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Community Garden Plots


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[quote name='Tom Pouce' timestamp='1347844887' post='121912']

There is no garden plot to use, yur page say that contours are not done and not eart work done, and it will be done .... (at a date already past)

sorry i dont see going nowhere talking in empty space, when your self say in your paper there is nothing

and for the record i have posted

saying that its per your paper not yet ready ...

so before saying one dont do its part [u][b]do your part !!![/b][/u]

8/1/12 Day 213, Year 7
Contours have been laid out, which will be the basis for garden plots. No earthworks have been started and plots have not been marked on the contours. Ground-breaking will occur sometime this week.


I can tell you are frustrated and I apologize.

I understand if you wish to wait until we've prepared your space a little more before you begin to use it. The community workday I had intended did not come to fruition and I'd like to have a community workday soon. Until our ground-breaking community workday, any work you do on your garden plot will be starting with a piece of (mostly) undisturbed meadow. That can be quite a challenge, and I must say I am very impressed with the way Nimrodel and her gang of gardeners set to work. The rumors are true, Nimrodel's drachorn tilled the field on her behalf. :cool:

At present, none of the major earthworks (mostly digging broad contour swales) have begun. However, the contours have been laid out and cuts in the hillside have been made to mark those contours and begin to soak additional rainwater into the subsoil beneath the community plots.


As the 8/1 entry in the papers suggests, there were no marked plots in the area. Like many parts of MagicDuel, as the community garden has expanded in scope, its limits have become more rigid. As each new element is added, that element shapes all the elements that follow. In the first week of the garden lease, a number of people began work on their plots before I could plan a work party. I realized that there was great value in allowing these gardeners to define their plots and their garden experience for themselves. I thought it would be better to delay a work party and allow these gardeners to set their own parameters. I also wanted to observe the gardeners a little while before supplying feedback. My mistake was not removing the suggestion that we would have a groundbreaking "sometime this week". Honestly, that never should have been there in the first place. On Day 1, there was nothing to look back at so I foolishly chose to look forward :D

Some people will prefer a community garden experience with more defined parameters and that will be more and more available to you as we continue to build it out. Please remember the papers are a guide, meant to encourage your roleplay, rather than hinder it. The only structure you must abide is [b]RP Reality Requirement: Intimate.[/b] Everything else is just gravy. Go ask Evil Bob ;)

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