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Is it possible to beat Loreroot guards at MP3 using energy burst?


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You do realize we can't answer you that.

The fact that you have to beat them and they aren't easy is for you to learn... Use that opportunity.

Explore and consider that everything is possible with the correct strategy.

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[quote name='lone wolf pup' timestamp='1341774760' post='117031']
'Have patience and determination and you will succeed.' I think he means give up trying on MP3 or you can spend months in MP3 to learn what you can in any other mind power level.

I think he means your words were just stupid LW. Yes report me but this is what I'm starting to think of people who do what you just did...

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Did you read the singpost?
[spoiler]Loreroot Main Entrance The Loreroot lands guard great knowledge and power for those that understand their ways. This is a land of tradition and peace, but is not ignorant of the ways of war. The land is well protected by it's spirits, and no ignorant man can enter it without getting lost in these vast lands. (This is a trial for players that have advanced beyond MP3. It is meant to be difficult at MP4 and may prove impossible at MP3) [/spoiler]

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[quote name='DARK DEMON' timestamp='1341812895' post='117064']
yes i did

but there i know so many MP3's who have defeated them . . . so if they can do it, why can't I?

The system changed recently so that it is currently much harder to beat them at lower mindpower levels.

Again "much harder" it hasnt been properly looked into as impossible, if anyone can do it, Libby probably can.

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libby did it in new system at mp3 yes...

follow those steps and ya will beat them :D[list=1]
[*]figure out wut guards do
[*]figure out wut can counter/overpower them but that ya can still acquire and use at mp3
(once ya did this, ya will figure ya most likely messed up things already and that ya will need bunch of effort/cash to acquire things that can enable ya to beat them)
[*]if ya still up to it, ya gonna piss blood in process of obtaining all necessary resources
if not then ya gonna go mp4
[*]ya will beat them
so in short... is it really necessary for ya to beat them at mp3?

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