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Questions about Avatars

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I'm a newbie player and I am planning to draw some avatars.
I have a few questions though :)
1. Do we have to add "MD" on the drawings?
2. How do you unlock avatars?
3. If you do upload avatars do you get to use them yourself or must you sell them to the shop?

It would be great if someone answered these questions!


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[quote name='BFH' timestamp='1341084025' post='116323']
2. Go to your MD Shop. Search for extra features and buy the Bronce Avatar "miny statue" that is there.

That's not what it does... the avatar feature is deeper in the shop than that.

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myself i did not unlock it yet, but it depend on how many items you buy in that section, to finally go to that being avalable to buy (each time yu buy out an item, the next one become avalable to buy)

and maybe it as some requirements .. that i dont know (loyalty, experience or honour or other that you will have with time playing)

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Go to your Profile and personal characteristics page (4th circle down) then go to the bottom and press [Upload Avatar]

Remember to read all the rules before uploading, By uploading you agree that MagicDuel LLC can use the image as they want, and you transfer ownership rights to them. In addition you are not allowed to upload the image anywhere else.

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It's fairly deep in the Extra Features section. Just keep going through; even if you don't want to pay you will eventually get to it with free credits.

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