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[u][b]This is the public log for the Community Garden. ANYONE can post logs here.[/b][/u]

The search for blueberries, thanks to Mya Celestia

[b]Day 179, Year 7[/b]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi opens his eyes[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi inhales deeply[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi exhales slowly[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi listens[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi sees Amoran K Kol sleeping under the tree and smiles[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi notices movement in the forest at the top of the hill[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi sees a red-shoulder hawk fly up from a branch of one of the trees on the forest edge, heading north into Loreroot[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi hears the distant cry of the hawk, followed by similar mocking tones from a group of blue jays[/i]
Rumi: *[i]smiles[/i]* silly corvids
: [i]Rumi notices Amoran has awoken from her sleep[/i]
Rumi: Greetings Amoran
*Mya Celestia*: *[i]smiles[/i]* Hi Rumi
Rumi: Hiya Mya
*Mya Celestia*: How's the garden? ?
Rumi: Do you want to plant some seeds?
*Mya Celestia*: *[i]smiles[/i]* Sure
Rumi: What do you think you would like to grow
*Mya Celestia*: I like blueberries. Do you have any blueberry bushes yet?
Rumi: This will be a little plot just for you... so pick something you want to give some love and attention
Rumi: hmm...blueberries
Rumi: we're supposed to have a berry patch right down along at the bottom of the hill, along the road
Rumi: you know, i LOVE blueberries
*Mya Celestia*: They're my favorite fruit
Rumi: A blueberry bush might be a little overkill for a small plot, but maybe we can plant a first shrub along the road here
*Mya Celestia*: Awesome!
Rumi: any idea where to find an existing blueberry shrub? we can probably cut a sucker form the root system and plant it to grow a new bush
*Mya Celestia*: Hmm...I know I've seen a bush somewhere
Rumi: i've never grown a blueberry shrub from seed, but surely it can be done
Rumi: the seeds i think are very small in the berry
*Mya Celestia*: I would think so. I mean that has to be how they started at one time right?
Rumi: well most every plant has a mechanism to make seed, but many rarely use it, if propagation through other means is more effective
*Mya Celestia*: I'll go wander the forest and see if I can find anything that looks like a blueberry bush. If I find one, I'll let you know :)
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi smiles and waves as Mya departs[/i]

[b]: [/b][i]Rumi walks up the road and stops to rest[/i]
Rumi[b]: [/b]How many times have I walked this road and never stopped to enjoy it?
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi reads Mya Celestia's note with instructions for finding blueberries near here[/i]
Rumi[b]: [/b]ahhh
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi looks up the hill and into the forest edge[/i]
Rumi[b]: [/b]*[i]smiles[/i]* sure enough
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi climbs up the hill and examines the shrub[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi picks a few ripe berries from the shrub[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi tastes a blueberry and smiles[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi sits next to the blueberry bush[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi inhales deeply[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi exhales slowly[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi listens[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi hears numerous birds songs coming from all directions[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi smiles[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi closes his eyes[/i]

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Preparing a small pumpkin patch and planting pumpkin seeds

[log=[b]Day 185, Year 7[/b]]
[04/07/12 18:54] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid smiles warmly at Rumi as she walks down the path[/i]
[04/07/12 18:55] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi returns a smile[/i]
[04/07/12 18:55] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]It is so good to see you
[04/07/12 18:56] [b]Rumi:[/b]you too
[04/07/12 19:00] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi stands[/i]
[04/07/12 19:01] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi walks over to Phantom Orchid[/i]
[04/07/12 19:02] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi reaches forward and opens his clasped fingers to reveal a handful of pumpkin seeds[/i]
[04/07/12 19:02] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid opens her eyes wide and smiles[/i]
[04/07/12 19:02] [b]Rumi:[/b]These are for you
[04/07/12 19:03] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid holds out her hands[/i]
[04/07/12 19:04] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi gently drops the seeds into Phantom Orchid's hands[/i]
[04/07/12 19:04] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid looks down and cherishes the texture of the seeds as she rolls them over in her hands[/i]
[04/07/12 19:05] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]They are... beautiful.
[04/07/12 19:06] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid closes her eyes briefly as images of a lush garden flash through her mind[/i]
[04/07/12 19:07] [b]Rumi:[/b]I will find some companion seeds for these pumpkins
[04/07/12 19:07] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]This is such a happy moment for me, for us
[04/07/12 19:07] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi smiles[/i]
[04/07/12 19:07] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid feels her pendant glow warm against her chest as she holds the seeds[/i]
[04/07/12 19:08] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]I have a good feeling about this
[04/07/12 19:08] [b]Rumi:[/b]walk with me down the hill here, behind the tree *[i]gestures with his hand to the northeast[/i]*
[04/07/12 19:09] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid turns and follows Rumi, walking beside him[/i]
[04/07/12 19:09] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi leads the way around the tree and down toward the small valley[/i]
[04/07/12 19:10] [b]Rumi:[/b]our design calls for this whole field to grow into a pumpkin patch
[04/07/12 19:11] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid notices a slight drop in temperature in the breeze as they reach their destination[/i]
[04/07/12 19:11] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi notices the songbirds begin to alarm in the forest[/i]
[04/07/12 19:12] [b]Rumi:[/b]they alarm at Eon's presence
[04/07/12 19:12] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]Yes, I recall
[04/07/12 19:12] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b] *[i]looks over at Eon briefly[/i]* Greetings and welcome
[04/07/12 19:13] [b]Rumi:[/b]Today we'll plant the first seeds, and our harvest will provide all the seeds we need for next year
[04/07/12 19:14] [b]Rumi:[/b]A small patch this season will make way for a whole future of growth
[04/07/12 19:14] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid nods[/i]
[04/07/12 19:15] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi takes a few pieces of raw glass and begins to set them on a rough contour just above the valley bottom[/i]
[04/07/12 19:16] [b]Rumi:[/b]When we construct the main garden, we'll use a tool to define accurate contours
[04/07/12 19:17] [b]Rumi:[/b]I can see the contours well enough to give us lines to start this small pumpkin patch
[04/07/12 19:17] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi sets another contour using the raw glass just above the first contour[/i]
[04/07/12 19:18] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi steps back and examines the lines[/i]
[04/07/12 19:19] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid kneels down at the site for the pumpkin patch[/i]
[04/07/12 19:19] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi sets a third line of raw glass just below the first contour, following the same curve[/i]
[04/07/12 19:19] [b]Rumi:[/b]that will do for now
[04/07/12 19:20] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid takes the pendant from around her neck and holds it out above the ground[/i]
[04/07/12 19:20] [b]Rumi:[/b]we'll shape a few rows across this bottom to this same curve as the bottom contour
[04/07/12 19:21] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi withdraws his hori-hori from its sheath on his belt[/i]
[04/07/12 19:21] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid hums an ancient tune to the grass and to the flowers[/i]
[04/07/12 19:21] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi holds it up and examines the blade in the sunlight[/i]
[04/07/12 19:22] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid closes her eyes and focuses on her pendant, which begins to glow red and push aside the grass and flowers to make room for the seeds[/i]
[04/07/12 19:22] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi reflects the sunlight up the hill at Eon and giggles[/i]
[04/07/12 19:23] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid replaces her pendant, looks over at Rumi and softly laughs[/i]
[04/07/12 19:24] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi thrusts the hori-hori into the ground and draws it across the soil, following the curve laid by the pieces of raw glass[/i]
[04/07/12 19:24] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi picks up each piece of raw glass as he comes to it[/i]
[04/07/12 19:25] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi steps back and looks at the curve cut into the earth[/i]
[04/07/12 19:26] [b]Rumi:[/b] *[i]smiles[/i]* that looks pretty good
[04/07/12 19:26] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid uncorks her flask of sand, and pours a thin line of sand into the small valley shaped by the hori hori[/i]
[04/07/12 19:26] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]This sand is from Necrovion
[04/07/12 19:26] [b]Rumi:[/b]ah, excellent
[04/07/12 19:27] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid caps the flask and tucks it away[/i]
[04/07/12 19:28] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi kneels back down and thrusts the hori-hori into the ground just below the cut curve[/i]
[04/07/12 19:28] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi digs around, expanding the hole and loosening the soil[/i]
[04/07/12 19:29] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi withdraws the hori-hori from the hole, and walks along the curve a short distance[/i]
[04/07/12 19:29] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi thrusts the hori-hori into the ground again, teasing and loosening the soil[/i]
[04/07/12 19:30] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid moves over to the first hold and holds out and opens her hand, revealing the seeds[/i]
[04/07/12 19:30] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi withdraws the hori-hori from the soil and continues walking along the curve, making evenly spaced planting holes[/i]
[04/07/12 19:31] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid chooses one and places it gingerly into the hole, a single teardrop falling onto the soil next to it[/i]
[04/07/12 19:31] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid sets the seeds down, and covers the hole with dirt and softly packs it down with her fingertips[/i]
[04/07/12 19:32] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi comes to the end of the row and moves up to the next row of raw glass pieces[/i]
[04/07/12 19:33] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi cuts the curve with his hori-hori, while picking up the pieces of raw glass[/i]
[04/07/12 19:34] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid places one, and then another, seed into the holes and carefully covers them with soil[/i]
[04/07/12 19:34] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi finishes the row and steps back to look at it[/i]
[04/07/12 19:35] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid stands and then follows Rumi, placing a thin line of sand along the contour of the small trench[/i]
[04/07/12 19:36] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi examines the first row that Phantom Orchid has completed planting[/i]
[04/07/12 19:36] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi smiles[/i]
[04/07/12 19:37] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi returns to the second row and begins cutting the holes with his hori-hori[/i]
[04/07/12 19:39] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi finishes the row and steps back to allow Phantom Orchid space to plant the seeds[/i]
[04/07/12 19:39] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid walks along and bends down to place the remaining two seeds into the holes[/i]
[04/07/12 19:39] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid kneels to cover them with a soft packing of dirt[/i]
[04/07/12 19:41] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]We should give them a drink
[04/07/12 19:41] [b]Rumi:[/b]yes we should
[04/07/12 19:41] [b]Rumi:[/b]but first, we need to mulch
[04/07/12 19:41] [b]Rumi:[/b]we could use leaves or we could cut some grass
[04/07/12 19:41] [b]Rumi:[/b]or both
[04/07/12 19:42] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b] *[i]nods[/i]* Yes, of course. To keep it from evaporating under this unforgiving sunlight
[04/07/12 19:42] [b]Rumi:[/b]i wish Shem was here... his sickle would make quick mulch out of this tall grass
[04/07/12 19:42] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]I will gather leaves from the forest edge, and you can cut some grass
[04/07/12 19:42] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid nods[/i]
[04/07/12 19:43] [b]Rumi:[/b]i guess i'll just use the hori-hori
[04/07/12 19:43] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi walks around the meadow near the pumpkin patch stopping to cut clumps of tall grass with the hori-hori[/i]
[04/07/12 19:44] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b] *[i] walks over to the edge of the wood and clumsily gathers an armful of leaves, muttering[/i]* And a basket would have been nice for me
[04/07/12 19:44] [b]Rumi:[/b]Eon, would you let Phantom Orchid borrow your herbs basket?
[04/07/12 19:45] [b]Rumi:[/b]I see you have two baskets... maybe you could help us collect some leaf mulch
[04/07/12 19:46] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]Come Eon, get dirty with us!
[04/07/12 19:46] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid shrugs and delivers the leaves near the first row[/i]
[04/07/12 19:47] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid walks back and begins to gather more[/i]
[04/07/12 19:47] [b]Rumi:[/b]should we do leaves in one row and straw in the other, or mix em up?
[04/07/12 19:48] [b]:[/b][i]Etluc whispers a code to Poe[/i]
[04/07/12 19:48] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b] *[i]walks back with an armful[/i]* I don't know, I've never done this before
[04/07/12 19:49] [b]Rumi:[/b]lets use leaves in the top row and straw in the bottom row... we'll see if there is a difference in the mulch ecology
[04/07/12 19:49] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b] *[i]turns and smiles to Etluc[/i]* Oh, thank you. Though I think we have enough leaves now
[04/07/12 19:49] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]Would you like to place them along the top row Etluc?
[04/07/12 19:49] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi sets an armful of straw beside the bottom row and walks off to collect a bit more grass[/i]
[04/07/12 19:50] [b]Etluc:[/b] *[i]nods[/i]* Sure
[04/07/12 19:51] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]Great
[04/07/12 19:51] [b]:[/b][i]Etluc begins to move the pile of leaves to the top row[/i]
[04/07/12 19:51] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi cuts several clumps of tall grass from around the meadow and returns to set them down by the bottom row[/i]
[04/07/12 19:54] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi picks up handfuls of straw and walks along the bottom row, allowing the straw to slow fall down and coat the bare earth[/i]
[04/07/12 19:54] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi returns to the pile of straw and grabs some more handfuls to distribute[/i]
[04/07/12 19:55] [b]:[/b][i]Etluc finishes moving the leaves and steps back[/i]
[04/07/12 19:56] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi continues mulching the bottom row with straw until the pile has been entirely moved to the row[/i]
[04/07/12 19:56] [b]Rumi:[/b] *[i]laughs[/i]* we're gonna probably move all this mulch to the side tomorrow when we plant the corn and beans with the pumpkins
[04/07/12 19:57] [b]Rumi:[/b]labor of love
[04/07/12 19:57] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid chuckles[/i]
[04/07/12 19:57] [b]:[/b][i]Etluc chuckles[/i]
[04/07/12 19:57] [b]Rumi:[/b]better to do the same task twice than to plant seeds and leave the earth bare
[04/07/12 19:58] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi steps back with Phantom Orchid and Etluc to examine the new pumpkin patch[/i]
[04/07/12 19:58] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]Yes, they require the sunlight, but also some protection from it
[04/07/12 19:59] [b]Phantom Orchid:[/b]Not unlike us all
[04/07/12 19:59] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi smiles[/i]
[04/07/12 19:59] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid looks out over the pumpkin patch and smiles contently[/i]
[04/07/12 20:00] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi used the Weather Heavyrain stone to increase its Weather-heavyrain spell casts[/i]
[04/07/12 20:01] [b]:[/b][i]Etluc looks up at the sky[/i]
[04/07/12 20:02] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi kneels down on his knees, raises his arms, and looks up at the sky[/i]
[04/07/12 20:03] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi closes his eyes[/i]
[04/07/12 20:03] [b]:[/b][b][Spell][/b] [i]Let the heavens and the earth come together and bless these pumpkins with rain![/i]
[04/07/12 20:03] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi opens his eyes to see clouds begin to gather above him[/i]
[04/07/12 20:04] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid looks up and smiles as the rain begins to kiss her face[/i]
[04/07/12 20:05] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi tastes the raindrops as the rain begins to stream down from the heavens onto his face[/i]
[04/07/12 20:05] [b]:[/b][i]Phantom Orchid runs up the hill ecstatically and twirls around in circles, drenched in a heavy rain[/i]
[04/07/12 20:06] [b]:[/b][i]Etluc smiles at Poe, blinking the rain out of his eyes[/i]
[04/07/12 20:07] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi watches Phantom Orchid and smiles at her shimmering radiance in the rain[/i]
[04/07/12 20:08] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi takes off his shirt and dances around the pumpkin patch[/i]
[04/07/12 20:08] [b]Etluc:[/b]My fire!
[04/07/12 20:08] [b]:[/b][i]Etluc runs off[/i]
[04/07/12 20:15] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi returns to his place on the hillside[/i]
[04/07/12 20:15] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi sits[/i]
[04/07/12 20:15] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi inhales deeply[/i]
[04/07/12 20:16] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi exhales slowly[/i]
[04/07/12 20:16] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi listens to the rain all around him[/i]
[04/07/12 20:16] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi smiles[/i]
[04/07/12 20:16] [b]:[/b][i]Rumi closes his eyes[/i]

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Harvesting blueberry seeds from the wild blueberry shrub in alche's alley

[b]DAY 193, Year 7[/b]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi walks up the path[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi recognizes the tree and stops in the road[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi walks up the hill to the high area above[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi notices that only a few of the season's blueberries remain on the bush[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi picks a large blueberry off the end of a branch[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi pops it in his mouth[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi smiles[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi sits beside the blueberry bush[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi inhales deeply[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi exhales slowly[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi picks and eats another blueberry[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi picks a handful of blueberries and wraps them up in Gift Wrap from his inventory[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi stashes the blueberries away to process and save the seeds for planting in the fall[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi picks and eats a few more blueberries[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi stands[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi walks down to the path[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi continues along the path, listening to the surrounding birdsong[/i]

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Planting corn and beans in the pumpkin patch

[log=Day 200, Year 7]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi opens his eyes[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi inhales deeply[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi exhales slowly[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi listens[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Eagle Eye bows to Rumi[/i]
[b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b]*[i]smiles[/i]* Greetings
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi hears a pair of sparrows singing companion calls near the forest edge[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi stands[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi walks down to the pumpkin patch[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi examines the rows of pumpkin sprouts[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi sees the pumpkins in the leaf mulch have sprouted slower than the pumpkins in the straw mulch[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi walks to the end of the row and stoops down to begin pulling off the mulch[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi slowly walks along the row, pulling off mulch and setting it to the side[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]nadrolski high fives Rumi[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi finishes the row and continues onto the next row, pulling off all the mulch until the pumpkin patch is bare and all the seedlings are visible[/i]
[b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b]Don't you worry little seedlings, your warm mulch will be back before you know it
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi takes out two big bags of seeds and sets them down at the edge of the pumpkin patch[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi takes out his hori-hori and stoops down near the end of the first row[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi drives the hori-hori into the ground and twists to make a small hole[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi withdraws the hori-hori from the hole and makes another hole close by[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi makes a series of holes between the first two pumpkin seedlings, using the full width of the bed[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi stands and moves down past the next pumpkin seedling[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi finishes the first row and stands back to observe his work[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi smiles[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi walks to the beginning of the next row and begins digging small holes with the hori-hori[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi continues his way along the row, digging the small seed holes[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi slowly works his way through the rest of the pumpkin patch, digging lots of holes and not disturbing the pumpkin seedlings[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi finishes digging and stands back to observe his work[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi wipes a bit of sweat from his brow[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi smiles[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi walks over to the edge of the pumpkin patch where he laid the bags of seed[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi stoops down and loosens the drawstring on the two bags to open them[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi looks down into the bags at the bright yellow corn seeds and the deep burgundy pole beans[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi sticks one hand into each seed bag to grab a handful of seeds[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi allows the seeds to slip through his fingers, falling away back into the bags[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi savors the texture of the seeds[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi smiles[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi picks up a handful of the yellow corn seed and puts it into a pocket[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi picks up another handful of yellow corn seed and puts it into the same pocket[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi picks up a handful of burgundy pole beans and puts them into another pocket[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi pulls the drawstring tight on the bags to close them[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi walks to the edge of the first row and stoops by the seed holes[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi places yellow corn seeds from his pocket in three of the holes[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi places a pole bean seed in the fourth hole[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi places another three corn seeds in holes[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi places another pole bean seed[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi continues to set seeds in the holes, one pole bean for every three corn kernels[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi slowly walks along the row, thickly filling out the area between the pumpkin sprouts with corn and beans[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi finishes the row and begins on the next row[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi works his way through the entire pumpkin patch, placing corn and beans in all the little seed holes[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi finishes placing corn and bean seeds and steps back to observe his work[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi smiles[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi walks back to the seed bags and opens the drawstrings[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi puts all the remaining corn seed in his pocket back into the bag with corn seed[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi puts the remaining pole bean seeds in his pocket back with the other pole beans[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi pulls the drawstrings taught to close the bags and ties them[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi walks to the beginning of the first row and kneels down on his knees[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi pulls the earth over the first corn seed and holds his hands over the buried seed for a moment to offer a silent prayer[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi moves on to the second seed, covering it with earth and offering a quick silent prayer[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi works his way along the row, covering all of the seeds and taking a moment with each one to silently express thanksgiving and offer a prayer for abundance[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi finishes the row and continues through the rest of the pumpkin patch[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi covers the last of the corn and bean seeds and stands back to observe his work[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi notices a few seeds he missed, and goes to cover and pray for them[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi steps back again to observe the work[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi smiles[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi begins to collect up the piles of mulch and places the mulch back on the beds, carefully directing it around the pumpkin seedlings[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi lays the leaf mulch throughout the pumpkin patch as a bottom layer, and places the straw mulch as a top layer[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi finishes the mulching and steps back to observe his work[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi smiles[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi picks up the bags of seed and put them away[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi wipes all the dirt from the hori-hori, places it back in its sheath, and puts it away[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi observes the pumpkin patch[/i]
[b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b]Time for a little rainwater, I think
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi takes out the two remaining Mildrain stones from Marvolo[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi examines the shimmering stones[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi holds one of the stones up in his hands and looks it over carefully[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi inhales deeply[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi exhales slowly[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi puts the stone back away and considers how to learn the rain song without Marvolo's help[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi lifts up the other Mildrain stone in his hands[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi used the Weather Mildrain stone to increase its Weather-mildrain spell casts[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi kneels on both knees and prostrates himself on the earth[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi closes his eyes and straightens his body up and raises his hands toward the sky[/i]
[b]: [/b][b][Spell][/b] [i]A gift of rainwater for the garden of abundance[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi opens his eyes to see the clouds gathering overhead[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi smiles as the warm rainwater begins to stream down onto his face[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi stands[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi takes off his shirt and boots[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi begins to dance in circles around the pumpkin patch[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi dances his way up the hill, picking up his shirt and boots in the process[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi sets his shirt and boots down by his sitting spot and continues to dance around in the rain[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi slows his dance as the rain lets up[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi puts his wet shirt and boots back on[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi inhales deeply[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi exhales slowly[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi walks down to the road[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi heads east toward Fortune's Well[/i]

Edited by Rumi
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Day 205, Year 7 [spoiler][23/07/12 16:29] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Eagle Eye pure some seeds to the graden[/i][/color]
[23/07/12 16:29] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Eagle Eye smiles[/i][/color]
[23/07/12 16:29] [b]Eagle Eye:[/b]give some minetal water to seed
[23/07/12 16:30] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Eagle Eye gladly[/i][/color]
[23/07/12 16:30] [b]Eagle Eye:[/b]what happened to the seeds
[23/07/12 16:30] [b]Eagle Eye:[/b]?
[23/07/12 16:46] [b]Compost:[/b] [color="#305681"]*[i]smiles[/i]*[/color] I think the seeds sprouted, so aren't seeds anymore. See how the beans and corn are starting to peek up near those pumpkin vines?
[23/07/12 17:42] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Magistra plants some rose bushes and waters them[/i][/color]
[23/07/12 17:42] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Magistra smiles[/i][/color]
[23/07/12 17:43] [b]Magistra:[/b]I'll be back soon, roses.
[23/07/12 19:01] [b]:[/b][color="#305681"][i]Magistra looks at her roses and smiles[/i][/color]
[23/07/12 20:52] [b]:[/b] [i]*MRAlyon* collects memorystone[/i]
[24/07/12 02:24] [b]Eagle Eye:[/b]pure some water to the gardens[/spoiler]

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Making an A-Frame level and marking hillside contours

[log=Day 213, Year 7]

[b]: [/b][i]Rumi opens his eyes[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi inhales deeply[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi exhales slowly[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi listens[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi hears a finch singing in the tree[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi smiles[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi looks around at the garden slowly beginning to grow[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi realizes what day it is and jumps to his feet[/i]
[b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b]Oh boy...
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi looks around for his A-Frame level[/i]
[b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b]Where on earth did I leave that A-Frame?
[b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b]Oh well, I guess I can make a new one
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi takes out 3 branches, 10 unidentified plants, and a locate stone and sets them on the ground[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi takes out two pieces of raw glass and his hori-hori and sets them on the ground beside the other items[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi holds two of the branches together and stands them vertical[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi picks up the sturdiest looking unidentified plant and wraps it around the top of the branches, tying them together[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi slowly separates the bottoms of the branches, careful not to bust the knot at the top with the pressure of the movement[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi pulls the branch bottoms far enough apart for the A-Frame and holds it still, slightly burying the base of the branches into the grass[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi holds the branches with one hand and picks up the third branch and two more unidentified plants with his other hand[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Vicious Chaossword Watches Rumi with intrest[/i]
[b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b]Hi there
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi smiles[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Vicious Chaossword smiles back[/i]
[b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b]Do you think you could help me? It would be much easier with someone else to hold it, while I tie it together.
[b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b]Fyrd Argentus helped me construct an A-Frame level once before, but I seem to have lost it.
[b]Vicious Chaosswo.[/b][b]: [/b]oh..
[b]Vicious Chaosswo.[/b][b]: [/b]what is it?
[b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b]I'm making an A-Frame level to mark contours on the hillside here
[b]Vicious Chaosswo.[/b][b]: [/b]oh...
[b]Vicious Chaosswo.[/b][b]: [/b]how can i help?
[b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b]I'm working on setting up the community garden plots, and by setting them to natural contours, they will hold water much better when it rains
[b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b]Honestly, the most helpful thing you can do is to just hold this still while I finish putting it together
[b]Vicious Chaosswo.[/b][b]: [/b]ok..
[b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b]*[i]smiles[/i]* thanks so much
[b]: [/b][i]Vicious Chaossword holds it still[/i]
[b]Vicious Chaosswo.[/b][b]: [/b]is it to do with the pumpkins?
[b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b]sort of
[b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b]i laid contours for this year's pumpkin patch by eye, rather than using a tool like this
[b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b]next year's patch will be much bigger and we'll need this tool
[b]Vicious Chaosswo.[/b][b]: [/b]umm..
[b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b]but we really need it for the main community garden plots *[i]points straight up the hill[/i]*
[b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b]let's see here
[b]: [/b][i]Vicious Chaossword stands there awkwardly, her hair flying wildly in the wind[/i]
[b]Vicious Chaosswo.[/b][b]: [/b]someone stole my 45 heads...
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi holds the third branch up against the other two branches, parallel with the ground[/i]
[b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b]i'm sorry to hear that
[b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b]that's a nice ball of heads
[b]Vicious Chaosswo.[/b][b]: [/b]hehe
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi uses an unidentified plant to tie the horizontal branch to one of the other branches[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi steps back to look at the A-Frame[/i]
[b]Vicious Chaosswo.[/b][b]: [/b]umm...
[b]Vicious Chaosswo.[/b][b]: [/b]can i let go now?
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi drops the loose end of the cross branch slightly before tying it to the other branch[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi takes the A-Frame from Vicious Chaossword[/i]
[b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b]Thanks
[b]Vicious Chaosswo.[/b][b]: [/b]*[i]waggles her fingers[/i]* your welcome!
[b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b]Do you need to go?
[b]Vicious Chaosswo.[/b][b]: [/b]thats kinda cool
[b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b]There's still more to do to finish it, but that was the part i most needed a helper
[b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b]you showed up right on time
[b]Vicious Chaosswo.[/b][b]: [/b]i could stay if you wanted...
[b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b]We still need to tie on the plumb bob and calibrate it
[b]Vicious Chaosswo.[/b][b]: [/b]ok
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi picks up two of the remaining unidentified plants[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi ties them together[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi picks up another unidentified plant[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi ties it to the end of the the other two[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi continues tying the remaining plants together, end to end[/i]
[b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b]will you hold one end of this?
[b]Vicious Chaosswo.[/b][b]: [/b]ok...
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi hands the end of the line to Vicious Chaossword[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Vicious Chaossword holds it softly[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi holds the line taut and slowly works his way backward from Vicious Chaossword, rubbing and slightly fraying the plants, loosening their fibers[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi gets to the end of the slim rope and gently tugs it to try and straighten out any kinks[/i]
[b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b]That ought to do, thanks
[b]Vicious Chaosswo.[/b][b]: [/b]ok...
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi releases the tension and walks back to Vicious Chaossword to take the rope[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Vicious Chaossword turns her palm up, offering the rope[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi takes the rope and kneels down beside the small Locate stone[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi wraps the rope a few times around the locate stone, tying it with each pass[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi lifts the rope by the other end to make sure the Locate stone is securely wrapped and held in place[/i]
[b]Vicious Chaosswo.[/b][b]: [/b]umm... *[i]looks at Rumi her cheeks red[/i]*
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi ties the opposite end to the top of the A-Frame to make a plumb bob[/i]
[b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b]*[i]turns to Vicious Chaossword[/i]* What is it?
[b]Vicious Chaosswo.[/b][b]: [/b]umm... nothing... *[i]runs off, wincing with each step[/i]* be right back...
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi raises an eyebrow as he watches her dash off[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi turns his attention back to the A-Frame level[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi picks up his hori-hori and the two pieces of raw glass[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Vicious Chaossword lets out a sigh of relief and returns to Rumi[/i]
[b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b]*[i]smiles[/i]* Welcome back
[b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b]follow me
[b]Vicious Chaosswo.[/b][b]: [/b]ok...
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi grabs the A-Frame level and walks slightly up onto the hillside[/i]
[b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b]this ought to do
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi sets the A-Frame down on uneven ground, with one leg higher and the other lower[/i]
[b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b]See how the plumb bob dangles toward one leg because the ground is uneven?
[b]Vicious Chaosswo.[/b][b]: [/b]yup
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi takes his hori-hori and makes a small cut on the cross branch where the plumb bob hangs[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi takes the two pieces of raw glass and sets one by each of the A-Frame legs[/i]
[b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b]I mark the exact spot where it sets on the ground
[b]Vicious Chaosswo.[/b][b]: [/b]sorry...
[b]Vicious Chaosswo.[/b][b]: [/b]'gatta go...
[b]: [/b][i]Vicious Chaossword vanishes[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Tal bows to rumi[/i]
[b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b]Hi Tal
[b]Tal[/b][b]: [/b]how are you?
[b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b]Good, i'm making an A-Frame level
[b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b]There was a girl here helping me, but she seems to have vanished
[b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b]I didn't even catch her name
[b]Tal[/b][b]: [/b]I'm sure she will be back
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi picks up the A-Frame and switches the orientation, setting the upper leg by the lower glass and the lower leg by the upper glass[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Tal looks at the a-frame wondering what it will turn into[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi marks the new spot on the cross branch where the plumb bob hangs[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi makes a small cut with the hori-hori[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi picks up the two pieces of raw glass and sets them back in his inventory[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi measures with his arm the distance between the two marks on either end of the cross branch[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi makes a small cut mark with his hori-hori directly in the center between the other two marks[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi smiles[/i]
[b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b]And there you have it
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi realizes Tal has gone and he's talking to himself[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi shakes the A-Frame level to make sure it is sturdy[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi feels comfortable with the build quality[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi walks up the hill to the main community garden area[/i]
[b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b]let's see now... we have 18 people signed up
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi examines the community garden area[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi decides to start near the top and work his way down the hill[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi walks along a contour a little ways down from the top of the hill in the direction of Maple Road[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi comes almost all the way to the forest edge[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi picks a nice spot to begin[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi stands up the A-Frame level and sets one foot on the spot he has chosen to begin[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi sets a piece of raw glass right beside the set foot of the A-Frame level[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi sets the other foot of the A-Frame on the hill where it looks roughly level[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi sees the plumb bob hangs slightly off from the center mark toward the A-Frame foot he just placed[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi moves the foot slightly uphill until the plumb bob line dangles near the center mark[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi holds the A-Frame still and waits for the plumb bob to stop its gentle swinging[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi sees that the plumb bob sits right on the center mark[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi smiles[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi takes a piece of raw glass and sets it down by the recently set foot of the A-Frame[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi pulls the first foot of the A-Frame up off the ground and pivots the entire tool around the newly set foot[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi sets the raised foot of the A-Frame down on a spot that looks level with the last spot[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi sees the plumb bob hangs slightly off the center mark toward the direction of the established foot[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi moves the unplaced foot slightly downhill so the plumb bob line dangles near the center mark[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi waits for the plumb bob to stop swinging and checks to make sure it lands dead on the center mark[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi waits for the plumb bob to stop swinging and checks to make sure it lands dead on the center mark[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Eagle Eye bows to Rumi[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi smiles and waves[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi sets a piece of raw glass by the newly placed foot of the A-Frame and picks up the established foot to pivot around the newly placed foot[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi moves the free foot of the A-Frame around until the plumb bob shows dead-level[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi sets another piece of glass and pivots once again[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi slowly walks the A-Frame across the hillside on contour, leaving a piece of raw glass each place the A-Frame touches down[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi examines the curve of the laid raw glass as he goes[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi sees Ivorak down by the road and waves[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Ivorak waves back[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi lays the contour curve of raw glass pieces all the way from the forest edge to just past the middle of the hill, above the intersection[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi lays the last piece of glass and picks up the A-Frame level[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi walks down to the road[/i]
[b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b]Hey there, Ivorak
[b]Ivorak[/b][b]: [/b]Hello
[b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b]How's it going?
[b]Ivorak[/b][b]: [/b]I'm well.
[b]Ivorak[/b][b]: [/b]Sorting through a bunch of things in my head.
[b]Ivorak[/b][b]: [/b]How are you?
[b]Ivorak[/b][b]: [/b]These must be exciting times
[b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b]Well, I told everyone they could lease a garden plot starting today, but I haven't made any plots yet
[b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b]so i'm hurriedly trying to get this going
[b]Ivorak[/b][b]: [/b]Ah.
[b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b]i have been meaning to get handy pockets down here with her tools to actually prepare the beds
[b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b]i have this hori-hori, but it's not really sized appropriately for this kind of task
[b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b]i need pole tools, not hand tools
[b]: [/b][i]Ivorak nods[/i]
[b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b]but design work comes before any earthworks anyhow
[b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b]gotta get these contours laid out so we know where to dig
[b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b]maybe i'll see Kets a little later and she can help me get beds prepped
[b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b]i'm gonna head back up and lay another contour
[b]Ivorak[/b][b]: [/b]Well, don't let me distract you.
[b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b]you're welcome to hang around if you like
[b]Ivorak[/b][b]: [/b]I think I need to go. But thank you.
[b]Ivorak[/b][b]: [/b]Blessings, Rumi.
[b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b]Be well friend
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi walks back along the hillside in the direction of Maple Road[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi comes to the place he started the previous contour, near the forest edge[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi examines the terrain, calculating the distance down to the road[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi walks a little ways down below the first contour and picks a point to begin a second contour[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi stands up the A-Frame and sets a piece of raw glass by the foot nearest the forest[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi moves the second foot until the plumb bob shows dead-level[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi lifts the established foot and pivots around the recently set foot, where he places a piece of raw glass[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi slowly walks the A-Frame level along the hillside again, marking a second contour a ways below the first contour[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi works his way across the hillside and finishes just below the end of the first contour, above the intersection[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi examines the two contours[/i]
[b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b]that ought to be plenty of space for now
[b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b]I guess I ought to make a cut mark and pick up the glass
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi walks back up and across the hillside to the origin of the top contour[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi takes out his hori-hori[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi inhales deeply[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi exhales slowly[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi thrusts the hori-hori into the earth[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi rapidly works his way along the contour, digging a small but visible trench with the hori-hori, while picking up the pieces of raw glass[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi gets to the end of the contour and walks down to the origin of the lower contour[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi inhales deeply[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi exhales slowly[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi thrusts his hori-hori into the earth[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi digs a small trench along the length of the second contour, picking up the raw glass as he goes[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi comes to the end of the contour, wipes the dirt from the hori-hori, and sets it back in its sheath[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi smiles[/i]
[b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b]much better
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi is exhausted[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi walks back to his sitting spot[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi sits[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi inhales deeply[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi exhales slowly[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi closes his eyes[/i]

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Weeding and watering

[log=Day 216, Year 7]

[b]: [/b][i]Rumi opens his eyes[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi inhales deeply[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi exhales slowly[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi listens[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi hears a group of bluejays cawing from different directions[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi sees a rabbit run across the field into the forest[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi smiles[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi stands[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi walks down to the road[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi walks toward Fortune's Well[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi returns[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi walks down the hill to the pumpkin patch[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi observes the corn, bean, and pumpkin seedlings which are really starting to fill in[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi sees some of the grasses are perked up in the beds too[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi walks along the beds, cutting the grass short with his hori-hori and occasionally pulling up runners from the ground[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi finishes weeding and waters with rainwater[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi stands back to observe the weeded and watered pumpkin patch[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi smiles[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi walks back up the hill[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi sits[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi inhales deeply[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi exhales slowly[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi closes his eyes[/i]

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Observation and watering

[log=Day 239, Year 7]

[b]: [/b][i]Rumi walks up the road from Fenths Press[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi walks up toward the garden[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi walks along the hillside, observing the plots[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi examines Magistra's smal rose shrub[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi continues along to see potatoes sprouting up out of the ground in Nimrodel's beautifully prepared plot[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi comes to Eagle Eye's plot and looks over the moist cleared area[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi wonders what kind of seed is planted[/i]
[b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b][i]*smiles*[/i] maybe a little rain for these garden plots
[b][Spell][/b] [i]A rain blessing for the garden[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi watches the clouds gather overhead[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi smiles[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi looks up and feels the first raindrops fall down onto his face[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi feels the water wash down through his beard and hair[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi walks slowly through the rain toward the pumpkin patch[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi examines the corn growing tall over the creeping pumpkins[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi examines the beans winding their way up the corn stalks[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi looks at all the grass and weeds begining to take hold alongside the crops[/i]
[b]Rumi[/b][b]: [/b]We're gonna need to have a workday
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi feels the rain let up[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi walks back up the hill[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi sits[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi inhales deeply[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi exhales slowly[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi listens[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi watches the bees dance around a patch of clover[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi hears a sparrow singing in the tree[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi smiles[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi closes his eyes[/i]

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Weeding and watering

[log=Day 260, Year 7]

[b]: [/b][i]Rumi opens his eyes[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi inhales deeply[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi exhales slowly[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi listens[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi notices two pairs of juncos moving about and singing on the hedge in Nimrodel's plot[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi watches the juncos curiously[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi notices one of the pairs flies off from the hedge down the hill to the pumpkin patch[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi stands and observes the weedy pumpkin patch for a moment[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi slowly walks down the hill to the pumpkin patch with a hint of a smile as he passes all the beautiful women sleeping in and around the tree[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi squats low beside the first bed of the pumpkin patch and examines the weeds[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi sees various clump grasses as well as clover, and deep-rooted lamps quarter and dock[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi notices a few thistles growing up[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi sees a few plants he is unfamiliar with[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi examines one of the unfamiliar plants, which has tiny purple flowers[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi smiles[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi takes out his hori-hori and withdraws the blade from the sheath[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi begins working his way through the pumpkin patch, weeding with the hori-hori[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi digs up grass clumps with the blade while drawing them upward with his other hand[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Avaritia opens one eye, looks over at Rumi, PoE, and Sehanine briefly, then falls asleep again[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi only digs up the deep-rooted plants around the bases of the pumpkin plants[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi cuts all the deep-rooted plants off at their base throughout the rest of the patch[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi pulls up all the thistles except for one, which he leaves to flower and seed[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi pulls up most of the others weeds, but leaves the clover and some clumps of the unfamiliar plant with the tiny purple flower[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi finishes weeding and cleans his hori-hori with the edge of his robe[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi places the hori-hori in the sheath and puts it away[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi stands and examines the corn and beans[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi sees the beans are flowering and almost ready to put on fruit[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi thinks the corn looks pretty pathetic, but makes a nice trellis for the beans[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi looks at the pumpkin vines sprawled across the pumpkin patch[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi hopes they flower out a little more now that it's less of a weedy jungle[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Axel Keravnos He looks towards Avaritia and gives her a small smile[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi sighs and turns to walk back up the hill[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi sees Axel Keravnos by the road and waves[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi walks up to the top of the hill by the forest[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi stands on the hilltop and looks down at the pumpkin patch[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi raises his staff up in the air with both hands[/i]
[b][Spell][/b] [i]A gift for the garden[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi watches the clouds roll in and begin to pour down, first on the pumpkin patch, and then all around[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi smiles[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi lowers his staff and walks down to his sit spot[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi sits and watches the rain pouring down on the rosebushes in Magistra's garden, making the small leaves dance[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi smiles[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi inhales deeply[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi exhales slowly[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi feels the rain pouring down through his hair and clothes, teasing his senses[/i]
[b]: [/b][i]Rumi closes his eyes[/i]

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~ Day: 316 Year: 7 ~
visiting and watering
: Eagle Eye visit the Garden
: Eagle Eye Hello
: *MRAlyon* collects memorystone
: Eagle Eye give wter to the garden
: Eagle Eye nice place
: Eagle Eye also good place and beautiful view
: Eagle Eye if any one willing to help care this garden
: Eagle Eye please help to build and growth this garden
: Eagle Eye bows
: Eagle Eye jump, jump, jump up high
: Eagle Eye claps, claps, claps
: Eagle Eye more, more, more
: Eagle Eye lovely[/spoiler]

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~ Day: 319 Year: 7 ~
: Phantom Orchid walks over to the pumpkin patch and kneels
: Phantom Orchid smiles as she feels the moist soil
: Phantom Orchid leans over and pulls some weeds
: Phantom Orchid pulls out a spicy pickle and uses her finger to carefully scrape the shiny seeds out
: Phantom Orchid makes indentations in the ground and plops a seed into each hold, carefully covering it with soil afterwards
: Phantom Orchid wipes sweat from her brow, leaving a striek of dirt on her face
: Phantom Orchid smiles, lays back, and looks up at the sky Kanosh
i: (To any MP3's hat pass can you please give me some wins. I need five wins in oder to balance myself out. Please and thank you.) Kanoshi
: (Or any level actually)
: *MRAlyon* collects memorystone
: Eagle Eye bows
: Eagle Eye wakes up
: Eagle Eye good morning
: Eagle Eye what a beautiful day
: Eagle Eye looks at the garden
: Eagle Eye slowly walk near the garden
: Eagle Eye pretty nice to jump while walking and smell the fresh air
: *Burns* collects memorystone
: Magistra waters her rose bushes. Picks one rose and puts it in her hair.[/spoiler]

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~ Day: 322 Year: 7 ~
: Eagle Eye wake up
: Eagle Eye rubs his eyes softly
: Eagle Eye looking around
: Eagle Eye rise his arms and hands
: Eagle Eye wonderful day
: Eagle Eye claps his hands while jumping
: Eagle Eye jump,jump
: Eagle Eye say hello to the garden
: Eagle Eye your good looking
: Eagle Eye thank you
: Eagle Eye give some water to the garden
: Eagle Eye smiles:))
: Eagle Eye better place and beautiful
: Eagle Eye colorful garden
: Eagle Eye bows[/spoiler]

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~ Day: 323 Year: 7 ~
watering and give a care
: nadrolski collects herbs and flowers as a byproduct
: Eagle Eye wakes up
: Eagle Eye sings softly
: Eagle Eye good morning
: Eagle Eye say good morning to the garden
: Eagle Eye the garden smiles at me
: Eagle Eye have a blessed day
: Eagle Eye give some water to the garden
: Eagle Eye whisper to the Goddess
: Eagle Eye i need your help to this garden
: Eagle Eye i need any one else to care this garden
: Eagle Eye please help me to build and grow this garden
: Eagle Eye bows[/spoiler]

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~ Day: 324 Year: 7 ~
Just looking and watering
: Eagle Eye good morning
: Eagle Eye so cold this morning
: Eagle Eye wakes up
: Eagle Eye wiggle wiggle
: Eagle Eye slowly rub softly his eyes
: Eagle Eye blessed morning
: Eagle Eye say Hello to the Garden
: Eagle Eye get some water and give to the garden
: Eagle Eye fresh and clean
: Eagle Eye awesome views
: Eagle Eye more more more colors
: Eagle Eye good for the eyes
: Eagle Eye rise his hands and say thanks[/spoiler]

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~ Day: 327 Year: 7 ~
:DARK DEMON wanders into the forest
: Eagle Eye wakes up : Eagle Eye sings
: Eagle Eye good morning, good morning, good morning how are you
: Eagle Eye good morning Garden
: Eagle Eye smiles
: Eagle Eye good to see you
: Eagle Eye pretty place with a nice view
: Eagle Eye more color and good for they eyes only
: Eagle Eye smiles happily
: Eagle Eye it's a good to see with some one of beside you
: Eagle Eye peaceful and fresh air
: Eagle Eye good to stay
: Eagle Eye it's a good to see with some one of beside you
: Eagle Eye peaceful and fresh air
: Eagle Eye good to stay
: Eagle Eye smiles lovely[/spoiler]

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~ Day: 330 Year: 7 ~
watering and visit the Garden
: Eagle Eye wakes up
: Eagle Eye say good day
: Eagle Eye nice and good weather
: Eagle Eye cold and warm
: Eagle Eye Hehehelllo beuaatifull Gardenn
: Eagle Eye mmy voiiice
: Eagle Eye your looking good
: Eagle Eye looking around
: Eagle Eye cool place
: Eagle Eye more colors more fruits more people
: Eagle Eye smiles
: Eagle Eye give water to the Garden
: Eagle Eye so cold
: Eagle Eye thank you for helping me my Goddess
: Eagle Eye if anyone willing to help and volunter
: Eagle Eye are welcome[/spoiler]

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~ Day: 337 Year: 7 ~
: Eagle Eye wakes up
: Eagle Eye good morning
: Eagle Eye beautyful day
: Eagle Eye lovely
: Eagle Eye water the garden
: Eagle Eye have a blessed day
: Eagle Eye sings
: Eagle Eye sing warmly
: Eagle Eye claps his hands
: Eagle Eye jump up high
: Eagle Eye feel good
: Eagle Eye bows
: Eagle Eye thanks to the garden[/spoiler]

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~ Day: 340 Year: 7 ~
watering and wishing
: Adiallinda hugs Orchid tightly and smells her hair Adiallinda
: Ah sweet love, how my heart has ached for you.
: Eagle Eye bows to asquiffy
: Eagle Eye looking around
: Eagle Eye say good morning
: Eagle Eye slowly rub his eyes softly
: Eagle Eye give water to the garden
: Eagle Eye bows to the garden and say thank you
: Eagle Eye anyone willing to help?
: Eagle Eye i need your help to build and give care the garden
: Eagle Eye you are welcome to help and free to build it your own ways
: Eagle Eye i wish and i hope with pray
: Eagle Eye bows to my Goddess[/spoiler]

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~ Day: 20 Year: 8 ~
watering and visiting

Phantom Orchid sits on a branch in the tree and opens her book and begins to write
: Phantom Orchid pauses and smiles as butterflies flutter over the garden
: Leo Valentine yawns and stands up
: Leo Valentine stretches
: Leo Valentine pushes his hood off of his head and puts his headphones on
: Leo Valentine dusts his pants off and steps over the rope around his plot
: Leo Valentine walks down the road
: Eagle Eye bows to the Garden
: Eagle Eye looks around
: Eagle Eye gives water to the Garden[/spoiler]

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Tree planting during the Spring Festival

[b]Day 78, Year 8[/b]
[20/03/13 02:56] Sagewoman:Greetings Rumi
[20/03/13 02:57] Rumi:Hi Sage
[20/03/13 02:57] Sagewoman:That is quite an extensive inventory you have.
[20/03/13 02:57] Rumi:It's mostly the community garden treasury
[20/03/13 02:58] Rumi:a few things are my personal items
[20/03/13 02:58] Sagewoman:You have no flowers.
[20/03/13 02:58] Rumi:i think i gave them all to someone some time ago
[20/03/13 02:58] Rumi:i haven't harvested herbs in a long time
[20/03/13 02:59] Rumi:i'd love to get some more
[20/03/13 02:59] Rumi:oh, i gave them to Bob the Tree
[20/03/13 02:59] Rumi:i remember now
[20/03/13 02:59] Sagewoman:Alas I just gifted mine to a Vertu just because.
[20/03/13 02:59] Sagewoman:All I have left is sawdust and a piece of cake.
[20/03/13 03:00] Rumi:do you want some candy?
[20/03/13 03:00] Rumi:i think i have some green candy
[20/03/13 03:00] Sagewoman:If you have some to spare. Thank you.
[20/03/13 03:00] :Rumi passed Green Candy to Sagewoman
[20/03/13 03:00] Sagewoman:I've added you to my friends list. Next time I get flowers I'll be sure to send you a message.
[20/03/13 03:01] Rumi:We're having a tree planting party in an hour
[20/03/13 03:01] Sagewoman:Oh how wonderful!
[20/03/13 03:01] Rumi:Celebrating the first day of Spring
[20/03/13 03:02] Rumi:I thought it was about to begin, and I realized america and romania have different daylight savings for a few weeks
[20/03/13 03:02] Rumi:i'm just glad i didn't schedule it for an hour ago and not show up
[20/03/13 03:02] Rumi:i'm going to take a bath and i'll be back in an hour
[20/03/13 03:02] Sagewoman:I must go too.
[20/03/13 03:03] Sagewoman:I hope you have a good turn out rumi.
[20/03/13 03:03] Rumi:Come back for tree planting
[20/03/13 03:03] Rumi:bring a sapling
[20/03/13 03:03] Rumi:Or send me a message with the kind of tree you'd like planted for you
[20/03/13 03:03] Sagewoman:I wish I could but other plans have been made.
[20/03/13 03:03] Sagewoman:A weeping willow.
[20/03/13 03:03] Sagewoman:I love those trees.
[20/03/13 03:04] Rumi:That shouldn't be too hard to come by
[20/03/13 03:04] Rumi:i bet we can get a cutting from willow's walk
[20/03/13 03:04] Sagewoman:I should say not.
[20/03/13 03:04] Sagewoman:Thank you for your kindess and committment.
[20/03/13 03:04] Rumi:i think to plant some white sage too, i thought you might like that... being sagewoman and all
[20/03/13 03:04] :Sagewoman blushes
[20/03/13 03:05] Rumi:we'll probably plant a whole mess of salvias, but white sage is my favorite... it's really magical stuff
[20/03/13 03:05] Sagewoman:Just make sure that Nightsage and wolfbane are not planted here, k?
[20/03/13 03:06] Rumi:people can plant whatever they choose in their personal plot (with some exceptions)
[20/03/13 03:06] Sagewoman:I have to go now.
[20/03/13 03:06] Rumi:See you around
[20/03/13 03:06] Sagewoman:Blessed be, Rumi!
[20/03/13 04:04] Rumi:Hi Change
[20/03/13 04:12] Change:Hello! (distracted atm, but I will be here soon)
[20/03/13 04:13] Rumi:hi everyone
[20/03/13 04:16] Rumi:i'll be back

: Rumi walks up the path by the willow tree
Rumi: Ah, here we are
: Rumi walks over to the base of the tree
: Rumi steps out into the water beneath the tree
: Rumi reaches up and grabs the low hanging branch
: Rumi examines the branch and breaks off a healthy young twig with buds
Rumi: this ought to do
: Rumi walks back up onto dry land
: Rumi wrings out some of the water from his robe
: Rumi walks back to the road and continues on toward Willow's Shop

[20/03/13 04:24] :Rumi returns, carrying a small weeping willow branch
[20/03/13 04:25] :Rumi walks up the hill to the toolshed
[20/03/13 04:25] :Rumi stands beside the toolshed, looking out over the western slope
[20/03/13 04:35] :Rumi walks across the hill to the mid-section of the western slope, below the apple and oak saplings
[20/03/13 04:35] :Rumi takes out his A-Frame level
[20/03/13 04:36] :Rumi chooses a starting point and marks it on the ground with a piece of raw glass
[20/03/13 04:37] :Rumi sets one leg of the A-Frame level by the raw glass and begins walking it across the slope on contour, marking each contour segment with a piece of raw glass
[20/03/13 04:39] :Rumi works his way a short distance across the hillside, roughly matching the swale and berm above
[20/03/13 04:40] :Rumi finishes marking the contour and brings the A-Frame level back to the toolshed
[20/03/13 04:41] :Rumi returns with a maddox, and a cultivator rake
[20/03/13 04:43] :Rumi begins breaking up the earth on the uphill side of the contour line with the maddox
[20/03/13 04:44] :Rumi slowly works his way from the eastern point where he started to the west
[20/03/13 04:45] :Rumi listens to sparrows singing in the distance while he digs
[20/03/13 04:49] :Nyx Xyn nods to those around
[20/03/13 04:49] :Rumi notices Nyx Xyn down by the road
[20/03/13 04:49] :Rumi stops digging and waves
[20/03/13 04:49] Rumi:Hey there
[20/03/13 04:50] Nyx Xyn:How d'you do?
[20/03/13 04:51] Rumi:I'm well, and you?
[20/03/13 04:52] :Change goes 'Phew!' for no apparent reason
[20/03/13 04:52] Nyx Xyn:I'm well, thank you
[20/03/13 04:52] :Rumi smiles at Change
[20/03/13 04:53] :Change smiles back and frowns when she looks at her pouch of seeds and dried flowers
[20/03/13 04:55] Rumi:Are you getting ready to plant?
[20/03/13 04:56] :Rumi resumes his digging
[20/03/13 04:59] Nyx Xyn:Goodnight *nods to Rumi and Change*
[20/03/13 05:00] Change: *summons Miss Daimon and nods* I have a vague idea how but-
[20/03/13 05:00] Change:Goodnight! *waves*
[20/03/13 05:00] Rumi:Take care. Thanks for stopping by. Happy Spring!
[20/03/13 05:02] :Rumi finishes working his way across the slope and sets down his maddox
[20/03/13 05:03] Change:What to plant.. the seeds from the flowers will come loose if I shake them, right?
[20/03/13 05:03] :Rumi picks up the cultivator rake and begins dragging the busted up earth from above the contour line to below it, forming a swale and berm
[20/03/13 05:04] Rumi:Yes, that should work just fine
[20/03/13 05:07] :Rumi works his way back across the hillside toward the east
[20/03/13 05:11] :Change finds a purplish flower and shakes it onto one of the stones, smiling as some seeds come out
[20/03/13 05:12] Change:Where should my plot be? *looks around*
[20/03/13 05:14] Rumi:Why don't you take that plot next to Nimrodel's garden? *points to the fallow plot surrounded by an elegant fence and gate with vines*
[20/03/13 05:14] Rumi:I really like her plot... It's kind of the center-piece of the community plots, right now
[20/03/13 05:14] Rumi:You'll be in good company
[20/03/13 05:15] Change:She did give me quite a few pointers before *smiles* , though I forget a few of them.
[20/03/13 05:16] Change:Hmm, it seems right in the open though.
[20/03/13 05:17] Rumi:Did you want something more secluded?
[20/03/13 05:17] :Change points to the bend in the middle to the left of the leftmost rock
[20/03/13 05:18] Change:Something like that kind of place. *nods*
[20/03/13 05:18] Rumi:You mean down near the bottom?
[20/03/13 05:19] Change: *blinks as she notices something* Yes, and to the side.
[20/03/13 05:20] :Change brushes the purplish seeds into her hand and stands up
[20/03/13 05:21] Rumi: (i'm having trouble seeing exactly where you mean... for the most part the community plots are on the hillside between the toolshed and the west arrow, but feel free to set up wherever you like)
[20/03/13 05:22] Change: (Ah. Is it actually drawn there lightly?)
[20/03/13 05:23] :Change scratches her head as she thinks of where to have her garden
[20/03/13 05:23] Rumi: (no... but you can find it in the community garden design thread)
[20/03/13 05:23] Rumi: [Forum link]
[20/03/13 05:25] :Rumi finishes raking the dirt down from above the contour, making a nice swale and berm across the western slope
[20/03/13 05:26] Change: (Still going to be the tree and pathway?)
[20/03/13 05:29] Rumi: (the design map in post 17 is probably the best design overview i have available)
[20/03/13 05:30] Rumi: (some design updates since then, but that gives the best basic idea)
[20/03/13 05:31] Rumi: (big tree in the middle might be a fire pit instead... still up in the air)
[20/03/13 05:31] Change: ( *nods* )
[20/03/13 05:33] :Rumi goes back over the berm and swale one more time with the cultivator rake, doing some final sculpting and smoothing
[20/03/13 05:37] Rumi: *finishes shaping the swale and berm* That ought to do just fine
[20/03/13 05:37] :Rumi takes the maddox and cultivator rake back up to the toolshed
[20/03/13 05:37] :Change looks over at Rumi in awe
[20/03/13 05:39] :Rumi returns to the new swale, carrying the weeping willow branch
[20/03/13 05:39] Change: (How big are the plots?)
[20/03/13 05:40] Rumi: (they're just the right size for you)
[20/03/13 05:40] Change: (So, they change depending on my mood? Heheh.)
[20/03/13 05:41] Rumi: (my vision for the overall garden has developed along a specific framework, but your personal plot can follow your personal vision)
[20/03/13 05:41] Rumi: (it's all relative, and it scales up and down easily)
[20/03/13 05:42] Change: (Yes, but if I decide on a small plot, I'll want a bigger one next week. And I want my plot to be surrounded by other plots)
[20/03/13 05:43] Rumi: (sounds like you have it all worked out)
[20/03/13 05:44] Rumi: (all you need to do now is start working your plot and planting your seeds)
[20/03/13 05:44] :Rumi walks to the center of the swale and sets the weeping willow branch down
[20/03/13 05:45] :Rumi takes out his hori-hori and withdraws the blade from its sheath
[20/03/13 05:45] Change: (So my plot can magically get bigger and smaller, bringing the others in around it depending on my moods?)
[20/03/13 05:46] Rumi: (it's up to you how you want to roleplay.... i've seen some pretty wild things since I joined the realm)
[20/03/13 05:47] :Change walks over to the left of where the grape arbor is supposed to be
[20/03/13 05:47] Rumi: (you set your own parameters and just pay attention to the RP Reality requirement)
[20/03/13 05:48] Change: ( *chuckles* )
[20/03/13 05:48] Change: (Is the soil already tilled/grass removed?)
[20/03/13 05:48] :Rumi digs a small hole below the berm with his hori-hori
[20/03/13 05:49] Change: *beckons to Miss Daimon* Help me with this.
[20/03/13 05:49] Rumi: (no)
[20/03/13 05:50] :Rumi plants the weeping willow branch into the hole, mostly buried with just the tip of the branch sticking up out of the ground
[20/03/13 05:51] Change: *watches as she slithers over to her. Change frowns as she looks at the grass* Now how to remove this stupid green stuff?
[20/03/13 05:52] :Rumi kneels down low to the ground and bows his head and quietly says a prayer for the willow tree
[20/03/13 05:52] :Rumi smiles and stands
[20/03/13 05:52] :Rumi walks to the west end of the swale
[20/03/13 05:53] :Rumi digs a tiny hole with his hori-hori
[20/03/13 05:53] Rumi:Hiya Mya
[20/03/13 05:53] *Mya Celestia*: *smiles* Hello Rumi and Change
[20/03/13 05:53] :Change waves to Mya and looks between Rumi and Mya
[20/03/13 05:54] :Rumi takes a small plum seed from a pouch in his robe and sets it in the hole
[20/03/13 05:54] Change:Hello! Either of you know how to get rid of this grass? *points to the grass in front of her*
[20/03/13 05:54] :Rumi covers the hole with dirt
[20/03/13 05:54] Rumi:Why don't you burn it off with that drachorn?
[20/03/13 05:54] *Mya Celestia*:You could work out your muscles and dig it out
[20/03/13 05:55] Change:I'd ask Puff to claw it up but-
[20/03/13 05:55] Rumi:Or you could grab a tool from the toolshed and bust it out manually
[20/03/13 05:55] Change:Burn it? *blinks* Wouldn't that be dangerous?
[20/03/13 05:56] Change:Shed, right. There should be something in there.
[20/03/13 05:56] :Rumi kneels down and says a prayer for the plum seed
[20/03/13 05:56] :Rumi smiles and stands
[20/03/13 05:57] :Rumi walks to the east end of the swale
[20/03/13 05:57] :Rumi digs a small hole in the berm with his hori-hori
[20/03/13 05:57] :Rumi takes out a peach pit from a pouch in his robe
[20/03/13 05:58] :Rumi sets the peach pit down in the hole and covers it with dirt
[20/03/13 05:58] :Change tells Miss Daimon to wait as she walks towards the shed. She enters it and rummages around for a sharp tool. She finds a small spade and walks back to her plot to be
[20/03/13 05:58] :Rumi kneels and says a quiet prayer for the peach
[20/03/13 05:59] :Rumi smiles and stands
[20/03/13 05:59] *Mya Celestia*:Looking good *smiles*
[20/03/13 06:00] Rumi:I was going to summon the rain, but i don't want to mess up your plot cultivation
[20/03/13 06:00] Rumi:i'll just water these in from a can today
[20/03/13 06:00] :*Mya Celestia* waves and walks off
[20/03/13 06:01] Change:Bye!
[20/03/13 06:01] :Rumi puts away his hori-hori and walks to the toolshed
[20/03/13 06:01] :Rumi goes inside and comes out with a watering can
[20/03/13 06:02] :Rumi walks over to the rain tank and fills the watering can from the spigot
[20/03/13 06:02] :Change stabs the spade into the ground and winces from the effort as tries to dig up the grass
[20/03/13 06:03] :Rumi walks down to the new swale and waters the willow branch and each of the seeds
[20/03/13 06:03] :Change sighs and lets go of the spade as she feels that it will break if she tries harder
[20/03/13 06:03] Change:This is hard! *frowns*
[20/03/13 06:04] :Rumi returns to the toolshed and drops off the empty watering can
[20/03/13 06:05] Rumi:Why don't you get one of your creatures to manage that spade?
[20/03/13 06:05] Rumi:Do you have a loreroot archer?
[20/03/13 06:06] Change: *nods* And a sharper one. I feel like it should be easier though. Maybe I'm doing it wrong.
[20/03/13 06:07] Rumi:Busting up sod can be fairly labor intensive
[20/03/13 06:08] Rumi:You don't necessarily need to bust it up to plant... but other methods can be tricky in their own ways
[20/03/13 06:08] Rumi:Don't get discouraged, just keep at it
[20/03/13 06:09] Rumi: (I gotta go to bed, or i'd offer to help)
[20/03/13 06:09] Change: *nods slowly* I want to make a small circle, about a foot in diameter. It's easy to pierce the spade into the ground, but hard to lift the dirt up.. impossible actually.
[20/03/13 06:09] Change: ( *nods* )
[20/03/13 06:10] Rumi: (can you keep a log of your actions? I'm going to post everything up to this point... you can add the rest to your personal garden log)
[20/03/13 06:10] Change: *takes the spade out of the ground and makes another stab next to her first one* Hmm.. I could make an outline.
[20/03/13 06:10] Rumi:I'm going to rest a while
[20/03/13 06:11] Change: (Already have to a point, though I missed some so yours will be appreciated. Yup.)
[20/03/13 06:11] Change:Okay. *smiles* See you later.
[20/03/13 06:11] Rumi:I think your design is promising
[20/03/13 06:11] Rumi:I look forward to seeing your progress when I wake *smiles*
[20/03/13 06:12] Change:Thanks! I hope I make some. Sleep well.
[20/03/13 06:12] :Rumi sits in his favorite spot, nearby Change's plot
[20/03/13 06:12] :Rumi inhales deeply
[20/03/13 06:12] :Rumi exhales slowly
[20/03/13 06:12] :Rumi closes his eyes

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~ Day: 132 Year: 8 ~

Visiting and watering

[spoiler]: Jolla waves to Rumi as he passes
: Rumi waves
: *Peace* nods to Rumi as she passes by, tugging a leash.
: Eagle Eye
Eagle Eye: Hello Ivorak
Ivorak: Hello
Eagle Eye: How are you?
Ivorak: I am well
: Eagle Eye smiles
Ivorak: You?
Eagle Eye: Im good
: Ivorak nods to De Mimsy
Eagle Eye: Hello De Mimsy
Eagle Eye: Long name to type
: De Mimsy Porpington raises a hand in greeting
De Mimsy Porping.: Most call me Mimsy
Eagle Eye: ok, how are you Mimsy?
De Mimsy Porping.: Alright, and you?
Ivorak: *interrupts* Fabulous, and how's your back, my dear and long lost friend?
Eagle Eye: Me, I am well
Eagle Eye: :)
Eagle Eye: thinking?
De Mimsy Porping.: Refreshed, after a death of sorts
Ivorak: Good, good, and ghastly, eh?
Ivorak: Well, you're just in time to help me with my garden plot.
Ivorak: Ava planted some bryony for me a while back, but neglected it from thence forth
De Mimsy Porping.: Which reminds me that I must be going...
De Mimsy Porping.: How unfortunate
Ivorak: You can help me pull up what few plants grew, and we can reseed the plot.
Ivorak: Another time, perhaps?
De Mimsy Porping.: Perhaps
De Mimsy Porping.: Farewell
Ivorak: And if you see Avaritia, send her my way.
Eagle Eye: Hello Dan
Ivorak: Or that fellow Hedge. He has no arms at the moment, but nimble feet
: Eagle Eye looks to the garden
: Eagle Eye get some tank of water truck
: Eagle Eye waters the garden
Eagle Eye: Hello lashtal
: Ivorak trods over to his plot and begins uprooting his dying bryony plants
: Eagle Eye glady happy
: Ivorak tosses them into a pile to clear away later and proceeds to the toolshed
: Ivorak hoes a depressed line in which to plan the next generation
: Ivorak plants a section of the line with the berries of the old plants and the rest with new seeds from a folded packet
Ivorak: Well see if anything comes of this half.
Ivorak: *sighs* Or that half, really.
: Eagle Eye the garden smiles
: Eagle Eye his voices say thank you
: Ivorak covers the seeds with soil and waters
: Eagle Eye Hoping my Goddess blessed seeds[/spoiler]

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~ Day: 132 Year: 8 ~

Care and watering

[spoiler]: *MRAlyon* collects herbs
: *MRAlyon* collects memorystone
: darkraptor collects herbs
: *Clock Master* collects herbs
: darkraptor collects herbs
: darkraptor collects herbs
: darkraptor collects herbs
: Eagle Eye looks around
: Eagle Eye smiles
: Eagle Eye give a bucket of water
: Eagle Eye wondering
: Eagle Eye whispering to the Goddess

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