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The cat is out of the bag :)

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As I've told a few already I feel I should make it so it's not gossip or "secretive".

Some of you may have noticed my absence from the game for a while, reappearing every so often. The reason behind this is because my Partner and I have been busy with other aspects of life.

Just under two months ago we found out our tries had succeeded and that I am expecting. :) We have since been planning for the child and, get ready for it, our wedding. Yes, I am now a mother and bride to be. :D

Due to these I will be online more over the coming months, as I draw closer to my maternity leave, but shall be busy sorting things out. That means I will be here, but may not answer so quickly!!

The child is due around the 6th of April 2013, so only 8 months to go! ^_^

As MD is considered one big family, I thought it would be nice to let you all know. :D

(Any advice from mums and dads is very much appreciated by the way!! :) )


Edit: Realised I put "Yes I am [b]not[/b] a mother and bride to be" :L

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Thank you for the congratulations!

And I shall indeed be teaching it the way of MD from birth! By the time it is four it will have taken over Eon's place, possibly Mur's also. ;D

Edit: As pointed out to me, by one who shall remain anonymous, the child will have take over MUR before Eon. ;D

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[quote name='Kiley' timestamp='1344212626' post='119366']
Rule Number 1: Never feed it after midnight:))

I am so happy for you:P

Unfortunately, I think I'll have no choice in the matter! But let's hope my little Gizmo doesn't turn into a Gremlin hey. ;D

[quote name='Fire Starter' timestamp='1344241856' post='119396']
Well done, dear :D Congratulations and may the new member of your family listen to you, like you'll listen to it.

(And make sure to double check - recently a friend of mine got pregnant too, and now they are expecting triplets, yeah! :cool: )

Congratulations to her too, and good luck! I think it'll be bad enough with one, let alone three! The poor lady! :D

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