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July 1, 2012 Council Update


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Happy July, Folks of Magic Duel,

I bring you the first Council update:

[b]Community garden[/b]: The garden now has a subtitle and the Council has sent further requests to Rumi. More details likely to follow in the coming weeks. Remain active and involved.

[b]Revival: [/b]The Council is discussing another revival method. The concept will be broken down into smaller chunks so it can be implemented piece by piece, as the revival process is going to require a number of stages and is rather complex. Ideas should be directed at the appropriate forum board.

[b]@magicduel email:[/b] Fixed.

[b]Avatar team: [/b]Working out a few kinks.

[b]LHOs: [/b]Work is under development to prevent new players from getting stuck.

[b]Under discussion: [/b]Cauldron items, translations, heat voting.

And additionally, a coding update:

[b]Summoned Army:[/b] Fixed.

[b]Citizenship: [/b]Progress has been made with the general design and the voting function.

[b]Assorted: [/b]Manda's keys, numerous spelling fixes and corrections, Phantom Orchid's item.

Until next week.


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