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MD Free Credits can be better?


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yeah if ya gonna give somethin, better give everythin for each vote so that everybody is happy

anyway this not gonna make ppl vote regulary, at some rare times when they will need just a few of those honor/loyalty points more they gonna click links, just like its currently situation with temp stats bonus

as for perma stats, heh... oke >_> even if they are small as daily gain i said blah... if ya consider anythin below 0,5mil ve small stat then yeah its nut gonna matter much, but imo this 2 perma ve per vote is already way too much, and ve is mother of all stats, nuff said

regen... umm, when ya go idle and ya relog, yoar regen timer gets reset and ya dunt get gain in ap/ve/vp, so this kind of "soft relog" that affects timer could be done i guess, but for timer to get reset on every click for each link..... ffs, not to speak about wut if somebody doesnt want at specific moment to get his timer reset maybe he wants it to be at 2min, instead of goin back to 15min (idk anymore wut regen timer which land has)

and why ya want timer reset? all we need is timer refresh, to show real time instead of slackin behind

edit: almost forgot, if ya really add honor bonus for votes, some ppl might still want to vote and not get their honor touched, if for example they are purposely under -500 honor, and for those who have max honor or above, gettin more honor isnt really useful reward, cuz of this it would be best to add "honor hoard pile thingy" it would be like creds, that ya get them when ya click "transfer", so honor would pile up in shop like creds and on demand would get applied nut before

well i am skeptical about those kind of changes, but if somethin strange happens and this additional rewards idea gets implemented (by addin honor) then better make it this way, coz honor isnt some stat that ya can keep stackin

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Lib, the honor/loyalty is just an idea. Since it's proposed to increase randomly permanent stats, aside VE & VP.

Second, about the Regen timer reset - I think you haven't read it correctly - I said "Regen timer to be reset once we start to vote", not to reset it for each vote. And you're right about the thing that someone could want to vote 2 mins before his reset is done. That's why here ideas are spawned, but I expected for you to suggest smth, rather expressing how bad all the ideas are.

I'll read your post in the morning with fresh head again, but I can only hope to see some of the reasons you have put behind it.

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dude i spend a lot of time observin things and figuring out all possible outcomes and how somethin can be abused or work unproperly, i am not just sayin how bad somethin is, i also add how to make that idea to work better/properly

and no ya cant reset regen timer once somebody "starts" voting, wut if for example somebody votes only one link now, and the rest later, unlikely scenario, but it can happen and it can have good reason, so by yoar way of thinkin hes timer would get reset on that first link clicked in the day only, even though he might make a real voting session later in the day, this example can happen due to various reasons, be it lack of time, somethin unexpectadly happens irl that needs imeddiate attention, or person could need temp bonuses just from one/few links, and he also knows he will need same amount of bonusses after hour, and then again after hour and such (for example to buy/upgrade bird/angy or somethin), so to cure this i assume timer reset would be needed on every link, and thats again bad, best would be that upon opening creds page there is a regen timer refreshed forced by ajax, and if person doesnt likes how much time hes got left, then he should wait, rather than having timer instantly reset

thing is all of ya think about wuts gonna happen 95% of time, i think about wuts gonna happen on rare and unpredictable basis

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