16] : *itss on the spset*
[16/12/12 13:17] :Mallos passed Absinthe shot to Numerius Felix
[16/12/12 13:18] *Peace*: *shakes her head.* Drunkards...
[16/12/12 13:18] :Numerius Felix blinks
[16/12/12 13:18] Numerius Felix:Hi there.
[16/12/12 13:19] :Numerius Felix stares at the beverage in his hand
[16/12/12 13:19] :*Peace* wanders off to pray.
[16/12/12 13:19] :Numerius Felix frowns
[16/12/12 13:20] Numerius Felix:Necrovion again.
[16/12/12 13:55] :Mallos passed Absinthe shot to phantasm
[16/12/12 13:55] :~~Ghost Player~~ nods and takes a drink
[16/12/12 15:26] *BFH Lightning*:Conversations and Discussions start in an hour.
[16/12/12 15:50] Tipu:Conversation is lame ..but Discuss ?/? about ?
[16/12/12 15:53] *BFH Lightning*:tutorial
[16/12/12 15:53] *BFH Lightning*:read triggers
[16/12/12 16:10] *Chewett*:Yo, BFH is making me do the tutorial thingy, im apparently got to sit here and say random comments
[16/12/12 16:11] DARK DEMON:Alright guys, when does this thing start?
[16/12/12 16:11] *Chewett*:anyone alive?
[16/12/12 16:11] *Chewett*:20 mins
[16/12/12 16:11] DARK DEMON:...
[16/12/12 16:11] DARK DEMON:Okies
[16/12/12 16:11] :DARK DEMON is tempted to silence The Silencer
[16/12/12 16:12] DARK DEMON: *grins* May I?
[16/12/12 16:13] *BFH Lightning*:lol
[16/12/12 16:13] *BFH Lightning*:now you guys understand why wookies are evil
[16/12/12 16:13] DARK DEMON:No I don't :P
[16/12/12 16:13] DARK DEMON:This particular Wookie is evil, why accuse the whole race?
[16/12/12 16:14] DARK DEMON:...
[16/12/12 16:14] DARK DEMON: (please don't kill me!)
[16/12/12 16:14] *BFH Lightning*:they are all cut with the same knife!
[16/12/12 16:14] *Chewett*:hell hath no fury like a wookie scorned
[16/12/12 16:15] DARK DEMON:Yeah... whatever
[16/12/12 16:15] DARK DEMON:Now can I silence him?
[16/12/12 16:15] DARK DEMON:You can hardly say he doesn't deserve it...
[16/12/12 16:15] *Chewett*:who ya silencing?
[16/12/12 16:16] DARK DEMON:The Silencer *grins*
[16/12/12 16:16] *BFH Lightning*:why?
[16/12/12 16:16] DARK DEMON:I dunno
[16/12/12 16:16] *Chewett*:bfh, if you have any issues with the silencer contact me, murry asked me to watch him
[16/12/12 16:16] *BFH Lightning*:you dont go away silencing players for dunnos
[16/12/12 16:17] DARK DEMON: coz i'm awesome!
[16/12/12 16:17] DARK DEMON::P
[16/12/12 16:17] *BFH Lightning*:who told him how to do that
[16/12/12 16:17] *BFH Lightning*:sure chew
[16/12/12 16:17] DARK DEMON:I'm not dumb
[16/12/12 16:17] DARK DEMON:Who do you think told me how to silence people?
[16/12/12 16:17] DARK DEMON:I just learn fast
[16/12/12 16:18] *Chewett*:im sure if you ask nicely bugs would change all the codes bfh lol
[16/12/12 16:18] *Chewett*:then dark wouldnt be able to
[16/12/12 16:18] DARK DEMON: I wanna speak to Mur soon
[16/12/12 16:18] DARK DEMON:wha/?
[16/12/12 16:18] *BFH Lightning*:bugs hate me
[16/12/12 16:18] *BFH Lightning*:for giving him last minute work
[16/12/12 16:18] DARK DEMON:bugs love me!
[16/12/12 16:19] DARK DEMON:for giving me all the work!
[16/12/12 16:19] *BFH Lightning*:why on earth will he like more work
[16/12/12 16:19] DARK DEMON:why on earth would he give me work?
[16/12/12 16:19] *BFH Lightning*:spammer of colors
[16/12/12 16:19] DARK DEMON:well, probably cause I asked him to... but anyways
[16/12/12 16:19] *BFH Lightning*:bahh
[16/12/12 16:20] *Chewett*:dark you can code php cant you?
[16/12/12 16:21] DARK DEMON:me? o.O
[16/12/12 16:22] Tipu:mur ..where is he ....
[16/12/12 16:22] *BFH Lightning*:Oo
[16/12/12 16:22] Tipu:i hate him...
[16/12/12 16:22] *BFH Lightning*:Mur is running away from me
[16/12/12 16:23] Tipu:this is what happend when u ask him for Cow ...
[16/12/12 16:23] DARK DEMON: Tipu, I hate you
[16/12/12 16:23] *BFH Lightning*:yeah
[16/12/12 16:23] *BFH Lightning*:dd i'll abuse silence on u
[16/12/12 16:23] DARK DEMON:i'll take a screenshot
[16/12/12 16:23] *BFH Lightning*:cool
[16/12/12 16:24] DARK DEMON:and then I'll abuse silence on you for the rest of your miserable life :D
[16/12/12 16:24] Tal:1 silver for the screeny :P
[16/12/12 16:24] DARK DEMON: (eh... brbr)
[16/12/12 16:24] DARK DEMON: (brb*)
[16/12/12 16:24] *BFH Lightning*:you can get it for free
[16/12/12 16:24] Tipu:my my fake demon ...
[16/12/12 16:24] DARK DEMON:BFH, it starts in 10 mins right?
[16/12/12 16:24] *BFH Lightning*:why paying
[16/12/12 16:24] *BFH Lightning*:yup
[16/12/12 16:24] *BFH Lightning*:5
[16/12/12 16:24] DARK DEMON:okay
[16/12/12 16:24] Tal:what starts in 10?
[16/12/12 16:24] *BFH Lightning*:i'll open jump
[16/12/12 16:24] DARK DEMON:the day of reckoning
[16/12/12 16:24] Tipu:darn it ... some guest coming ....to home...
[16/12/12 16:25] DARK DEMON:lol
[16/12/12 16:25] Tal:to where?
[16/12/12 16:25] Tipu:why they come..
[16/12/12 16:25] DARK DEMON: (okay, now actually brb)
[16/12/12 16:25] Tipu:brb..destroying the guests ..
[16/12/12 16:25] :[Spell] Portal of Light, 4
[16/12/12 16:25] *BFH Lightning*:lol who pressend enter
[16/12/12 16:25] *BFH Lightning*:damm this button
[16/12/12 16:26] :[Spell] Portal of Light Gazebo of Equilibrium, 4
[16/12/12 16:29] *Lightsage*:That empty portal...
[16/12/12 16:30] *BFH Lightning*:upps
[16/12/12 16:31] *BFH Lightning*:This place is a sanctuary for a while.
[16/12/12 16:31] Tal:>.<
[16/12/12 16:32] *BFH Lightning*:Hello all
[16/12/12 16:32] darkraptor:.
[16/12/12 16:32] *Chewett*:good one
[16/12/12 16:32] : Valldore Nal throws 6 dice and gets 5, 6, 4, 3, 6, 2
[16/12/12 16:32] *MRAlyon*:hey
[16/12/12 16:32] lashtal:Greetings
[16/12/12 16:32] Tal:lets all move to the park :P
[16/12/12 16:33] :dragonrider7 flies in
[16/12/12 16:33] *BFH Lightning*:first of all here is the topic for the previous forum discussions [Forum link]
[16/12/12 16:33] *BFH Lightning*:this was a summary I made [Forum link]
[16/12/12 16:35] *BFH Lightning*:as we all know tutorial and game intro is extremely important
[16/12/12 16:35] *BFH Lightning*:it is what defines if a player stay or leave
[16/12/12 16:35] *BFH Lightning*:hence it is what define te size of our community
[16/12/12 16:36] *BFH Lightning*:the point of this effort is to fix the tutorial in a way that it keeps md spirit, but also the players
[16/12/12 16:37] *BFH Lightning*:today we will focus on the major problems and possible solutions to them
[16/12/12 16:38] *BFH Lightning*:so lets start by stating which we believe are the problems
[16/12/12 16:38] *BFH Lightning*:So feel free to state them :P
[16/12/12 16:38] *MRAlyon*:choose of principles
[16/12/12 16:39] dragonrider7:choosing principles to be clearly explained
[16/12/12 16:39] Mallos:Too much backtracking before you can move south to the aramory.
[16/12/12 16:39] *MRAlyon*:many new players ask me what should be the best principles and what they will influence in future
[16/12/12 16:39] Mallos:Also much reading in that part, which isnt to explanatory.
[16/12/12 16:39] dragonrider7:one should know what each principle is and how it has advantage
[16/12/12 16:40] dragonrider7:with having tokens now....choosing principle carefully is important IMO
[16/12/12 16:40] *BFH Lightning*:ok lets divide this
[16/12/12 16:40] *BFH Lightning*:beginning first then story
[16/12/12 16:40] *BFH Lightning*:for game intro
[16/12/12 16:41] *BFH Lightning*:aka all up to the aramory
[16/12/12 16:41] *BFH Lightning*:problems are
[16/12/12 16:41] Mallos:^What i just said.
[16/12/12 16:42] lashtal:I don't see Principles as a problem, if you read their description you should realize what they are about... I would only avoid the massive meditation periods.
[16/12/12 16:42] *Chewett*:principles shouldnt be chosen to get best tokens
[16/12/12 16:42] *BFH Lightning*:Mallos: Too much backtracking before you can move south to the aramory.
[16/12/12 16:42] *BFH Lightning*:principles part is story thing
[16/12/12 16:42] *BFH Lightning*:lets keep that as second part and then discuss it
[16/12/12 16:43] *BFH Lightning*:first part intro up to aramory
[16/12/12 16:43] *BFH Lightning*:mallos is right too much back and fort
[16/12/12 16:43] *MRAlyon*:infact.... explain why choose the priciples that you like more
[16/12/12 16:43] *MRAlyon*:not because they will influence tokens later
[16/12/12 16:43] *MRAlyon*:ah ok BFH
[16/12/12 16:44] *BFH Lightning*:General Question: Do you like intro at all
[16/12/12 16:44] *Chewett*:why is he right?
[16/12/12 16:44] *BFH Lightning*:?
[16/12/12 16:44] *BFH Lightning*:Chew i did not said anything
[16/12/12 16:44] *BFH Lightning*:just to divide discussion into parts
[16/12/12 16:44] *BFH Lightning*::P
[16/12/12 16:44] *Chewett*:you just said mallos is right
[16/12/12 16:45] *MRAlyon*:first thing for me... a quickly explain of interface
[16/12/12 16:45] *Chewett*:i disagree
[16/12/12 16:45] *Chewett*:BFH Lightning*: mallos is right too much back and fort
[16/12/12 16:45] *BFH Lightning*:cool why you disagree?
[16/12/12 16:46] *Chewett*:movement is a crucial part, knowing the land is important
[16/12/12 16:46] *BFH Lightning*:you can move all the way to the aramory avoiding the back and fort
[16/12/12 16:47] *BFH Lightning*:as alyon stated we could make a simple and quick explain of the interface
[16/12/12 16:47] *BFH Lightning*:including how map work
[16/12/12 16:47] *BFH Lightning*:opinions?
[16/12/12 16:47] *Chewett*:is there any point of a discussion if essentially you have already decided how you want it to work?
[16/12/12 16:48] *BFH Lightning*:no i want communtiy to make out points and debate
[16/12/12 16:48] *Chewett*:becuase it sounds like you have already planned it all out
[16/12/12 16:48] *MRAlyon*:discussions are always usefull
[16/12/12 16:48] *BFH Lightning*:which is what we are doing
[16/12/12 16:48] Mallos:Good opinon BFH. I like it.
[16/12/12 16:48] *Chewett*:surely we could save a lot of time just saying how you want to do it, and not have some farce of a discussion where each time you say "well i think it should work this way"
[16/12/12 16:49] *BFH Lightning*:... opinions on how it should start?
[16/12/12 16:49] *Lightsage*:And then we'll tell you why you ought to do it differently :P
[16/12/12 16:49] *Chewett*: (lunch time, later)
[16/12/12 16:49] *Chewett*: (bad time for uk peoples lol)
[16/12/12 16:50] *BFH Lightning*: (apparently :P)
[16/12/12 16:50] dragonrider7:personally i didnt feel any problem with the intro.....IMO you have to have that fantasy thought and imagination to understand things
[16/12/12 16:50] *BFH Lightning*:I'll state problems real ones.
[16/12/12 16:50] DARK DEMON:i'm back!
[16/12/12 16:50] *BFH Lightning*:you state solutions
[16/12/12 16:50] *BFH Lightning*:You enter to an empty paper cabin
[16/12/12 16:50] lashtal:Amaze us :-p
[16/12/12 16:50] DARK DEMON:right, what are we discussing currently? :P
[16/12/12 16:50] *BFH Lightning*:there is a lack of persons to receive you
[16/12/12 16:51] *BFH Lightning*:and you just notice a glowing scroll with a bunch of text and discussion
[16/12/12 16:51] DARK DEMON:hm... i hae an idea
[16/12/12 16:51] *BFH Lightning*:based on stats the longer you wait the bigger is the chance of losing a player
[16/12/12 16:51] DARK DEMON: (have*)
[16/12/12 16:51] *BFH Lightning*:now state your solutions
[16/12/12 16:52] DARK DEMON:keep the "noube route" separate from the MD scenes
[16/12/12 16:52] Mallos:No wait time? Cause the stats are tiny anyeays.
[16/12/12 16:52] nadrolski:change the meditation time choice, reduce
[16/12/12 16:52] DARK DEMON:such that normal MD chat will not appear until you finish tutorial
[16/12/12 16:52] DARK DEMON:after you finish, you enter "MD chat"
[16/12/12 16:52] lashtal:I agree, avoid long meditation times.
[16/12/12 16:52] dragonrider7:reduce meditation time
[16/12/12 16:53] DARK DEMON:no
[16/12/12 16:53] *Lightsage*:Does the word filter mean anything to you?
[16/12/12 16:53] DARK DEMON:long meditation has bonuses though
[16/12/12 16:53] *BFH Lightning*:many might state Mur made filters
[16/12/12 16:53] *BFH Lightning*:lol lightsage is faster
[16/12/12 16:53] *BFH Lightning*::))
[16/12/12 16:53] *BFH Lightning*:good point light
[16/12/12 16:53] DARK DEMON:i'd say to keep everything separate for noobs until they finish the tutorial
[16/12/12 16:54] Mallos:Filter can be storymode itself.
[16/12/12 16:54] lashtal:Aren't we here to ponder on that filter?
[16/12/12 16:54] Valldore Nal:What filters are you talking about ?
[16/12/12 16:54] Mallos:and the shades.
[16/12/12 16:54] DARK DEMON:like, a totally different chat
[16/12/12 16:54] DARK DEMON:and a totally different MD world
[16/12/12 16:54] DARK DEMON:they can roam around freely
[16/12/12 16:54] DARK DEMON:attack shades, etc on every scene
[16/12/12 16:54] DARK DEMON:they are allowed to go everywhere
[16/12/12 16:55] *BFH Lightning*:mur stated the following when I asked him about the changes to be done [Forum link]
[16/12/12 16:55] Mallos:Make young players immune to viscosity until they get through storymode.
[16/12/12 16:55] DARK DEMON:they will always have an option to advance further when they are done learning the current "stage"
[16/12/12 16:55] *Nimrodel*:Yeah.. I plus Mallos
[16/12/12 16:55] *BFH Lightning*:ok
[16/12/12 16:55] dragonrider7:immunity is important..
[16/12/12 16:55] DARK DEMON:this can be done till story mode begins
[16/12/12 16:55] *BFH Lightning*:Do we all agree that new players should be given a binch of text at the beginning?
[16/12/12 16:55] *BFH Lightning*:yes or no?
[16/12/12 16:55] DARK DEMON:no
[16/12/12 16:56] DARK DEMON:instead, divide the tutorial (before story mode) into different stages
[16/12/12 16:56] *BFH Lightning*: (that's before getting out of the paper cabin)
[16/12/12 16:56] DARK DEMON:each stage would teach something to the new player
[16/12/12 16:56] Valldore Nal:A text saying what ?
[16/12/12 16:56] *BFH Lightning*:mur made text stating the feautures
[16/12/12 16:56] Mallos:No. Explain the interface and tell them they need to explore. they will find the bull and the aramory on their own.
[16/12/12 16:56] DARK DEMON:and the new player can move all over the realm wherever he wishes
[16/12/12 16:56] Valldore Nal:Welcome message with a bit of interface explaination ?
[16/12/12 16:56] *BFH Lightning*:but it is quite big
[16/12/12 16:57] *Lightsage*:I'm sorry BFH but however important this discussion might be. I don't have time for it in it's current forum. I'll be at the PC.
[16/12/12 16:57] *Nimrodel*:I think The text is kinda important
[16/12/12 16:57] DARK DEMON:he would bot see us or this MD chat
[16/12/12 16:57] tankfans:Can we have a Zero Viscocity Day?
[16/12/12 16:57] DARK DEMON: (not*)
[16/12/12 16:57] *BFH Lightning*:k light
[16/12/12 16:57] DARK DEMON:BFH, are you even considering my solution? lol
[16/12/12 16:57] *BFH Lightning*:ok
[16/12/12 16:58] *BFH Lightning*:dd i'm trying to divide the discussion
[16/12/12 16:58] DARK DEMON:wait, I'll PM you the whole thing
[16/12/12 16:58] *Nimrodel*:The text explains a lot of things...
[16/12/12 16:58] *BFH Lightning*:so the text do explain many things
[16/12/12 16:58] DARK DEMON:but there's no need for the text
[16/12/12 16:58] tankfans:maybe a flash/video explaining the interface?
[16/12/12 16:58] DARK DEMON:because
[16/12/12 16:58] *BFH Lightning*:perhaps we can summarize it?
[16/12/12 16:58] *MRAlyon*:maybe could be good if one player could be all different stories of the game in different stages
[16/12/12 16:58] DARK DEMON:like i said, the "stages" will teach everything
[16/12/12 16:58] *BFH Lightning*:like tank idea
[16/12/12 16:59] DARK DEMON:each stage will teach a particular thing
[16/12/12 16:59] *MRAlyon*:not ceate another account for try another part of the story
[16/12/12 16:59] DARK DEMON:don't give a whole bunch of text at one time
[16/12/12 16:59] *Nimrodel*:mm.. yeah.. tank's idea is great :D
[16/12/12 16:59] DARK DEMON:give it one at a time, small things, in "stages"
[16/12/12 16:59] tankfans:a video will help a lot for minors
[16/12/12 16:59] DARK DEMON:the video can be at the start :D
[16/12/12 16:59] tankfans:since most of them don't like to read much
[16/12/12 17:00] *Nimrodel*:video is more friendly that text...
[16/12/12 17:00] *BFH Lightning*:so
[16/12/12 17:00] DARK DEMON:that's what i'm saying, don't give a whole bunch of text at the start
[16/12/12 17:00] DARK DEMON:"stages"
[16/12/12 17:00] *Chewett*:thats a _very_ dismissive view of young people tank...
[16/12/12 17:00] *BFH Lightning*:maybe we can make a small video maybe 45 seconds explaining core things
[16/12/12 17:00] *BFH Lightning*:?
[16/12/12 17:00] DARK DEMON:nah...
[16/12/12 17:01] *Nimrodel*:Yeah...
[16/12/12 17:01] DARK DEMON:2 mins minimum
[16/12/12 17:01] *BFH Lightning*:we can also make the long text available
[16/12/12 17:01] *BFH Lightning*:not just remove it
[16/12/12 17:01] Valldore Nal:And again i ask the same question as with the text, what are core things ?
[16/12/12 17:01] *Chewett*:its offensive, thats what it is...
[16/12/12 17:01] *Nimrodel*:Yup..
[16/12/12 17:01] *BFH Lightning*:for those who want to "learn more"
[16/12/12 17:01] Valldore Nal:What would that text/video whatever in start will tell the new player ?
[16/12/12 17:01] *BFH Lightning*:core things, are major feautures
[16/12/12 17:01] *BFH Lightning*:features*
[16/12/12 17:02] *Nimrodel*:Like what is the magic scroll >>
[16/12/12 17:02] *Nimrodel*:as in which icon >>
[16/12/12 17:02] *Chewett*:what is the magic scroll?
[16/12/12 17:02] *BFH Lightning*:suggest val :D
[16/12/12 17:02] tankfans:I think first will be the icons at the left, scroll icon, compass icon, ..., etc, and what they stands for.
[16/12/12 17:02] Valldore Nal:Then you can ask grido to use his picture of braking down interface and make a flash or a text based on that
[16/12/12 17:02] *Chewett*:if you want to be entirely dismissive about younger people, thats really really sad
[16/12/12 17:02] tankfans:Then after that, given links to more specific videos.
[16/12/12 17:03] *MRAlyon*:like grido do on forum post
[16/12/12 17:03] *Chewett*:Also, we shouldnt remove too much text
[16/12/12 17:03] *Chewett*:mur will hate it
[16/12/12 17:03] *BFH Lightning*:younger people are smart
[16/12/12 17:03] *MRAlyon*:but better
[16/12/12 17:03] *BFH Lightning*:who told that
[16/12/12 17:03] tankfans:one for the scroll (quest) , show the story, choice, principles, wait time...
[16/12/12 17:03] *BFH Lightning*:that they arent?*
[16/12/12 17:03] DARK DEMON:don't remove the tex
[16/12/12 17:03] DARK DEMON:text*
[16/12/12 17:03] DARK DEMON:divide it into stages
[16/12/12 17:03] *MRAlyon*:delete remove text???
[16/12/12 17:03] *BFH Lightning*:Chew
[16/12/12 17:03] *MRAlyon*:nono
[16/12/12 17:04] *BFH Lightning*:we wouldn;t remove it
[16/12/12 17:04] *MRAlyon*:it's a part important
[16/12/12 17:04] DARK DEMON:that's what i'm saying, divide it
[16/12/12 17:04] *MRAlyon*:important part
[16/12/12 17:04] tankfans:don't remove the texts, just add videos
[16/12/12 17:04] DARK DEMON:for example
[16/12/12 17:04] *Chewett*:i think we should continue to work on what Mur did for the tutorial
[16/12/12 17:04] *Nimrodel*:there'll be two things: Flash friendly one and a Text friendly one :P
[16/12/12 17:04] *Chewett*:who here has actually seen what Mur has started?
[16/12/12 17:04] DARK DEMON:if someone is learning about setting rituals, then only that text will appear
[16/12/12 17:05] DARK DEMON:once that "stage" is done, the person will moce on to fighting, etc. stages
[16/12/12 17:05] *BFH Lightning*:it was suggested to make a video describing the features as it is more user friendly and include a link below for those who want to learn more
[16/12/12 17:05] DARK DEMON:then into the token "stage"
[16/12/12 17:05] *BFH Lightning*:with Mur text based part
[16/12/12 17:05] tankfans:I'm not sure... Chewey, what's that?
[16/12/12 17:05] DARK DEMON:with each of it's texts
[16/12/12 17:05] *BFH Lightning*:new beginning page?
[16/12/12 17:05] DARK DEMON:no
[16/12/12 17:05] *MRAlyon*:token shouldn't have got a stage
[16/12/12 17:06] *Chewett*:is the aim to make MD worldwide populare with trillions of people? or make it easier to attract people who are interested in these kinda things?
[16/12/12 17:06] DARK DEMON:just an example, MRAlyon
[16/12/12 17:06] tankfans:tokens is not basic
[16/12/12 17:06] *Chewett*:it sounds like you want to make it massive, generaic and crap
[16/12/12 17:06] DARK DEMON:and tankfans...
[16/12/12 17:06] DARK DEMON:wha?
[16/12/12 17:06] *BFH Lightning*:suggest chew suggest!
[16/12/12 17:07] *MRAlyon*:I prefer keep the actual story mode and refresh it
[16/12/12 17:07] *BFH Lightning*:a video for me isn;t at all crap
[16/12/12 17:07] *MRAlyon*:and ake just little changes
[16/12/12 17:07] *Chewett*:mur should give input
[16/12/12 17:07] *Nimrodel*:Well.. its not going to be not crap if there are no new players at all Chew
[16/12/12 17:07] *Chewett*:way too many negatives there nim
[16/12/12 17:07] *MRAlyon*:story mode shouldn't be a choose
[16/12/12 17:07] Mallos:+MRAlyon.
[16/12/12 17:07] *BFH Lightning*:he gave it two times
[16/12/12 17:08] *Chewett*:has someone actually done storymode recently?
[16/12/12 17:08] *Chewett*:i know i have
[16/12/12 17:08] DARK DEMON:i have
[16/12/12 17:08] DARK DEMON:a stupid alt...
[16/12/12 17:08] *BFH Lightning*:Regarding the 'filters'... it is a market problem. players are now educated to find highly adictive attractors in games, such as "xp points to achieve next level" , "grinding", "distribution of skill
[16/12/12 17:08] tankfans:I'm stuck in my story line for ages
[16/12/12 17:08] Mallos:Not hard to remember...
[16/12/12 17:08] *BFH Lightning*:points/upgrades" etc. You can't fight these concepts from the start, and i also don't want to follow them...so here is the main problem.
[16/12/12 17:08] *BFH Lightning*:mur stated that
[16/12/12 17:08] *MRAlyon*:if Mur put into it more text it's because he wants so...
[16/12/12 17:08] DARK DEMON:if you meditate fully, it currently takes 7-8 days to get out of story mode
[16/12/12 17:08] *Chewett*:the mintar guardian should have a part
[16/12/12 17:08] *MRAlyon*:no points in remove some of this
[16/12/12 17:09] *Chewett*:wait, im confused now
[16/12/12 17:09] *Chewett*:i was under the impression council said we were allowed to modify the tutorial
[16/12/12 17:09] DARK DEMON:of course you are :D
[16/12/12 17:09] *Chewett*:we are now also talkign a bout editing story mode
[16/12/12 17:09] *Chewett*:tutorial and story mode are massively different
[16/12/12 17:09] *Chewett*:and editing storymode NEEDS murs input
[16/12/12 17:09] *BFH Lightning*:i'm talking about tutorial up to aramory
[16/12/12 17:10] Mallos:http://www.mud.co.uk/richard/hcds.htm
[16/12/12 17:10] tankfans:what's the topic again?
[16/12/12 17:10] DARK DEMON:i suggested how to modify the tutorial but you guys don't give crap to me
[16/12/12 17:10] *Chewett*:then lets actually focus on that
[16/12/12 17:10] :tankfans is confused
[16/12/12 17:10] *BFH Lightning*: [Forum link]
[16/12/12 17:10] *BFH Lightning*:Mur Input #1 [Forum link]
[16/12/12 17:10] *Nimrodel*:We are listening to you Dark demon...
[16/12/12 17:10] *MRAlyon*:wait
[16/12/12 17:11] *MRAlyon*:when you login the first time in MD what would you see???
[16/12/12 17:11] *MRAlyon*:what is this game
[16/12/12 17:11] *BFH Lightning*:Mur Suggestions #2 [Forum link]
[16/12/12 17:11] *MRAlyon*:explan it
[16/12/12 17:11] DARK DEMON:right now, you see the guide type thhingy
[16/12/12 17:11] *MRAlyon*:explain interface
[16/12/12 17:11] *BFH Lightning*:STOP
[16/12/12 17:12] *BFH Lightning*:Lets organize
[16/12/12 17:12] DARK DEMON:Yes, please stop
[16/12/12 17:12] *BFH Lightning*:My idea
[16/12/12 17:12] DARK DEMON:may I speak now so that you all can comment about it?
[16/12/12 17:12] *BFH Lightning*:and then we comment on it and you state your ideas
[16/12/12 17:12] DARK DEMON:okies
[16/12/12 17:13] *BFH Lightning*:INTRO
[16/12/12 17:13] Tipu:wanna play a game ... ?
[16/12/12 17:13] *MRAlyon*:TipU!!!!!
[16/12/12 17:14] Tipu:yeah...
[16/12/12 17:14] DARK DEMON:i'm silencing tipu, okay?
[16/12/12 17:14] *BFH Lightning*:I think we should present players two things:
[16/12/12 17:14] *BFH Lightning*:features
[16/12/12 17:14] *Chewett*:silsnce him i ban you
[16/12/12 17:14] *BFH Lightning*:and then what they can achieve
[16/12/12 17:15] DARK DEMON::o
[16/12/12 17:15] *BFH Lightning*:we can do a flash based presentation of that
[16/12/12 17:15] *BFH Lightning*:we a duriation of 1 min or such
[16/12/12 17:16] *BFH Lightning*:then they auto enter on pc and click the glowing scroll stuff
[16/12/12 17:16] *BFH Lightning*:up to there. Dont pass scroll part. Ideas, opinions, options?
[16/12/12 17:16] *Chewett*:a series of youtube videos might work
[16/12/12 17:16] Jester:its very simple and might stop people leaving too soon, as long as its short and you can skip it.
[16/12/12 17:16] *Chewett*:that would also promote MD
[16/12/12 17:16] Tipu:i can't understand ... what this is about...
[16/12/12 17:17] DARK DEMON:I'd like to give my idea from beginning to end in one go please
[16/12/12 17:17] Tipu:ok all i wanna to know is ...
[16/12/12 17:17] Tipu:ok so where can we can our freebies...
[16/12/12 17:17] *Chewett*:dark wait
[16/12/12 17:17] *BFH Lightning*:Tipu another stupidity I send you away
[16/12/12 17:17] Jester:settle down DD and Tipu, jeez.
[16/12/12 17:17] *Chewett*:be patient
[16/12/12 17:17] DARK DEMON:when you tell me to, Wookie
[16/12/12 17:17] Manda:hey all
[16/12/12 17:17] *Chewett*:if you really want to say it all, go make a forum post
[16/12/12 17:17] *BFH Lightning*:read the triggers
[16/12/12 17:18] Valldore Nal:I don't think that a series is a good think to place on start, i agree with Jester. Something short should be perfect for the start
[16/12/12 17:18] Jester:I assume you came up with something so simple because it would be too difficult to make it interactive?
[16/12/12 17:18] Valldore Nal:i mean, watching a 1 min video is fine , but having to watch more might get you bored right from the start
[16/12/12 17:18] Jester:Or possibly make multiple videos, like one about combat, and have it after your first battle?
[16/12/12 17:18] *Chewett*:what i meant val, is that there can bea series, aka as you progress through the game you get more video's showing you how to do things
[16/12/12 17:18] Jester:splice them into the current tutorial
[16/12/12 17:18] *Chewett*:thats what i meant jester :)
[16/12/12 17:18] DARK DEMON:Jester, exactly!
[16/12/12 17:18] Jester:ah, then I agree with Chewett.
[16/12/12 17:18] *BFH Lightning*:+like!
[16/12/12 17:18] *Chewett*:"oh i want to know what tokens are, i can check this video series"
[16/12/12 17:18] DARK DEMON:but not videos, divide the text instead
[16/12/12 17:19] *BFH Lightning*:we all agree?
[16/12/12 17:19] Valldore Nal:Oh, yes, that would work Chewett, i thought place everything on the start
[16/12/12 17:19] DARK DEMON:Wookie, that's what i meant by stages...
[16/12/12 17:19] *Chewett*:embed them into the interface, and if they are on youtube they can be shared easier
[16/12/12 17:19] *Chewett*:as people encouter things, they can get more info
[16/12/12 17:19] tankfans:should we divide the features into basic and avdanced?
[16/12/12 17:19] *MRAlyon*:agree
[16/12/12 17:19] DARK DEMON:yeah
[16/12/12 17:19] Jester:And you could watch them multiple times if you wanted
[16/12/12 17:20] *Chewett*:the "how to play" link on the right could link to them
[16/12/12 17:20] Jester:Yeah, video examples beat text examples
[16/12/12 17:20] Tipu:spoilers on Utube .... i approve this idea ...
[16/12/12 17:20] *MRAlyon*:yeah but pu the button in another place
[16/12/12 17:20] DARK DEMON:and depending on what phase of the tutorial you were on, it would take you to the appropriate video
[16/12/12 17:21] *Chewett*:even better, if it pops up as you need to do something
[16/12/12 17:21] DARK DEMON:or piece of text
[16/12/12 17:21] *Chewett*:i would think that the how to play link would be more of an archive of all of them, if you wanted to recap
[16/12/12 17:21] DARK DEMON:the pop up would be a link, obviously
[16/12/12 17:21] lol i eat you:I think the beginners quest is just fine, i think though there should be a video teaching combat?
[16/12/12 17:21] *BFH Lightning*:So , Instead of the bunch of text telling the tons of features a small video always available.
[16/12/12 17:21] *Chewett*:aka "oh i just see these tokens thing, what are they"goes to how to play and such
[16/12/12 17:21] Jester:they could get added to the how to play link as you advance?
[16/12/12 17:21] Jester:farther you get the more videos are in it
[16/12/12 17:22] DARK DEMON:yes
[16/12/12 17:22] *Chewett*:sounds good :) "videos you have previously seen"
[16/12/12 17:22] lol i eat you:But wont that take away from the challenge of learning how to play?
[16/12/12 17:22] *MRAlyon*:always bettervideos than text
[16/12/12 17:22] *Chewett*:depends what filters you want
[16/12/12 17:22] Jester:I'd imagine they'd be incredibly basic
[16/12/12 17:22] *BFH Lightning*:it can be dones as I can set a private link on youtube
[16/12/12 17:22] DARK DEMON:details can be in text :P
[16/12/12 17:22] DARK DEMON:if they care to read
[16/12/12 17:22] DARK DEMON:the videos will get them interested
[16/12/12 17:22] DARK DEMON:make them NOT leave
[16/12/12 17:22] Jester:nothing you couldn't learn within a few days or something like that
[16/12/12 17:23] *Chewett*:videos, if made, should be uploaded by an official md youtube account
[16/12/12 17:23] DARK DEMON:they'll read the text if they want to know stuff in detail
[16/12/12 17:23] *MRAlyon*:and make videos with a player like you are the player that started the game
[16/12/12 17:23] *BFH Lightning*:there's one chew
[16/12/12 17:23] *BFH Lightning*:i have it :P
[16/12/12 17:23] Jester:and in the videos you can show them all the really powerful stuff, hehehe
[16/12/12 17:23] Jester:but then not tell them what it is
[16/12/12 17:23] tankfans:spoilers :P
[16/12/12 17:23] *BFH Lightning*:that's perfect for an intro jester
[16/12/12 17:23] Tipu:yeah finally
[16/12/12 17:23] Jester:"whats that, a shiny dragon? I want one"
[16/12/12 17:24] *BFH Lightning*:as it will keep them interested
[16/12/12 17:24] *Chewett*:is it an enterprise account?
[16/12/12 17:24] lol i eat you:true the focus should be on keeping and maintaining but... like... i honestly as mp3 still have no idea how to play and am doing my first quest i believe
[16/12/12 17:24] *Chewett*:yim me about that bfh, later
[16/12/12 17:24] *BFH Lightning*:later
[16/12/12 17:24] Jester:I think they mean mostly game mechanics stuff?
[16/12/12 17:25] lol i eat you:that we should still keep the playing field unbalanced for those who dont read the archives :D (which i havent don eaither) but make it easier for them to get too the arrchives and find out waht they
[16/12/12 17:25] Jester:what archives?
[16/12/12 17:25] lol i eat you:need yet still keep the mind ** ** puzzle part to it
[16/12/12 17:25] *Chewett*:which archives do you refer to lol?
[16/12/12 17:25] DARK DEMON:yeah lol? lol
[16/12/12 17:25] lol i eat you:by archives i mean everything in md archives the forums etc.
[16/12/12 17:26] lol i eat you:i just think its all over the place
[16/12/12 17:26] Mallos:MDA.
[16/12/12 17:26] Jester:its supposed to be all over the place
[16/12/12 17:26] DARK DEMON:yeah lol
[16/12/12 17:26] Tipu:actually if u read the forums carefully u shall get all spoilers u want hehe
[16/12/12 17:26] DARK DEMON:yeah lol
[16/12/12 17:26] lol i eat you:true.... :/
[16/12/12 17:27] Tipu:now the above is a true spoiler hehe
[16/12/12 17:27] Jester:yeah but you kind of have to look for them, meaning you already know something about them
[16/12/12 17:27] Jester:in most cases I believe
[16/12/12 17:27] lol i eat you: (notices the only mp3 noob here)
[16/12/12 17:27] DARK DEMON:this is a good time to train :D
[16/12/12 17:27] Jester:also this seems off topic.
[16/12/12 17:27] *BFH Lightning*:Getting back.
[16/12/12 17:27] *BFH Lightning*:We discussed up to clicking glowing scroll.
[16/12/12 17:28] lol i eat you:that would be fantastic
[16/12/12 17:28] DARK DEMON:may I PLEASE suggest one thing
[16/12/12 17:28] *Chewett*:SHOUTS: Buying votes for top techy.!
[16/12/12 17:28] *BFH Lightning*:When you click it you are given a series of tasks, some I personally think, can be summarized or merged into one
[16/12/12 17:28] Jester:Yes!
[16/12/12 17:28] *BFH Lightning*:for example the map one.
[16/12/12 17:28] *Nimrodel*:LOL. I never realised there was a game intro button at the top :))
[16/12/12 17:28] *BFH Lightning*:my god Nim!
[16/12/12 17:28] DARK DEMON:what game intro button?
[16/12/12 17:29] DARK DEMON:lol just kiddin'
[16/12/12 17:29] Jester:very top by announcements
[16/12/12 17:29] *BFH Lightning*:back to topic
[16/12/12 17:29] Mallos:Make them do everything, and once they leave the cabin they shouldnt have to come back if they dont want to.
[16/12/12 17:29] DARK DEMON:can i suggest something at this point?
[16/12/12 17:29] *BFH Lightning*:lets now discuss those tasks and if we can merge or summarize them
[16/12/12 17:29] Jester:I agree with Mallos
[16/12/12 17:29] DARK DEMON:everybody listen to me
[16/12/12 17:29] Jester:Maybe have to come back once at the most
[16/12/12 17:30] DARK DEMON:;)
[16/12/12 17:30] tankfans:oh, for that :))
[16/12/12 17:30] *BFH Lightning*:like, getting map and all at first?
[16/12/12 17:30] Tipu:when does jester started to agreeing to things ...
[16/12/12 17:30] DARK DEMON:the "tasks" can have different pieces of text explaining what to do
[16/12/12 17:30] Tipu:uhm...
[16/12/12 17:30] DARK DEMON:those can be on the right in the trigger box/mood panel area
[16/12/12 17:30] Mallos:Yes BFH.
[16/12/12 17:31] DARK DEMON:at this point, noobs would be cut off from out current MD world
[16/12/12 17:31] DARK DEMON:everywhere outside the paper cabin there would be NPC's
[16/12/12 17:31] *Chewett*: (brb need to burn a copy of win7)
[16/12/12 17:31] DARK DEMON:each "task" would tell them to set up a rit, fight, etc.
[16/12/12 17:31] Jester:This sounds very complicated to implement
[16/12/12 17:31] DARK DEMON:i know
[16/12/12 17:31] DARK DEMON:but Mur's post said that there has to be a big change
[16/12/12 17:31] DARK DEMON:anyways
[16/12/12 17:32] Jester:Go on.
[16/12/12 17:32] *BFH Lightning*:It would be more complicated dd
[16/12/12 17:32] *Nimrodel*:Sounds very fight oriented.. MD is not just about fighting though >>
[16/12/12 17:32] DARK DEMON:listen
[16/12/12 17:32] *BFH Lightning*:Nim this is only the beggining we aren't changing md
[16/12/12 17:32] *BFH Lightning*::P
[16/12/12 17:32] DARK DEMON:the tutorial right now is also all abuot fighting up to story mode
[16/12/12 17:32] DARK DEMON: (about*)
[16/12/12 17:32] DARK DEMON:so
[16/12/12 17:32] *BFH Lightning*:lets continue. Things that can be summarized in the first part?
[16/12/12 17:32] DARK DEMON:the noobs can roam aruond freely wherever they go
[16/12/12 17:33] DARK DEMON: (around*)
[16/12/12 17:33] DARK DEMON:they wouldn't see us
[16/12/12 17:33] *BFH Lightning*:map, take the copy avoid clicking the wall one?
[16/12/12 17:33] DARK DEMON:or whatever we say in chat
[16/12/12 17:33] DARK DEMON:a different MD world
[16/12/12 17:33] DARK DEMON:all the map, scroll etc would be given to them from the start
[16/12/12 17:33] Jester:Wall one first, then click the one to keep
[16/12/12 17:33] DARK DEMON:or they can just take them once frm the paper cabin
[16/12/12 17:33] Jester:thats not too annoying
[16/12/12 17:33] tankfans:noobs shouldn't be freely to roam around, there are restricted areas...
[16/12/12 17:33] DARK DEMON:from*
[16/12/12 17:34] DARK DEMON:tankfains, everywhere in no mans land
[16/12/12 17:34] : Eon throws the dice and gets 7
[16/12/12 17:34] DARK DEMON:there would always be an option in the trigger box
[16/12/12 17:34] DARK DEMON:to move onto the next stage
[16/12/12 17:34] Mallos:Free aramors to roam the land and provide dummies for newbies to train on *coughs*
[16/12/12 17:34] DARK DEMON:each stage, like i said earlier, would be accompanied with a piece of text explaining the task
[16/12/12 17:34] : Mallos throws the dice and gets 4
[16/12/12 17:34] *BFH Lightning*:ok so all the parts of inside pc are suggested to be taken in just one part
[16/12/12 17:34] *BFH Lightning*:agreed?
[16/12/12 17:35] DARK DEMON:instead of dumping the whole text together, just give it like this by dividing
[16/12/12 17:35] : Eon throws the dice and gets 7
[16/12/12 17:35] DARK DEMON:yes, agreed :D
[16/12/12 17:35] Jester:Hmm... I don't get the purpose.
[16/12/12 17:35] DARK DEMON:let them take tem all at one time without going out and coming back in
[16/12/12 17:35] *BFH Lightning*:getting back?
[16/12/12 17:35] :Tipu yaawns
[16/12/12 17:35] DARK DEMON:cause that gets annoying
[16/12/12 17:35] *BFH Lightning*:i mean avoid them getting back then out
[16/12/12 17:35] DARK DEMON:them*
[16/12/12 17:35] *BFH Lightning*:etc
[16/12/12 17:35] *Nimrodel*:may I comment now?
[16/12/12 17:35] DARK DEMON:yes BFH
[16/12/12 17:35] *BFH Lightning*:y
[16/12/12 17:36] DARK DEMON:yes, Nim :D
[16/12/12 17:36] *Nimrodel*:If MD is a tailoring course
[16/12/12 17:36] *Nimrodel*:You are giving them a dress.
[16/12/12 17:36] Jester:I would look terrible in a dress.
[16/12/12 17:36] *Nimrodel*:and asking then hholding their hand
[16/12/12 17:36] DARK DEMON:shh
[16/12/12 17:36] Tipu:now i know why council is not reading fake demon's email ..my my ..
[16/12/12 17:36] *Nimrodel*:and teaching them to sew ribbons..
[16/12/12 17:37] *Nimrodel*:rather than giving them a piece of cloth
[16/12/12 17:37] DARK DEMON:tipu, shut it right now
[16/12/12 17:37] *Nimrodel*:and teaching them how to make a dress first.
[16/12/12 17:37] lashtal:I agree with Nimrodel
[16/12/12 17:37] DARK DEMON:Nim, exlpain it with MD as a game and not a tailoring course :P
[16/12/12 17:37] Jester:It does seem like forcing too much structure on them, MD has no structured quests so its not representing the game well.
[16/12/12 17:38] *Nimrodel*:Why do the whole PC thing in one step?
[16/12/12 17:38] DARK DEMON:because
[16/12/12 17:38] *BFH Lightning*:suggestions?
[16/12/12 17:38] DARK DEMON:it gets annoying to go outside of the paper cabin and back thrice in the story mode
[16/12/12 17:38] DARK DEMON:if you take it all in one go
[16/12/12 17:38] DARK DEMON:there would be no need to do anything about visc too
[16/12/12 17:38] *Nimrodel*:I done think so DD
[16/12/12 17:38] Jester:Take out the part where you get halfway to howling gates and then come back
[16/12/12 17:38] *Nimrodel*:gives orientation about what is where
[16/12/12 17:38] *Chewett*:i agree with nim
[16/12/12 17:38] DARK DEMON:cause you'd just go once
[16/12/12 17:38] *Chewett*:i feel moving is important
[16/12/12 17:39] *Nimrodel*:it teaches how to read a map
[16/12/12 17:39] Jester:who reads the map?
[16/12/12 17:39] DARK DEMON:who says you're not moving?
[16/12/12 17:39] DARK DEMON:wait
[16/12/12 17:39] DARK DEMON:listen
[16/12/12 17:39] DARK DEMON:you get everything in one fo
[16/12/12 17:39] DARK DEMON:go*
[16/12/12 17:39] DARK DEMON:then there would be a stage which teaches you how to move lol
[16/12/12 17:39] tankfans:is there an easy way to teach how to read the map?
[16/12/12 17:39] *BFH Lightning*:so suggestions?
[16/12/12 17:39] DARK DEMON:the task would be to go to XXX area using the map
[16/12/12 17:39] *BFH Lightning*:yes tank video
[16/12/12 17:40] *Nimrodel*:You want the noobs to be spoon fed?
[16/12/12 17:40] DARK DEMON:but
[16/12/12 17:40] Tipu:i with nimmy ...
[16/12/12 17:40] *Nimrodel*:instead of making their own way?
[16/12/12 17:40] Jester:There is no North or South on the screen so the map is kind of useless
[16/12/12 17:40] *BFH Lightning*:true
[16/12/12 17:40] Valldore Nal:The easiest way to learn reading a map is to get lost first :P
[16/12/12 17:40] DARK DEMON:i agree with jeste on that one
[16/12/12 17:40] DARK DEMON:remove the map!!!
[16/12/12 17:40] *Nimrodel*:But it does show which area is connected to which
[16/12/12 17:40] VorniC:in my sugestion i tink each place have his story and his meaning... paper cabin is like your home... is a place where u must return...
[16/12/12 17:40] tankfans:sometimes the orientation of the scenes adjacent are different
[16/12/12 17:40] DARK DEMON:jester*
[16/12/12 17:40] Tipu:sun never sets or rise so N S E W ...
[16/12/12 17:40] *Nimrodel*:o_o
[16/12/12 17:40] DARK DEMON:lol
[16/12/12 17:40] Mallos:Youll figure out the map after seeing the land a bit... but you dont honestly need to so much as glance at it to reach the aramory.
[16/12/12 17:40] Tipu:yeah i was average in school u know
[16/12/12 17:41] Mallos:its a map, they will get used to it.
[16/12/12 17:41] VorniC:and i tink the opinion of Nim is right
[16/12/12 17:41] *Nimrodel*:Oh yes you do need a map
[16/12/12 17:41] DARK DEMON:anyways, i'll continue
[16/12/12 17:41] Jester:Its mostly for looking how at how the lands relate to each other, not for directions
[16/12/12 17:41] *BFH Lightning*:so concrete suggestions?
[16/12/12 17:41] DARK DEMON:the map and everything would be obtained in one go
[16/12/12 17:41] *Nimrodel*:It tells about the concentration of people in the different places?
[16/12/12 17:41] *BFH Lightning*:no nim
[16/12/12 17:41] DARK DEMON:the stages would teach how to move, how to fight, etc
[16/12/12 17:41] *BFH Lightning*:they have to get feature first
[16/12/12 17:41] DARK DEMON:it does, but oyu need the feature.
[16/12/12 17:42] *Nimrodel*:It gives it more of a quest effect rather than some dumb gam?
[16/12/12 17:42] DARK DEMON:you*
[16/12/12 17:42] VorniC:why u dont put in the totorial arrows who indicate the locations of the scrools and map and such things...
[16/12/12 17:42] *Nimrodel*:It even points out where you are.
[16/12/12 17:42] DARK DEMON:the stages would begin right after you get the map and scroll
[16/12/12 17:42] Jester:True, the map does have a certain style to it
[16/12/12 17:42] Jester:Useless as it is it is pretty.
[16/12/12 17:42] DARK DEMON:the stages would guide you throughout the noob route
[16/12/12 17:42] Mallos:Yes give them themap to look at but i dont see why its being focused on... its a map.
[16/12/12 17:43] Jester:This is an odd area to focus on...
[16/12/12 17:43] *Nimrodel*:DD want the map to be removed entirely >>
[16/12/12 17:43] DARK DEMON:no"
[16/12/12 17:43] DARK DEMON:that was a joke lol
[16/12/12 17:43] Tipu:i have no problem with the current map ...
[16/12/12 17:43] *BFH Lightning*:stop
[16/12/12 17:43] *Nimrodel*:I dont agree to the map getting removed.
[16/12/12 17:43] DARK DEMON:nor do i
[16/12/12 17:43] *BFH Lightning*:map wont be removed
[16/12/12 17:43] *BFH Lightning*:that's obvious
[16/12/12 17:43] DARK DEMON:yes, it won't
[16/12/12 17:43] VorniC:the map is an important thing... and u must be familiarised with it
[16/12/12 17:43] *BFH Lightning*:we are speaking of tutorial
[16/12/12 17:44] *BFH Lightning*:and getting abck and fort
[16/12/12 17:44] Jester:I thought you were suggesting it be cut out from tutorial?
[16/12/12 17:44] DARK DEMON:i'm just saying that it should be obtained along with the scroll in one go
[16/12/12 17:44] DARK DEMON:jester, it was a JOKE lol
[16/12/12 17:44] Jester:no, I like having to look for both.
[16/12/12 17:44] *BFH Lightning*:my suggestion was to cut clicking the wall one
[16/12/12 17:44] Tipu:well i found it ok when i started ..i mean the tutorial ...
[16/12/12 17:44] DARK DEMON:just get the scroll and map and then start the stages
[16/12/12 17:44] DARK DEMON:like i described 10 times right now
[16/12/12 17:45] Jester: (I meant cutting out the map section of tutorial)
[16/12/12 17:45] Mallos:I think from leaving the paper cabin to reaching the aramory, the only thing that should be changed is how many times you backtrack.
[16/12/12 17:45] VorniC:yes and also that cut also the runing back and forth
[16/12/12 17:45] *BFH Lightning*:the idea now is to decide if the back and fort is good or not
[16/12/12 17:45] DARK DEMON:so here it is:
[16/12/12 17:45] *BFH Lightning*:if it is liked or not
[16/12/12 17:45] Jester:Same as Mallos
[16/12/12 17:45] DARK DEMON:1) intro video
[16/12/12 17:45] *BFH Lightning*:nim and chew think it is important
[16/12/12 17:45] DARK DEMON:2) obtain scroll and map in one go
[16/12/12 17:45] *Nimrodel*:I am pro the back and forth idea..
[16/12/12 17:45] *BFH Lightning*:we all agree with them?
[16/12/12 17:45] lashtal:I agree with Mallos too
[16/12/12 17:45] *Chewett*:dark, listen to BFH, he is running it not you
[16/12/12 17:46] Tipu:back and forth nooo good..
[16/12/12 17:46] tankfans:how many times do we go back and forth in the tutorial?
[16/12/12 17:46] DARK DEMON:i'm just summing up what i said, chew
[16/12/12 17:46] Jester:I say less stopping in tutorial, like having to check the scroll for no reason halfway through.
[16/12/12 17:46] DARK DEMON:3) stages begin with MP3's roaming about
[16/12/12 17:46] *BFH Lightning*:dd shh
[16/12/12 17:46] DARK DEMON:with NPC's
[16/12/12 17:46] VorniC:i tink 2 times if u go back to get the map from the wall
[16/12/12 17:46] Jester:If an arrow is going to be on a scene you shouldn't have to check the scroll first, unless theres an event with it
[16/12/12 17:46] DARK DEMON:okay okay
[16/12/12 17:46] *Nimrodel*:I agree with Jester.
[16/12/12 17:47] DARK DEMON:i'll just shut up and observe now =D
[16/12/12 17:47] Tipu:me too
[16/12/12 17:47] DARK DEMON:and i agree with jester :P
[16/12/12 17:47] Jester:Moving multiple scenes back and forth is less irritating and gives you a feel for how the arrows don't always point the way you came from
[16/12/12 17:47] *BFH Lightning*:I like jester idea. and I understand chew's and nim point
[16/12/12 17:47] *BFH Lightning*:yup
[16/12/12 17:48] tankfans:if i remember correctly, we go out then go back to cabin to check the large map, go out again, return and get the map... can we cut the part where we have to check the large map?
[16/12/12 17:48] Mallos:That.
[16/12/12 17:48] *Nimrodel*:Yeah.. thats what BFH was saying :3
[16/12/12 17:48] Necare:why not let the new player construct their tutorial by themselfs? What do you want to know? Choose from 1. Story or 2. Fighting or and so on?
[16/12/12 17:48] Jester:I would like to have to check the large map before you leave the first time, then come back for the other one
[16/12/12 17:48] Jester:otherwise whats the point of the large map?
[16/12/12 17:49] DARK DEMON:nice necare :D
[16/12/12 17:49] tankfans:oh, nice one, jester
[16/12/12 17:49] *BFH Lightning*:Necare thats a great suggestion for story modes of mp4-5
[16/12/12 17:49] *BFH Lightning*:i think
[16/12/12 17:49] *Nimrodel*:Yup. +1 Jester
[16/12/12 17:49] DARK DEMON:nah
[16/12/12 17:50] DARK DEMON:mp4 and mp5 story mode... you woulnd't want to "know" anything :P
[16/12/12 17:50] Necare:just a thought which jumped into my mind
[16/12/12 17:50] DARK DEMON:wouldn't*
[16/12/12 17:50] *Nimrodel*:Mmm.. I dont think mp4 and mp5 story modes need any reconstruction...
[16/12/12 17:50] DARK DEMON:no they don't
[16/12/12 17:50] DARK DEMON:nor do MP3 story modes
[16/12/12 17:50] *BFH Lightning*:it is the same nim.
[16/12/12 17:50] tankfans:mp5 stories are still underconstruction...
[16/12/12 17:50] DARK DEMON:it's just the tutorial :P
[16/12/12 17:50] *Nimrodel*:yeah well apart from that tanky :P
[16/12/12 17:51] VorniC:aaah BFH, and the stats ar not anymore multiplied by 4% like in mp4 story mode... when u advance in mp5 they give stats like mp3...
[16/12/12 17:51] *BFH Lightning*:if they are going to be finished at some point necares idea might be useful
[16/12/12 17:51] *BFH Lightning*:any way
[16/12/12 17:51] *BFH Lightning*:back
[16/12/12 17:51] *Chewett*:they will be finished "soon"
[16/12/12 17:51] *BFH Lightning*:lol
[16/12/12 17:51] Jester:or "tomorrow"
[16/12/12 17:51] Necare:tutorial could be free to skip too if people should have freedom of choice
[16/12/12 17:51] DARK DEMON:lol
[16/12/12 17:51] DARK DEMON:no please!
[16/12/12 17:52] DARK DEMON:in md it's impossible to survive without a tutorial
[16/12/12 17:52] :Eon passed Flowers to Chewett
[16/12/12 17:52] *BFH Lightning*:i think story mode perse can be skipped, but that would kill filters part
[16/12/12 17:52] DARK DEMON:gimme flowers too, Eon!
[16/12/12 17:52] *BFH Lightning*:so i think that will be disliked
[16/12/12 17:52] DARK DEMON:it is
[16/12/12 17:52] DARK DEMON::P
[16/12/12 17:52] *Chewett*:.
[16/12/12 17:52] *BFH Lightning*:getting back to back and fort
[16/12/12 17:52] Mallos:Mandatory story mode.
[16/12/12 17:53] :tankfans passed Sawdust to dark demon
[16/12/12 17:53] DARK DEMON:.
[16/12/12 17:53] Manda:NOOO
[16/12/12 17:53] DARK DEMON:.
[16/12/12 17:53] DARK DEMON:.
[16/12/12 17:53] DARK DEMON:.
[16/12/12 17:53] *BFH Lightning*:Land guardian
[16/12/12 17:53] Manda:NO frree formthe tutorial
[16/12/12 17:53] :Mallos passed Absinthe shot to Eon
[16/12/12 17:53] DARK DEMON:wait, why am i clearing chat?
[16/12/12 17:53] *BFH Lightning*:DD
[16/12/12 17:53] Jester:No idea.
[16/12/12 17:53] DARK DEMON:how did that happen?
[16/12/12 17:53] *Chewett*:dark cut the crap out
[16/12/12 17:53] Manda:lol
[16/12/12 17:53] *Peace*:I was about to ask you the same DD.
[16/12/12 17:53] *BFH Lightning*:you are one step of making me angry
[16/12/12 17:53] DARK DEMON:dude i swear i'm not doing this
[16/12/12 17:53] DARK DEMON:.
[16/12/12 17:53] Jester:Land Gaurdian, could that be switched to a bigger shade or something?
[16/12/12 17:53] *Chewett*:then you lie
[16/12/12 17:53] *BFH Lightning*:STOP it
[16/12/12 17:53] Jester: (could be your keyboard)
[16/12/12 17:53] DARK DEMON:something.. wrong with my ... keyboard
[16/12/12 17:54] *BFH Lightning*:land guardian
[16/12/12 17:54] *Peace*:Or he is being controlled, Chewbacus.
[16/12/12 17:54] *BFH Lightning*:that currently do nothing
[16/12/12 17:54] DARK DEMON:wait a sec
[16/12/12 17:54] Jester:the land guardian doesn't seem to have a purpose, but a giant shade blocking you could work
[16/12/12 17:54] DARK DEMON:right... there was something on the "." key lol
[16/12/12 17:54] tankfans:i would like a bigger shade, i actually never meet the land guardian ever again
[16/12/12 17:54] *Peace*:The land guardian DOES have a purpose.
[16/12/12 17:54] Jester:go grab some creatures so we can feast on your tasty, tasty Ve
[16/12/12 17:54] Jester:Not to noobs
[16/12/12 17:54] *Peace*:While the Shades do?
[16/12/12 17:54] :Eon passed Absinthe shot to Jester
[16/12/12 17:55] Jester:yes, they attack you right away
[16/12/12 17:55] Manda:yep the land Guardiant is acient
[16/12/12 17:55] lashtal:Do they?
[16/12/12 17:55] Jester:land guardians don't attack you at the aramory
[16/12/12 17:55] *Peace*:For someone who just started the land guardian is nothing more than just a creature blocking their way.
[16/12/12 17:55] Tipu:why shade ..why not angien ..
[16/12/12 17:55] Tipu:and ho yeah iam pending MB citizen
[16/12/12 17:55] Jester:angien... that... might be interesting.
[16/12/12 17:55] DARK DEMON:nah
[16/12/12 17:55] *Chewett*:give land guard purpose
[16/12/12 17:55] DARK DEMON:keep PEOPLE :P
[16/12/12 17:56] *BFH Lightning*:like?
[16/12/12 17:56] DARK DEMON:land guard can.. hmm...
[16/12/12 17:56] VorniC:i like the ideea with a shade... but not one that will dessapear if u win... one like Wodin was once... long time again... wich u can fight more...
[16/12/12 17:56] DARK DEMON:people like NPC's with names
[16/12/12 17:56] *Peace*:He's purpose is to block the path and provoke new players to get the creatures.
[16/12/12 17:56] Mallos:Make it a goat.
[16/12/12 17:56] tankfans:actually, I was thinking what is the relationship between the land guardian and the shades... I recruited aramors to beat the land guardian but the shades blocks my way back then
[16/12/12 17:56] *Peace*:I wouldn't want that changed really.
[16/12/12 17:56] :*BFH Lightning* failed to cast a spell
[16/12/12 17:56] *Chewett*:wodin was a player vornic...
[16/12/12 17:56] Jester:I say just switch it to something like the liquid dusty ones you fight
[16/12/12 17:56] Manda:is nice totry tofind more info
[16/12/12 17:56] DARK DEMON:oh, remember when i said that noobs can roam about freely?
[16/12/12 17:56] Manda:about where the land guardian go :D
[16/12/12 17:56] Mallos:Make it a giant Zleiphneir.
[16/12/12 17:57] DARK DEMON:there was a complaint that it would give access to restricted lands
[16/12/12 17:57] VorniC:i know Chew
[16/12/12 17:57] *Peace*:...
[16/12/12 17:57] DARK DEMON:but the land guardian would stop them
[16/12/12 17:57] Jester:its annoying when you can't find any info on the land guardian and everything
[16/12/12 17:57] DARK DEMON:see? that can be the purpose
[16/12/12 17:57] *Peace*:Change it to another creature then?
[16/12/12 17:57] Manda:wellyou can find a creature likehim
[16/12/12 17:57] DARK DEMON:keep a drach there!
[16/12/12 17:57] *BFH Lightning*:what if they fight land guardian after getting creats
[16/12/12 17:57] *Peace*:I wouldn't have it a Shade, it wouldn't make sence to me to be at the Path.
[16/12/12 17:57] Manda:no darch to GG .... not here
[16/12/12 17:57] DARK DEMON:oh yea :D
[16/12/12 17:58] *BFH Lightning*:at the whole end of the fighting
[16/12/12 17:58] tankfans:a grasan maybe?
[16/12/12 17:58] Jester:true, the path doesn't make sense
[16/12/12 17:58] Mallos:A goat :)
[16/12/12 17:58] Manda:maybe but in advanced mp level
[16/12/12 17:58] *Peace*:BFH, they get into story mode before they even get back to him.
[16/12/12 17:58] DARK DEMON:The land guardian can be the last battle. Aramors vs drach!
[16/12/12 17:58] DARK DEMON::P
[16/12/12 17:58] DARK DEMON:but in this case the drach would be pathetically weak
[16/12/12 17:58] *Peace*:And since most of us don't have time for idle chit chat, let's make this a constructive discussion, shall we?
[16/12/12 17:58] Jester:make it summoned army
[16/12/12 17:59] *BFH Lightning*:lets change that peace. ohh we can;t touch story
[16/12/12 17:59] DARK DEMON:no way
[16/12/12 17:59] Manda:no summoned is too strong
[16/12/12 17:59] DARK DEMON:a drach is fine, really
[16/12/12 17:59] Jester:c'mon, you can take summoned army with a few aramors!
[16/12/12 17:59] Mallos:Mandatory Storymode...
[16/12/12 17:59] *BFH Lightning*:shhh
[16/12/12 17:59] Jester:was kidding.
[16/12/12 17:59] *BFH Lightning*:stop
[16/12/12 17:59] DARK DEMON:with very low attack
[16/12/12 17:59] Mallos:Anything to change between the aramory and storymode?
[16/12/12 17:59] *Peace*:You can not change the stats of the Summoned Army.
[16/12/12 17:59] *BFH Lightning*:land guardian needs a purpose for new players?
[16/12/12 17:59] DARK DEMON:yes
[16/12/12 18:00] *Peace*:BFH.
[16/12/12 18:00] DARK DEMON:it prevents NPC's from roaming about after that point
[16/12/12 18:00] Manda:and put colors on the guards like the back on the sahdes :D
[16/12/12 18:00] VorniC:yes but at mp3 had no propose
[16/12/12 18:00] Jester:yes
[16/12/12 18:00] *BFH Lightning*:suggest one
[16/12/12 18:00] DARK DEMON:NPC's and noobs
[16/12/12 18:00] *Peace*:LG's purpose is to prevent new players walkng firther from the Path and lead them to Aramory to recruit their first creatures.
[16/12/12 18:00] DARK DEMON:both
[16/12/12 18:00] *BFH Lightning*:a concrete one.
[16/12/12 18:00] Jester:a real one Peace
[16/12/12 18:00] VorniC:i am tinking on it
[16/12/12 18:00] *BFH Lightning*:we all know that peace
[16/12/12 18:00] Jester:Might as well put up a stop sign
[16/12/12 18:00] Mallos:The land guardian is fine.
[16/12/12 18:00] *Peace*:What further purpose you want then?
[16/12/12 18:01] DARK DEMON:LG's purpose is to prevent them from roaming about further tha that point, like in my previous suggestion
[16/12/12 18:01] DARK DEMON:that*
[16/12/12 18:01] Manda:but why he dissapear when u get creatures ?¿
[16/12/12 18:01] DARK DEMON:since noobs would roam freely
[16/12/12 18:01] *Peace*:He does not disappear, Manda, you do.
[16/12/12 18:01] DARK DEMON:and there would be NPC's everywhere
[16/12/12 18:01] *BFH Lightning*:yeah i finished story, why on earth that c reature stopped me if I wont ever see it again in game
[16/12/12 18:01] *Peace*:When you get into story mode right after fighting Shades.
[16/12/12 18:01] *BFH Lightning*:quoting what i as mp3 would say
[16/12/12 18:01] Manda:well why i cant see him again :D
[16/12/12 18:01] tankfans:you went into a box?
[16/12/12 18:01] lol i eat you:I think making an intermediate NPC like half of the Loreroot gaurdians power somwhere along the way
[16/12/12 18:02] tankfans:to a different dimension?
[16/12/12 18:02] Mallos:It doesnt have to make sense, it just needs to work.
[16/12/12 18:02] lol i eat you:or a "sparring" area where you get no bonuses but fight NPCs
[16/12/12 18:02] *BFH Lightning*:please focus on the topic
[16/12/12 18:02] Jester:can we finish one topic before everyone jumps to another?
[16/12/12 18:02] DARK DEMON:no, not one sparring area
[16/12/12 18:02] Mallos:And it works fine.
[16/12/12 18:02] *Peace*:Please.
[16/12/12 18:02] DARK DEMON:noobs would fight npc's everywhere
[16/12/12 18:03] DARK DEMON:as they would be in their different world
[16/12/12 18:03] VorniC:make that "Bull :))" to say something else like... u are too weak... choise another path to get an army to beat me
[16/12/12 18:03] Manda:but we can put the bull creature :D
[16/12/12 18:03] *Peace*:You want MD NPCs or real NPC like Wodin?
[16/12/12 18:03] Jester:Definitely change the land guardian or give more info on them
[16/12/12 18:03] *BFH Lightning*:I'll silence every nonsense random chat
[16/12/12 18:03] DARK DEMON:Peace, npc's like empty aramors
[16/12/12 18:03] *Peace*:Please.
[16/12/12 18:03] DARK DEMON:but very easy ones
[16/12/12 18:04] DARK DEMON:for noobs to practice on
[16/12/12 18:04] *BFH Lightning*:DD stop
[16/12/12 18:04] DARK DEMON:they would be in their own world
[16/12/12 18:04] VorniC:and when they get creatures and escape from first stage of story mode to return at the location of Bull
[16/12/12 18:04] :DARK DEMON stops
[16/12/12 18:04] VorniC:and fight with it
[16/12/12 18:04] : Eon throws the dice and gets 2
[16/12/12 18:04] *Peace*:We have the slime, Willow's Guards, the Tree Guards so far.
[16/12/12 18:04] VorniC:like a NPC
[16/12/12 18:04] *BFH Lightning*:I agree with Jester that mp3s should know why they face LG
[16/12/12 18:04] : Mallos throws the dice and gets 7
[16/12/12 18:04] DARK DEMON:oeace, npc's on the noob route
[16/12/12 18:04] *Peace*:A sign post then?
[16/12/12 18:04] DARK DEMON:instead of the shades
[16/12/12 18:04] DARK DEMON:peace*
[16/12/12 18:04] Manda:but the LG can have a Bull creature just 1 to beat
[16/12/12 18:05] lashtal:O.o
[16/12/12 18:05] *Peace*:Or a tip above the chat for newbies, like the other ones they get?
[16/12/12 18:05] *BFH Lightning*:hence we have to give it some sort of clue or make them interested in reasearching it later on
[16/12/12 18:05] *Peace*:DD, Shades are there for a reason.
[16/12/12 18:05] DARK DEMON:wait, then make the shades the npc's
[16/12/12 18:05] Jester:I've never been interested in researching it, its boring
[16/12/12 18:05] *Nimrodel*:-__
[16/12/12 18:05] *Nimrodel*:-
[16/12/12 18:05] Jester:some bull doesn't like me, oh no
[16/12/12 18:05] Manda:but isnjust you Jester
[16/12/12 18:05] *BFH Lightning*:yes manda it would be nice, but they still wont have creatures and we can't touch story mode
[16/12/12 18:06] *BFH Lightning*:we could change it
[16/12/12 18:06] *BFH Lightning*:i guess
[16/12/12 18:06] *Peace*:I suggest a note tip above chat.
[16/12/12 18:06] Manda:maybe if the palyer click much times the bull
[16/12/12 18:06] Jester:Just to prove my point, how many people here have actually researched it and found concrete info on the land guardian?
[16/12/12 18:06] VorniC:is exactly what i have said
[16/12/12 18:06] *Nimrodel*:I agree with Peace
[16/12/12 18:06] DARK DEMON:i already suggested pieces of helpful text to the right
[16/12/12 18:06] DARK DEMON:where the mood panel is
[16/12/12 18:06] Valldore Nal:You can have the bull follow the players
[16/12/12 18:06] DARK DEMON:no please
[16/12/12 18:06] Valldore Nal:up to the aramory
[16/12/12 18:07] *BFH Lightning*:me! beta! :D
[16/12/12 18:07] tankfans:i tried searching but don't know where to find a clue
[16/12/12 18:07] *BFH Lightning*::P
[16/12/12 18:07] Manda:ahemThe LG a imagecan apeear with the body on the floor and a reading
[16/12/12 18:07] Valldore Nal:and once they recruit a creature, fight him first before the shades
[16/12/12 18:07] *Peace*:DD, a new player is not yet familiar with the entire interface.
[16/12/12 18:07] *Peace*:Tips above chat are the best noticeable.
[16/12/12 18:07] DARK DEMON:that's why, peace, no interface :D
[16/12/12 18:07] DARK DEMON:there would be no mood panel
[16/12/12 18:07] *Peace*:Valldore, you would have to make the Bull hunt you to Aramory to fight him first.
[16/12/12 18:07] DARK DEMON:instead, pieces of text
[16/12/12 18:07] *BFH Lightning*:ok tips?
[16/12/12 18:08] Valldore Nal:Yes, that's what i sadi
[16/12/12 18:08] Valldore Nal:said
[16/12/12 18:08] DARK DEMON:noobs would be cut off from this md world until they finish story
[16/12/12 18:08] *BFH Lightning*:and then open the way directly to aramory instead of making them abck again?
[16/12/12 18:08] DARK DEMON:they would be in the tutorial world
[16/12/12 18:08] DARK DEMON:the npc's would only be in the tutorial world
[16/12/12 18:08] Jester:I suppose
[16/12/12 18:08] *Peace*:I can't follow everyone's talk over here, too many peeople talking.
[16/12/12 18:08] *BFH Lightning*:excuse me
[16/12/12 18:08] VorniC:good point BFH
[16/12/12 18:08] *BFH Lightning*:I'm going to silence and move dd
[16/12/12 18:08] DARK DEMON::(
[16/12/12 18:09] :[Spell] @Gazebo of Chaos~Dark Demon
[16/12/12 18:09] Manda:uich
[16/12/12 18:09] : Eon throws the dice and gets 3
[16/12/12 18:09] :*Peace* watches DD fly.
[16/12/12 18:09] : Mallos throws the dice and gets 6
[16/12/12 18:09] *Peace*:Now, where were we?
[16/12/12 18:09] :*Nimrodel* sighs
[16/12/12 18:09] Jester:Voting on tip above LG
[16/12/12 18:09] *BFH Lightning*:back
[16/12/12 18:10] tankfans:one way to aramory?
[16/12/12 18:10] *Peace*:Aye! *raises hand on that.*
[16/12/12 18:10] VorniC:yes
[16/12/12 18:10] *Nimrodel*:Yush!
[16/12/12 18:10] tankfans:what's the tip?
[16/12/12 18:10] Jester:and straight to aramory, es
[16/12/12 18:10] VorniC:and a fight with that LG
[16/12/12 18:10] Mallos:Yes.
[16/12/12 18:10] Jester:although I still think LG should be changed to something else
[16/12/12 18:10] *BFH Lightning*:a little clue that appears on chat
[16/12/12 18:10] Jester:There will be no fight with LG and he'll never show up again
[16/12/12 18:10] *BFH Lightning*:yup
[16/12/12 18:11] tankfans:^agree
[16/12/12 18:11] VorniC:k
[16/12/12 18:11] *BFH Lightning*:we could ask for that to change jester
[16/12/12 18:11] *Peace*:But you get to see one of MD's unique creatures.
[16/12/12 18:11] Jester:and never see it again!
[16/12/12 18:11] *BFH Lightning*: (dd spam again and it wont be a nice place)
[16/12/12 18:11] *Peace*:It gives you something to look forward to, even if the specific crit is not recruitable.
[16/12/12 18:11] Mallos:LG should be a goat hehe...
[16/12/12 18:11] Jester:Might as well throw in a flying spagetthi monster and say its unique!
[16/12/12 18:11] *Peace*:SO we thought about the Shades and look, half of us here must have had a Shade.
[16/12/12 18:11] *BFH Lightning*:lol
[16/12/12 18:12] *BFH Lightning*:ok
[16/12/12 18:12] *BFH Lightning*:tip and directly to aramory
[16/12/12 18:12] tankfans:I don't
[16/12/12 18:12] Manda:yay:D
[16/12/12 18:12] *BFH Lightning*:now aramory part and recruting peple
[16/12/12 18:12] *BFH Lightning*:recruiting*
[16/12/12 18:12] *BFH Lightning*:merged two chats sorry
[16/12/12 18:12] Jester:But you'll ask Mur about changing it?
[16/12/12 18:12] *Peace*:What about it?
[16/12/12 18:13] *BFH Lightning*:many problems
[16/12/12 18:13] *Peace*:Give me one.
[16/12/12 18:13] Jester:Alright....
[16/12/12 18:13] *BFH Lightning*:ciscosity
[16/12/12 18:13] *BFH Lightning*:viscosity
[16/12/12 18:13] *Nimrodel*:I dont think one needs to consult the scroll after recruiting a crit from the aramory >>
[16/12/12 18:13] *Peace*:That is our issue, not the newbies.
[16/12/12 18:13] tankfans:how many AP does a new player have?
[16/12/12 18:13] *BFH Lightning*:peace they are affected by it
[16/12/12 18:13] *Peace*:Can you arrange with Council that viscosity will be at -80 at ALL times?
[16/12/12 18:14] *BFH Lightning*:tuturial players should be inmune
[16/12/12 18:14] *Peace*:If that can not be done, then WE as a community must care for the ones that arrive.
[16/12/12 18:14] Mallos:Yeah.
[16/12/12 18:14] Tipu:yay
[16/12/12 18:14] tankfans:yeah
[16/12/12 18:14] *Peace*:Immune for how long though?
[16/12/12 18:14] Manda:butmost of the time
[16/12/12 18:14] Valldore Nal:Yes, how long indeed
[16/12/12 18:14] *BFH Lightning*:review
[16/12/12 18:14] *BFH Lightning*:The game starts out well enough, seems to have a lot of depth of story and roleplaying elements. However, there was a lot of downtime waiting for 'counters' to recharge so I could explore more, you be
[16/12/12 18:14] Manda:not much palyers arround
[16/12/12 18:14] Jester:after recruiting one single creature it brings you to the creature page, I found that annoying
[16/12/12 18:14] Mallos:Until storymode.
[16/12/12 18:14] *Peace*:I just started the game, I am immune, I stopped playing after 5 minutes and came back after a week.
[16/12/12 18:14] *BFH Lightning*:benefit from postponing the story which detaches you from the RP feeling, and the interface gave odd errors for me often. An interesting concept, but not for me due to clumsy interface, disjointed gam
[16/12/12 18:14] Manda:ar least no the help ones
[16/12/12 18:14] *Peace*:And I didn't got to see story mode
[16/12/12 18:15] *BFH Lightning*:gameplay, and very heavy RP chat (not friendly to non-RP'ers at all) .
[16/12/12 18:15] DARK DEMON:.
[16/12/12 18:15] *BFH Lightning*:Agree with jester
[16/12/12 18:16] *Peace*:Don't they need to get familiar with the creature interface?
[16/12/12 18:16] *BFH Lightning*:they should be given a hint to recruti more than one creature and a "variety"
[16/12/12 18:16] *Peace*:Tip above chat?
[16/12/12 18:16] Jester:of course, they should have to check it, but not be forced after first creature
[16/12/12 18:16] Tipu:yeah
[16/12/12 18:16] *BFH Lightning*:they can be shown the page when clicking the out arrow
[16/12/12 18:16] Mallos:I got one aramor and fought with it, didnt realize i could get more. Agree with Jester.
[16/12/12 18:16] *Peace*:Although I think that already exists.
[16/12/12 18:16] Jester:variety sucks!
[16/12/12 18:16] Jester:all aramors beats buying hollows every time
[16/12/12 18:16] Manda:yes it says try more than one creature
[16/12/12 18:16] *BFH Lightning*:two barrens wont do a thing
[16/12/12 18:17] *Peace*:WHich is why they need to read the abilities
[16/12/12 18:17] Jester:barrens, right. they heal less than you take damage, making them worthless.
[16/12/12 18:17] Jester:trust me, I've been through tutorial 80 times.
[16/12/12 18:17] *Peace*:Power them up>
[16/12/12 18:17] tankfans:you need at least an aramor and a barren soul to get pass the shades in a go
[16/12/12 18:17] VorniC:but the creature on recruitment have some details... of what they do..
[16/12/12 18:17] Manda:maybe you can put a condition to at least check the abilities :D
[16/12/12 18:17] *Peace*:SO have I.
[16/12/12 18:17] Tipu:evey kid knows 2 is better than 1 ...
[16/12/12 18:17] dragonrider7:i think if we describe more on what a creature can do will help...not just the stats
[16/12/12 18:17] Jester:aramors beats barrens every. time.
[16/12/12 18:18] *Peace*:Aren't that in the crit info already?
[16/12/12 18:18] *Peace*:Aramor: Basic fighting entity. BS: basic healing entity etc
[16/12/12 18:18] *BFH Lightning*:we have find a way they dont get just two barrens
[16/12/12 18:18] Jester:yes, definitly BS
[16/12/12 18:18] *BFH Lightning*:or not?
[16/12/12 18:19] Manda:yes
[16/12/12 18:19] Tipu:yess
[16/12/12 18:19] *Peace*:...
[16/12/12 18:19] Jester:how?
[16/12/12 18:19] VorniC:rise a little vp of the begining... they cant recruit grasans too..
[16/12/12 18:19] *Peace*:They can after a couple days
[16/12/12 18:19] Tipu:yess..
[16/12/12 18:20] *Peace*:From story mode bonuses.
[16/12/12 18:20] *Peace*:Unless you decide to lower their price
[16/12/12 18:20] Jester:they could in the beginning with more VP
[16/12/12 18:20] Jester:or was it AP...
[16/12/12 18:20] *Peace*:VP
[16/12/12 18:20] *BFH Lightning*:why we dont gift them a creature?
[16/12/12 18:20] Jester:I know you can first thing in story mode if you wait
[16/12/12 18:20] Jester:Oh, EP
[16/12/12 18:20] *Peace*:We as in the game, BFH?
[16/12/12 18:20] VorniC:i have 4 pimped grasans... i can give it for free
[16/12/12 18:20] Jester:gift... like when you get to the aramory you get an aramor?
[16/12/12 18:20] Jester:I like that
[16/12/12 18:21] Manda:no better lower abut the VP cost
[16/12/12 18:21] Manda:Lol
[16/12/12 18:21] *BFH Lightning*:that or you get first creat (say barren) and you get a free aramor?
[16/12/12 18:21] *Peace*:I agree with Manda, lower the cost for grasan so that they can at least obtain one.
[16/12/12 18:21] Manda:sorry a bit the VP cost....
[16/12/12 18:21] Jester:2 for 1 sale!
[16/12/12 18:21] VorniC:and is not nice to see that in mp3 almost all creature have mp advance requirement
[16/12/12 18:22] *Peace*:One thing at the time, VorniC.
[16/12/12 18:22] Tipu:yeah just give them a garsan + armor ...
[16/12/12 18:22] VorniC:k
[16/12/12 18:22] Manda:yes wait5 a sec vor
[16/12/12 18:22] Jester:why not when you first go to the aramory you get taken to the creature page and have an aramor
[16/12/12 18:22] *Peace*:What if...
[16/12/12 18:22] Valldore Nal:I kinda liked the fact that i had to wait until i could recruit a grassan
[16/12/12 18:22] Tipu:as some kind of a reward for finishing the tasks
[16/12/12 18:22] Jester:instead of buying your first creature and then going to it?
[16/12/12 18:22] Manda:he can wait a bit for one aramor onegassy and one barren
[16/12/12 18:22] Jester:agree with Vall (entine)
[16/12/12 18:23] *Peace*:I agree too.
[16/12/12 18:23] Manda:well when you enter the story mode you can have a gassy :D
[16/12/12 18:23] *BFH Lightning*:grassans should wait
[16/12/12 18:24] *BFH Lightning*:that will make them return
[16/12/12 18:24] *Chewett*:you should have to wait a bit to get a grasan
[16/12/12 18:24] *Chewett*:indeed
[16/12/12 18:24] Tipu:yeah keep waiting ... while he searches for another RPG
[16/12/12 18:24] *Chewett*:you should not be able to get all things immediately
[16/12/12 18:24] *BFH Lightning*:we can gift them the second creat? or one initial one?
[16/12/12 18:24] Manda:so what we do lower the Vpcost
[16/12/12 18:24] Manda:or not
[16/12/12 18:24] dragonrider7:but again few shades are tough to beat with Aramors...again to wait for regen and all
[16/12/12 18:24] *Chewett*:makes it confusing if they randomly get things
[16/12/12 18:25] *BFH Lightning*:idea is that they dont fight shades with two barrens
[16/12/12 18:25] *Peace*:Tipu, it is the same with all games.
[16/12/12 18:25] *Chewett*:no, the vp cost is fine
[16/12/12 18:25] *Peace*:You don't start by getting everything.
[16/12/12 18:25] *Chewett*:no, the sahdes are NOT hard to beat
[16/12/12 18:25] Jester:does anyone fight the shades with two barrens though?
[16/12/12 18:25] *Peace*:You need to work to receive more bonuses.
[16/12/12 18:25] VorniC:add an Aramor in inventory
[16/12/12 18:25] *Chewett*:all you need is two aramors
[16/12/12 18:25] Jester:if you do you can go buy an aramor later...
[16/12/12 18:25] Valldore Nal:Don't take away the joy of recruiting. Maybe have him recruit one (either aramor or barren) and gift him one of the other ?
[16/12/12 18:25] *BFH Lightning*:yes chew but not two barrens
[16/12/12 18:25] dragonrider7:yes thats the catch...who knows u need two
[16/12/12 18:25] dragonrider7:aramors
[16/12/12 18:25] *Chewett*:gifting again doesnt make sense as it doesnt happen in normal game
[16/12/12 18:25] *Peace*:Can I suggest something?
[16/12/12 18:26] *Peace*:Although I am not sure how it may be possible
[16/12/12 18:26] *BFH Lightning*:yes peace
[16/12/12 18:26] Jester:I give away stuff all the time
[16/12/12 18:26] Manda:at the first try i gotthe 3 creats
[16/12/12 18:26] *Chewett*:you are not normal
[16/12/12 18:26] *Peace*:You could limit one barren soul to all new players until they enter story mode
[16/12/12 18:26] *Chewett*:therefore your argument is invalid jester :P
[16/12/12 18:26] Manda:i killonesahde and had enough VP to get the gassy
[16/12/12 18:26] *BFH Lightning*:they could skip recruting with one creat
[16/12/12 18:27] *Peace*:What do you mean?
[16/12/12 18:27] *BFH Lightning*:why not forcing them to at least get one aramor?
[16/12/12 18:27] *Peace*:NO that is not what I meant.
[16/12/12 18:27] Jester:Fine...
[16/12/12 18:27] *Chewett*:video tutorial can suggest two aramors 1 barren
[16/12/12 18:27] *Chewett*:simple
[16/12/12 18:27] *Peace*:Let them get 2 or even three aramors if they want to.
[16/12/12 18:27] *Chewett*:tell them what each does in the tutorial, then they wil know 2 barrens is tupid
[16/12/12 18:27] Tipu:ok i need to sleep now ...byee all...
[16/12/12 18:27] Manda:yep the video seems nice
[16/12/12 18:27] Jester:Night
[16/12/12 18:27] Manda:night
[16/12/12 18:27] *Peace*:It is the barren souls I suggest they are limited to one creature per newbie until they enter story mode.
[16/12/12 18:28] *BFH Lightning*:if i buy one barren i fulfill your requirement peace and the game one. and still remain with the problem
[16/12/12 18:28] *BFH Lightning*:video nice
[16/12/12 18:28] *Peace*:Cheewy, what the barren soul does is there in the information.
[16/12/12 18:28] *Peace*:Most just don't take the time to actually read.
[16/12/12 18:28] *Chewett*:people dont read
[16/12/12 18:28] Jester:Video is a good idea
[16/12/12 18:28] *Chewett*:which is why a video tellin them what each does is good
[16/12/12 18:28] *Peace*:Video?
[16/12/12 18:28] Jester:it doesn't say the BS totally sucks in the description, but it does.
[16/12/12 18:28] VorniC:and they will return to recruit more if they see they lost fights
[16/12/12 18:28] *BFH Lightning*:lol
[16/12/12 18:28] *Peace*:Hmm...
[16/12/12 18:28] *Chewett*:becuase it can practically tell them NOT get just 2 barrens
[16/12/12 18:28] Valldore Nal:Agree too, prefer it over gifting or forcing
[16/12/12 18:29] Jester:Yes, video is perfect
[16/12/12 18:29] *Chewett*:if you want to run with the video idea, at least make it consistent, otherwise its just confusing again...
[16/12/12 18:29] *BFH Lightning*:ok
[16/12/12 18:29] Jester: (We talked about it earlier Peace)
[16/12/12 18:29] *Peace*:How would you do it on video?
[16/12/12 18:29] *BFH Lightning*:problems
[16/12/12 18:30] *BFH Lightning*:necro gate
[16/12/12 18:30] *BFH Lightning*:open necro spell
[16/12/12 18:30] Jester:That is a problem.
[16/12/12 18:30] *BFH Lightning*:they shouldn't be able to enter
[16/12/12 18:30] Jester:A big one.
[16/12/12 18:30] VorniC:the video tutorials will not increase lags?
[16/12/12 18:30] *BFH Lightning*:youtube host it vornic
[16/12/12 18:30] *BFH Lightning*:not us
[16/12/12 18:30] *BFH Lightning*:no lag
[16/12/12 18:31] *Peace*:Concerning opening Necro.
[16/12/12 18:31] Jester: (Peace sent a brief overview to you)
[16/12/12 18:31] *Chewett*:ban all illusions, simple
[16/12/12 18:31] *Peace*:I for once do not use that spell more than even twice a year.
[16/12/12 18:31] *Chewett*:i will freely give mine up
[16/12/12 18:31] *Peace*:Dst uses it mostly for favors.
[16/12/12 18:32] *Peace*:I am sick of getting reports of new players who get stuck in Necro because someone decided to use an illusion spell.
[16/12/12 18:32] *Chewett*:ban all illusions
[16/12/12 18:32] *BFH Lightning*:i get many reports too
[16/12/12 18:32] Jester:Wonder if they could make it so that MP3 can't enter the open necro spell portal?
[16/12/12 18:32] *Chewett*:illusions break citizenship, ban them
[16/12/12 18:32] *Peace*:You can not ban illusions, they are there for a reason.
[16/12/12 18:32] Jester:Thats pretty simple
[16/12/12 18:32] *Peace*:You have it for a reason, I have them for a reason, Grido, dst, Rendril, we all have it for our reasons.
[16/12/12 18:32] Jester:MP requirement to the portal
[16/12/12 18:33] Jester: (Yeah, you got lucky)
[16/12/12 18:33] *Chewett*:greedy
[16/12/12 18:33] *BFH Lightning*:or ad
[16/12/12 18:33] *Peace*: (no I didn't got lucky)
[16/12/12 18:33] *BFH Lightning*:ad requirement?
[16/12/12 18:33] Jester:AD, yeah
[16/12/12 18:33] *Peace*:AD or MP requirement is an idea
[16/12/12 18:33] Jester:thats good
[16/12/12 18:33] *Peace*:but still
[16/12/12 18:33] *BFH Lightning*:if they get stuck at least they better know who to contact
[16/12/12 18:33] *Chewett*:greedy people go "OMG DONT REMOVE MY ABUSIVE ILLUSIONS, I WANT TO ABUSE THINGS"
[16/12/12 18:33] *Peace*:The viscosity is high usually inside plaus we have traps
[16/12/12 18:34] VorniC:i agree with Jester... it was an option in story mode at mp5 when we can to enter in Necro... now it doesnt work anymore
[16/12/12 18:34] Jester:You're welcome.
[16/12/12 18:34] *Peace*:Chewy, how do 'I' abuse illusions, tell me.
[16/12/12 18:34] *BFH Lightning*:you can still enter
[16/12/12 18:34] *BFH Lightning*:just need correct ap
[16/12/12 18:34] *Peace*:A sign post like in the maze?
[16/12/12 18:34] VorniC:if u tell me how?
[16/12/12 18:34] *BFH Lightning*:no people dont read
[16/12/12 18:34] *Peace*:Good point.
[16/12/12 18:34] *BFH Lightning*:ad
[16/12/12 18:35] *Peace*:Limite access to AD then?
[16/12/12 18:35] *Peace*:or MP?
[16/12/12 18:35] *Chewett*:ad works best
[16/12/12 18:35] *BFH Lightning*: (My god DEVIE! looong time no see)
[16/12/12 18:35] *Chewett*:i reported this and was informed it will be done "at some point"
[16/12/12 18:35] *BFH Lightning*:indeed
[16/12/12 18:35] *Peace*:How much is the safest?
[16/12/12 18:35] *Chewett*:perhaps i should have mentioned this lol :P
[16/12/12 18:35] Devie: (:P)
[16/12/12 18:35] *BFH Lightning*:cool to know chew
[16/12/12 18:35] *Peace*:I get reports from even older than 30 days.
[16/12/12 18:35] *BFH Lightning*:next point
[16/12/12 18:35] Jester:Excellent.
[16/12/12 18:36] *BFH Lightning*:there was a way which i dont remember in which tutorial or story could get broken)
[16/12/12 18:36] *BFH Lightning*:anyone recall which was it
[16/12/12 18:36] *Peace*:Mm...
[16/12/12 18:36] *Chewett*:its fixed
[16/12/12 18:36] *Chewett*:the main way is fixed
[16/12/12 18:36] *BFH Lightning*:ohh perfect
[16/12/12 18:36] *Chewett*:however you can still be ported out of the tutorial path, and get broken
[16/12/12 18:37] Manda:omg
[16/12/12 18:37] *Chewett*:previosuly you could leave aramory without buying crits
[16/12/12 18:37] *BFH Lightning*:make tutorial players not targetable by spells?
[16/12/12 18:37] *BFH Lightning*:or teleports
[16/12/12 18:37] Jester:What about spells don't work on people in tutorial?
[16/12/12 18:37] Jester:Yes
[16/12/12 18:37] *Peace*:No.
[16/12/12 18:37] Jester:except the obvious ones from LHOs
[16/12/12 18:37] *Chewett*:also already suggested that, it was being considered
[16/12/12 18:37] :*BFH Lightning* failed to cast a spell
[16/12/12 18:37] *Chewett*:something like a list of spells that dont work on noobs
[16/12/12 18:37] *Peace*:Unless you finish the open necro issue, I suggest make newbies able to be teleported.
[16/12/12 18:38] *BFH Lightning*:yes
[16/12/12 18:38] *Peace*:Oh!
[16/12/12 18:38] *Peace*:There is one thing.
[16/12/12 18:38] *Peace*:Public meetings.
[16/12/12 18:38] VorniC:just the spells with guardian army and such things
[16/12/12 18:38] *Peace*:Like the one we have now.
[16/12/12 18:38] *Chewett*:ditto to that :P
[16/12/12 18:38] *BFH Lightning*:peace this is like a bunch of things if tutorial is going to be fixed all of this will
[16/12/12 18:38] *Chewett*:both i and bfh raised this
[16/12/12 18:38] *BFH Lightning*:hopefully
[16/12/12 18:39] *Chewett*:noobs = people in tutorial
[16/12/12 18:39] *Peace*:About the public meetings?
[16/12/12 18:39] *Chewett*:block all teleport spells
[16/12/12 18:39] *BFH Lightning*:jump links are fixed so that you cant jump if you dont have the certain amount of ad i set
[16/12/12 18:39] *BFH Lightning*:or caster* set
[16/12/12 18:39] *Chewett*:ah so thats done already, cool
[16/12/12 18:40] *BFH Lightning*:today it was to four
[16/12/12 18:40] *Peace*:and it goes for any link anybody puts there?
[16/12/12 18:40] *Chewett*:see peace, we active people report things lol
[16/12/12 18:40] *Peace*:Like when Mur does it? WHne Grido does it?
[16/12/12 18:40] *BFH Lightning*:that's what announcement says
[16/12/12 18:40] *BFH Lightning*:lol
[16/12/12 18:40] *Chewett*:its the same thing peace...
[16/12/12 18:40] *Peace*:I'll pretent I didn't heat that, Chewbacus.
[16/12/12 18:41] *Chewett*:whatever you say dearie
[16/12/12 18:41] *BFH Lightning*:if Mur do it they just need to remember to set the restriction
[16/12/12 18:41] *Chewett*::))
[16/12/12 18:41] *BFH Lightning*:if they don't we have to manually port them back
[16/12/12 18:41] *Peace*:Suuuure, he will remember.
[16/12/12 18:41] *Peace*:Anyways.
[16/12/12 18:41] *BFH Lightning*:mur alwasy break things
[16/12/12 18:41] VorniC:a problem is also with the portal to GG, are players who get stuck there because of AP
[16/12/12 18:41] *BFH Lightning*:that is unavoidable
[16/12/12 18:41] *BFH Lightning*::P
[16/12/12 18:42] *Chewett*:this isnt about tutorial at all? good meeting control bfh
[16/12/12 18:42] *BFH Lightning*:that do is a problem but apart of tutorial
[16/12/12 18:42] VorniC:aah, right
[16/12/12 18:42] Manda:lol
[16/12/12 18:42] Jester:its an MD meeting, have you ever seen one that stays on track?
[16/12/12 18:42] *BFH Lightning*:yes chew
[16/12/12 18:42] *Chewett*:my ones stay on track
[16/12/12 18:42] *BFH Lightning*:nothing else regarding tutorial problems?
[16/12/12 18:43] : Eon throws the dice and gets 1
[16/12/12 18:43] *Peace*:I think I could think of some more.
[16/12/12 18:43] *Chewett*:but most of you noobs dont remember my MDP sparring ground ones and rpc meets
[16/12/12 18:43] *BFH Lightning*:then fast
[16/12/12 18:43] VorniC:it is one but is mp5 lvl
[16/12/12 18:43] Jester:I probably didn't go
[16/12/12 18:43] *Peace*:Hey, I just got here and with nothing prepared. I am using my memory.
[16/12/12 18:44] Jester:Its been advertised for a while
[16/12/12 18:44] *Peace*:Did we cover all other issues?
[16/12/12 18:44] *Chewett*:indeed...
[16/12/12 18:44] *BFH Lightning*:yup
[16/12/12 18:44] *BFH Lightning*:i can;t recall more issues
[16/12/12 18:44] *BFH Lightning*:for tutorial part
[16/12/12 18:44] *BFH Lightning*:story is murs dominion
[16/12/12 18:44] *Peace*:So what, Jester? I am sorry that MD is not my priority yet here I am trying to offer any help I can.
[16/12/12 18:45] Jester:Help you say. Ok.
[16/12/12 18:45] *BFH Lightning*:so we are done?
[16/12/12 18:45] Jester:Anyways...
[16/12/12 18:45] *Chewett*:fighting with jester isnt going to help then peace...
[16/12/12 18:45] *Peace*:It never does!
[16/12/12 18:45] *Peace*:Because he is him!
[16/12/12 18:45] *BFH Lightning*:We are done.
[16/12/12 18:45] *Peace*: *nods to BFH* Then I will be off.
[16/12/12 18:46] Jester:Map, LG, doubling bak, creatures, videos?
[16/12/12 18:46] *BFH Lightning*:Thank you all for discussing. Sanctuary will be removed in 15 minutes.
[16/12/12 18:46] *Nimrodel*:What about dark demon?
[16/12/12 18:46] *BFH Lightning*:Run.
[16/12/12 18:46] *BFH Lightning*:and Hide
[16/12/12 18:46] *Peace*:He is here, Nim.
[16/12/12 18:46] *Nimrodel*::3
[16/12/12 18:46] Manda:no removeit 1min :D
[16/12/12 18:46] Manda:socan run faster :P
[16/12/12 18:47] lashtal:See you all.
[16/12/12 18:47] *Nimrodel*:ah.. ohkay :P
[16/12/12 18:47] :*Peace* nods to all present and walks towards Necrovion to pray.
[16/12/12 18:47] *Nimrodel*:ja :D
[16/12/12 18:48] Manda:i hopeto have amovelock field spell:(
[16/12/12 18:48] Devie:When did the GoE get broken? :o
[16/12/12 18:48] *Nimrodel*:Shem sneezed
[16/12/12 18:48] Devie:oh my..
[16/12/12 18:48] Sunfire:and Tipu farted
[16/12/12 18:49] *Nimrodel*:After he broke it.. he got so ashamed of himself that he's now hiding near the rpess
[16/12/12 18:49] :[Spell] KBOOM!


Summary will be posted later

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